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1. Surgical Atrocity

A Heavy Dose Of Anesthetics Takes Control
Your Body Numbs, Your Vision Blurs,
You Fall Asleep
Unaware Of The Intentions Of The Surgeon
You Fall Victim To His Inhuman Surgery

Put In A Room Where Others Are Rotting
Organs Preserving In Freezers For Selling
Targeting People Whom All Have Forgotten
Selling Their Organs For Personal Profit

Dissecting Your Body While You Lay Unconscious
Massively Drugged To Keep You From Waking
Kidneys Removed The Liver Extracted
Force Open The Rib Cage It's Snapping And Breaking

Life Signs Start To Fade
Heart Is Beating Slow
Butcher The Remains
Terminate The Soul
Final Cut Performed
Stripped Of Heart And Lungs
Vital Organs Gone
Vacant Torso Rots

In Another Room Drugged
A Patient Lay Asleep Fucked
Not Knowing What's To Come
Destined To Die... By The Knife

All His Patients Are Deceived
Ridden Of The Evidence All Traces Erased
Profiting From His Vicious Acts
Burning The Remains
So There's Nothing Left To Trace

2. Pathological Disfigurement

Bodies Brought Into A Room
Where They Will Be Dissected
A Rancid Stench Within These Walls
Of Carnal Mutilation
Corpses Lie On The Table
Organs Ripped In Two
Morticians Feasting On Intestines
Cadavers Swollen And Blue

Chewing Through Their Bladders
Appendix Now Exposed
Decapitating Corpses
Devouring Their Souls
Vaginas Soaked With Pus
Slicing Through Their Wombs
Reaching In The Rectum
Desecrating Tombs

Body Parts Hang From The Ceiling
Blood Is Dripping To The Floor
Dismembered Stiffs No More Innards
Lying In A Pile Of Gore

3. Necrotic Flesh Rot

Eating Away My Flesh
I Don't Know What It Is
Spreading So Rapidly
The Pain Is Too Much For Me

Something Sick
Disfiguring Me
Forming Lesions
What Can It Be

It Started With An Infected Cut
And Now It's Taking Over
Oozing Pus And Yellow Excretions
This Deadly Flesh Devourer

Blistering Skin, It Now Begins To Crack
Peeling Flesh, Turning Red And Black

Metastatic Abcesses
Growing On My Skin
Bacteria Flowing Through My Bloodstream
Infecting Vital Organs

Covered With Rotting Flesh
A Horrid Mutation
Innards Are Shriveling
Disrupting Their Functions
Nausea Induces Repetitive Vomiting
Throwing Up Insides, My Body Weakening

Nerves Are Dead, I Can't Feel Pain
I Feel My Heart Begin To Slow
My Eyes Roll Back Inside My Head
My Entire Skin My Body Sheds

4. Shredded In Cannibalistic Violence

A Nocturnal Cannibal
I Hunger For A Victim
Blood Lusting Creature
I Need No Weapons
Flesh Starving Rabid Beast
Hunting In The Streets
Killing Spree In The City
Murdering Without Pity

A Helpless Woman In My Sight
Defenseless No Chance To Fight
Ravaging I Slice And Bite
Slashing As She Screams In Fright
Shredding The Tissue
Bleeding Within
Sever The Innards
I Shall Feast Again

Razor Teeth Tearing Flesh
Jagged Claws In Her Chest
Blood Spurting From Her Neck
She's Half Devoured Before The Death

Bloody Chunks Of Human Meat
Hanging From My Sharpened Teeth
Shredded Victim At My Feet
Mangled Far Beyond Belief

Decapitating Her Head
As I Chew Through Her Throat
Devouring Her Entrails
As I Rape Her Twisted Corpse

Pools Of Blood Steam
In The Cold Night Air
The Light Of The Full Moon
Reflects In My Stare

5. Dissection

Your Chest Is Cut Open
While You're Still Alive
Pulling Out Bloody Organs
Consuming Your Insides

Tearing Out Your Spleen
Slicing Up Your Liver
Extracting Blood Soaked Tissue
Your Heart I Will Sever

Mutilate Your Inner Core
Grate Your Intestines Into Paste
As You Watch In Horror
I Expel The Remaining Waste

Extruding Out Your Eyes
Pushing Out The Sockets
Cutting Off Your Tongue
As I Watch You Suffer
Dissecting Your Brain
Cutting It Out Of The Cranium
You Are Left Brain Dead
Your Life Has Come To An End


6. Internal Fermentation

Violently Regurgitating Chunks Of Bloody Skin
Acidic Gastric Sludge
Dissolves Your Stomach From Within
Your Throat Becomes Swollen,
Irritated And Sore
Inducing Regurgitation Creates The Vomitus Gore

Your Tonsils Are Infected And Rotten
Your Throat Is A Mutilated Mess
You Spew Out The Sour Secretions
Keep It For Me To Digest

Throwing Up Your Stomach Lining
Autodigest Your Greasy Intestines
Rotting Away Internally
Producing Internal Fermentation
Bleeding Through Your Nose And Mouth
Regurgitate Vomitus Gore
Sickening Vile Vomit
Leaves Your Throat Red And Sore

7. Uterocasket

Looking Down, Starring At A Woman's Naked Corpse
I Touch Her Skin, It Feels So Cold Almost Frozen Stiff
Motionless, She Lay There Dead With Rotting Flesh
Filled With Stench Her Body Is A Bloated Mess

