Dark Lyrics


1. Sadistically Mangled And Devoured

A sickening craving builds within me
A craving for human flesh
This hunger my body cannot withstand
The urge to kill overpowers me
I have lost complete control
My mind is filled with visions of devouring mangled corpses
I can't resist my thirst for gore
To quench my vulgar urges...
I must kill
Now I search for my victim
An innocent and unsuspecting woman
Brutally I rape and abduct her
Then return to perform the gruesome task
Strangled to death
My victim's neck is crushed
Body convulses
My demented rush
Now with my blade
I begin to mutilate
Hacking up the body and consuming bloody chunks
Slowly I slice open the abdomen
Then viciously rip out the organs
Sinking my teeth into the entrails gives me disgusting ecstasy
Smashing my fist into the ribcage
The brittle bones crack and splinter
Tearing out the lungs and the heart
The last of the organs to devour
Stripped of flesh
Totally disemboweled
Nothing is left
But a skeletal carcass

2. Sodomizing The Exhumed

Crushing my victim's neck
Buried beneath rancid soil
Decaying corpse
Ready to fuck
Removing the cadaver from the grave
Infested with decomposition
The body strewn upon the ground
I begin postmortem molestation
Performing oral sex
With a putrid decomposed carcass
Her rotted face ripped in two
When I shove down my cock down her maggot swarming throat
The stiff and festering body
Severely infected with rigor mortis
As I forcibly spread her legs
They break and are torn from the pelvis
My tongue penetrating deep
Into her pus dripping cunt
Filling my mouth with liquefied organs
From the bloated abdomen
Brutally sodomizing the dead
My cock covered in Gore
The corpses collapse into a pile of rotting carnage
Tearing away deteriorating flesh
From brittle cracking bones
Feasting on the mutilation
I dream of my next victim

3. Vulgar Strangulation

Ad I hold you down
You struggle to escape
I begin to remove your anus
Then rip into your face
Your mind is filled with fear
As you witness your mutilation
Tear off body parts
Death by separation
I must now consume your organs
Stomach is the first I eat
Drinking the warm excretions
Squeezed from out your bladder
No controlling my sadistic ways
I like to bring forth suffering
Your body lies face down in blood
This carcass I am now devouring

4. Removal Of Putrid Entrails

Exhume the rotted petrified stiff
The shriveled corpse
Is ridden with carrion
An insane mortician
Breaks open the casket
Releasing the stench of purification
Carving out the abdomen
Reaching in the gaping hole
Slowly bringing out the entrails
Covered in decaying mold
The odor is unbearable
It control his psychotic mind
He stretches out the corpse's guts
Discharging clots of bloody pus
Crushing the bladder as it deteriorates
The digestive tract he now mutilates
Digging through the abdominal area
Taking out the stale kidneys
The brutal separation of organs
Accomplishes his morbid needs
Extraction of juices
The mortician's clothes are stained
Destroying the rectum
While stomach acids drain
Tear the liver
Spewing mass blood
He thrives on sickness
Ridden of the pancreas
Complete removal
Of intestines and waste
The sick bile mess
Is returned to the grave

5. Blistering Burnt Mutilage

Separated body limbs
Infested with swarms of maggots
Decomposing mangled stiffs
Inflamed with cluttered eyes
Ignite the festering corpses
Mutilated bodies are burning
The rotting flesh now blisters
Patches of skin are peeling
Bubbles burst with steaming pus
Cadavers are falling apart
Melting skin is dripping
Remnants withered and charred
Human features scorched
Burned beyond recognition
Pile of corpses collapses
Putrid incineration

Phillip Hernandez — Drums
Leon Morrison — Guitars
Fernando Avila — Vocals
Marcos Menendez — Bass
Danny Halstead — Guitars

Thanks to sanityerosion for sending these lyrics.

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