Dark Lyrics


1. Concealed In Flesh

Adoption of new
For transporting
Drugs undetected
Extremely cruel
Achieved through sickness

A cold and callous plan
Conceived deception
Lured into the hands of thieves
Abduction-many children vanishing
Murdering to hit the greed
Cutting through their tender skin
Disemboweled embalmed and cleansed
Deprived of life and innocence
Hallowed corpse to hold the substance

Innocent lives taken
By the sickest minds in existence
Securing their own future
At a child expense

Stuffed with pounds of cocaine
Stitched up. drugs...
Concealed in flesh
Used as human luggage
Containing drugs
Concealed in flesh

Wrapped up inside a sheet
Giving a false impression
Carried as if still alive
Misleading their intentions

Stored within the walls of flesh

Tragic end for a short lived soul
Killed in vein by these criminals

Undetected deadly powder
A safely hidden human killer

An empty smell to hide the drug
Another stiff to reconstruct

2. Soiled With Corruption

Weak minded followers
Brainwashed for me to mold
For sickening ways
Of living their feeble minds
Controlled my powers grow
Strong I've gained their trust
To kill for me
To satisfy my lust

Blasphemous deeds
Brutality perverted
Forced within my intentions
Inserted in their minds
I've implanted hate
Oblivious to my sickness
I strive to dominate

Merciless mind attack
My heart rotten and black
Sadistic to the core
I reign upon you whores
Sadistic to the core
My heart rotten and black
Hatred in my eyes
Mind attack

My aggression sets me free
Sick desire to see flesh bleed
Driven by the thought of death
Corrupting minds 'til nothings left

3. The Bitter End

Razor blades open
The infection to a chemical obsession
Destroyed by inner loathing
The solution to end this suffering
Killing disembowelment
Rip them to pieces

Now you'll see the time has come
To take back what's mine
Driven by intoxication
I want them to die
I want you to...die

I want you to die in front of me
And beg for your life
I slice open your throat
You put up a fight
You never thought that it would come to this
After you are dead
Who's next on my shit list

I want you to die

Insane and addicted to hard alcohol
While shooting up smack
Snorting lines, PCP, acid tabs and smoking crack out for blood
Sick as fuck I dream to see you fucking bleed
Controlled by hate
That burns within me
Death to all who have deceived me

Lost control
Overwhelmed with hate
Drunk with power and the will to mutilate
In control of my victims fate
Fucking me over was you big mistake

Now you'll see the time has come
To take back what's mine
Driven by intoxication I want them to die
I want you to...

Die in front of me
And beg for your life
I slice open your throat
You put up a fight
You never thought that it would come to this
After you are dead
Who's next on my shit list
Bleed all over me
I'm watching you die
Laughing at the thought of of your demise
Your blood and guts will soon belong to me
Pounding on your face 'til life has ceased

I want you to die


4. Festering Within

Spreading your blood
Pumpingthrough your veins
Deadly infection
Festering within

Bile secreting from your liver
Toxins spreading through your innards
Mass infection
Pus collection
Struggle to fight
Inner corrosion
Agonizing pain
Increasing strength
Declining death approaching
Fall to sickness
Fall to sepsis
Surrender your life to nothingness

Lungs filled with blood
Congested with pus
Your pulse is growing dim
Finished now...
Festering within

5. Advanced Mental Collapse

Shreds of skin
Ripped flesh
Self inflicted razor
Blade lacerations
Far advanced brain
Suffering frightening

Maggots I envision
Disgusting creatures storm my body
Crawling on my skin
An eerie feeling overcomes me
Panicking I scrape away
Loss of skin maggots remain

Desperate I continue
Scratching at myself as they roam freely
Failed attempts to expel them
Slashing with razor blades
Bleeding profusely

Nothing seems to affect them
Visions of these pests remain
Finger nails embedded in my flesh
Ripping deep wounds
Writhing in pain
Burning of the skin
This scorching heat I can't sustain
Proceeding with their vile ways
I cannot win
Maggots remain

Gore is all I see
Destroyed by mind thoughts killing me

6. Morbid Consumption

I like to eat decaying corpses
After I remove them from the ground
Chewing on the decomposing flesh
Consuming liquids from the rotting bowels

Gnawing on intestines
Chewing on your heart
Chomping on your appendix
Tearing you apart

Eating away your insides
Smelling the pungent fumes
Gorging on the dead carcass
Ripped from out of it's tomb

Cut open your stomach
Reach deep within
Pull out greasy intestines
Feasting shall begin

Eating your guts
Chewing on your spleen
Drinking your bile
Smelling your stench

7. Torn From Innocence

Tonight innocent blood will spill
From off the streets I chose you
A gun to the head will make you suck
Cause to me you're just a worthless fuck

Abduction always makes me hard
My motive only to rape and kill
In my grasp your life means nothing
My erection awaits your convulsion

Just like you and more to follow
I rob the weak of pathetic innocence
With me the stench of hate dwells
Sick fucking pervert strikes again
After you are dead the fun begins
Your young tight ass destined to rot
Sodomized thin
Ripped apart
Next to discart you in a ditch

Torn from innocence

I know she liked it
I could see it in her eyes
She screamed in ecstasy
Then she fucking died

8. Deadly Enigma

Laid to rest in an open trench
Left exposed and emitting a putrid stench
Temporary resting ground
Undisturbed decomposing my kill was found

Parasites invading the body
Open wounds are simply inviting
Incubating insects breeding
On decay extensive feeding
With each death I leave you answers
Time erodes important factors
Complicating series of murders
Test your mind as more are discovered

Spilling blood again
It seems this game may never end
Fucking with your mind
For reasons you can't comprehend

Piece the clues together
Race to solve this deadly enigma
Prevent the next murder
Time elapsing...deadly enigma

I calculate every move
With absolute precision
No chance of survival
Fatal implications
Mutilating, strangling
Different means of murder
Evidence collected
Pointing to one killer

9. Hideous Deformity

Look at me a horrible sight
Your stomach turns, disgust in your eyes
Banished from society
Mutant being in darkness I hide

To exist in society
Everyone must look like me
My existence a mystery
A hideous deformity

Filled with hate
A violence rage
Humanity will feel my pain
Suffering for many years
For fury unleashed I've gone insane

One by one I rip in to your faces
Permanent scars, from multiple lacerations
Severely inflicted
Living with a hideous deformation

Hideous..hideous...hideous deformity

Feel your face bleeding
As my nails are digging in punctured skin
In agony you scream
Battered until the damage is irreversible
The end results still
Remain unseen

Torn, twisted maimed, contorted eyeballs are crushed
Inverted blind to this horrid form
Scarred for life

10. Beyond Insanity

Beyond insanity
His warped reality of degradation
Torment bleeds pleasure
In this realm of flesh
He speaks language of pain and suffering

Far beyond the madness of the living
Severed from the rationale of humanity
Slaughtering motives of pure evil
Taking life is all he knows

Raped and beaten before the killing
Stabbed a hundred times

Beyond hate
Beyond pleasure
Beyond insanity

Sanity sanity
Not a question of sanity
Insanity insanity
Beyond insanity

Killing brings his soul sadistic
Peace kill them...kill them..kill them..kill them

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