On Her Face There's No Expression, A Pale Complexion
I Lay Her Body On The Table For Dissection

Looking Down, Starring At A Woman's Naked Corpse
I Touch Her Skin, It Feels So Cold Almost Frozen Stiff
Searching For The Answers To The Cause Of Death
Trying To Find What Time She Took Her Final Breath

First Incision On Her Stomach
Cutting Up Towards Her Chest
Slow Removal Of Some Organs
A Procedure That Seems Grotesque

Studying The Uterus It's Strangely Bloated
Still Intact I Tear Inside It's Now Imploded

Stretch Open The Organ
Exposing What's Inside
Gruesome Observation
The Search Intensifies

I See A Figure Made Of Bones Inside Her Womb
No Skin, No Flesh, Just Small Remains Inside Entombed

A Carcass Of A Fetus
Resulting From Miscarriage
Never Taken From Her
Trapped Inside She Suffered

In Pieces Removed
The Horror Has Ceased
Two Bodies Detached
They Can Now Rest In Peace

8. Brutally Butchered

Placed Upon A Table
You Are Skinned Alive
Blood Runs Down Your Body
No Chance To Survive
Cutting Out Your Innards
Ripping Out Your Veins
Slicing Into Your Skull
Piercing Through Your Brain

Chopping Off Arms And Legs
Spurting Blood From Gashes
Eyeballs Fall To The Ground
Soon To Be A Carcass

Pulling Out Your Insides
Hacking Up Flesh And Meat
Nothing's Left Only Remains
Bloody Pile Of Human Meat
Sawing Bones Into Halves
Into Dust They Will Turn
End Of The Butchery
Corpse Is Left To Be Burned

9. Murdering Ant Random

Senseless Murders
I Can't Stop

Hearing Voices In My Head
Voices That I've Heard Before
They Tell Me That I Need Your Flesh
Ear Piercing Loud I Can't Ignore

Human Flesh
In My Sight
I Begin
To Take Their Lives
Killing Randomly
None Of This Is New To Me

I Leave A Trail Of Lifeless Bodies
Left To Rot, Many Not Yet Found
Some I Kill With My Blood Stained Axe
Others I Torture With My Hands

No One Can Stop Me
As I Pierce The Flesh
I Am Overpowering
With These Voices In My Head

Countless Victims Dead
Murdered In My Grasp

Unresting Souls
Haunt My Mind
Still Hear Screams
From When They Died

Countless Victims Dead
Murdered In My Grasp
Tortured By My Hands
Murdered With My Axe

10. Veneno En La Sangre

Sufres Lenta Agonia, Veneno En La Sangre
Tu Corazon Se Detiene, Tus Ojos Se Cierran

La Muerte Te Busca
Tu Alma En Pena
Veneno Ingieres
Tu Garganta Se Quema

Bestias De La Obscuridad
Listos Para Capturarte
Eres La Presa Facil
Escucho Tus Lamentos

Veneno Ingieres, Tu Corazon Se Detiene
Mueres De Asphixia, Tus Ojos Se Cierran
Lenta Agonia, Sufres De Histeria
Veneno Ingieres, Tu Corazon Se Detiene
Pides Que Te Maten, Fin A Tu Miseria
Van A Torturarte, Muerte Es Tu Condena

Ultimos Gritos De Auxilio
Nadie Los Escuchara
Tu Cuerpo Paralizado
Tus Ojos No Pueden Ver Mas

Es La Hora Del Sacrificio

Veneno En La Sangre
Veneno En La Sangre

Sufres Mordeduras
Mueres Te Torturan
Mutilan Tu Cuerpo
Veneno En La Sangre

La Muerte Te Busca
Tu Alma En Pena
Veneno Ingieres
Tu Garganta Se Quema

11. Punctured Internal Organs

Slashed And Dismembered
Bloated And Discolored
Dried Up And Shriveled
Grinded And Severed

Your Esophagus Swells And Rashes
As Boils Begin To Explode
Internally You Will Suffer
As Your Arteries Begin To Corrode
Organs Covered With Festering Tumors
Scabs And Blisters Infest Wilted Limbs
Your Rib Cage Is Smashed Puncturing Mucous Filled Lungs
Callouses And Boils Inflaming The Skin
The Vaginal Area Expels Septic Juices
Larva Hatches From Within
Your Genitals Are Covered With Festering Blisters
Your Jugular Is Sore And Swollen

Your Rectum Is Ripped And Bleeding
Diarrhea And Blood Seeps From Torn Rectal Skin
Sawing And Cutting Through Facial Tissue
Viciously Consuming Bloody Vaginal Skin
Your Skin Is Rubbed Raw, Your Bones I Break And Saw
Split Your Jugular, Bruised And Discolored

12. Born Into Oblivion

New Life Brought Into A Plague Infested World
Nuclear Reformation, Infant Deformation

Mother Of Disease Spawns A Child Of Sickness
Radiation Life Brought By Global Hatred

Born Into Oblivion
World Alteration
Born Into Oblivion
New Born Mutation

Infant Sickness, Infant Sickness

Melting Skin Seeps Toxic Pus
Polluted Particles In Your Guts
Breathing In Environmental Rot
As You Choke On Green Blot Clot

Constant Suffering, Deformed Humanity
No More Normality, Just Your Insanity

Suffering From This Massive Pain
Nuclear Ozone And Acid Rain
Drooling From Your Orifice Mess
As Your Baby Grows Grotesque

Infant Sickness, Infant Sickness

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