Dark Lyrics


1. Prelude


2. The Reprieve

As we lay here, motionless,
Drenched in the foul tyranny of deception and blasphemy,
The deceased, the unsealed

The angel descends, transfixing the darkness of our blackened heavens,
The absolution of mankind's misery,
The despotic leviathan is cast into the darkness of the abyss

The epoch of our deliverance, our reprieve,
The martyrs resurrect, ascend from their final rest

To reclaim their place at the side of the throne for 1000 years,
Ruling over this rotting earth, this empty shell of a world,
And we, the deceased, the wretched unsealed, that inhabit it

Until that day, the macabre awakening,
The leviathan bursts forth from his desolate tomb,
And we, the wretched, are defiled

With a jarring malice in his eyes
And the martyrs blood in his voice,
He wages war on heaven

The abominable armies of the kings
O this volatile earth bay for annihilation,
And in a deathly chorus they scream:
'heaven shall burn tonight…'

3. Plagues

Somewhere within the spaces between death and this chaotic sleep,
Our riven sky is reduced to ash as the dissonant sun

The faithful watch over as we writhe,
Convulsing in mercurial rhythms,
Mercurial rhythms

Spurred onwards by this suffocating misery,
Our flesh is ulcerated, lacerated,
In a frail smothering nausea we lay,
And in violent seizures the earth begins to decay at our blistered feet,
The oncoming storm is a deathly prelude to an irreversible holocaust

And as the blackened skies spew forth
Their vile carnage we recoil in hateful destruction,
Bludgeoned by shards of blood
And ice from the wretched heavens, we become nothing,
Are we destined to dwell eternally in this sickening darkness?
Will there be no forgiveness?
Will there be no final rest?

4. A Gentle Reminder

Whispering words of dissolution,
As compassion fails, atrophying sanctity,
We're losing faith, descending into suffocation,
A relapse into infinite desolation,
And so this hollow earth is defiled

Now all that remains, this memonic oracle,
A gentle reminder of our reverence lost,
Of the carnage converging on our wretched earth,
Foretelling the demise of salvation

Calling our names in desperation,
Transcending death, with admonitions of our ruin,
Our disregard sees us falling silently towards the end,
Fall, our deliberation drenched with spite for those who heeded that infernal warning,
Leaving us to rot in the vile stench of our own misery…

5. Anaclasis

Tyranny, vengeance and blasphemy,
The sickening marks of the unholy trinity,
Cast down upon this despicable existence to defile the unsealed

To wage war on the kingdom of heaven,
Screaming with a hematic asperity for the blood of the saints on his decrepit hands,
The infernal synthetic godhead sits on his vile throne,
As the flames descend from the skies to scorch this desolate earth

Blasphemous words seep forth like blood from his inimical lips,
Breathing prophecies of deceit and insolent acclaim for the one true falsehood

Birthing this depraved architecture of filth and heresy,
To wage war on the kingdom of heaven with a hematic asperity,
The anaclasis of reason, the spiralling apostasy of the unsealed populace,
And we, the unsealed, are defiled

Made abject by these infernal tyrants,
Forcefed blasphemy and ethereal disgust

The flames descend from the sky to scorch this desolate earth

The odious mark is etched in our rotten flesh,
Our damnation made true, carved into our wrists reads six-six-six,
Our eyes shift in and out of focus,
We are the unsealed, we are the ruined, we are the deceased…

6. Untitled

One by one, the seals are broken,
Step by diligent step we draw ever closer to the climatic revelation,
The motionless apocalypse

Broadcasting to us the way to final liberation,
With every volatile motion, the wretched horsemen,
The nameless advocates of the terminal holocaust ride forth

Pouring out their hateful designs,
Our purity dies tonight

The martyred souls of aeons past,
The spirits of the slain, arise with a desperate plea for vengeance,
The pain of their suffering at the hands of the earth
Coursing through their veins and their frail voices

The earth shakes beneath our cursed feet,
Our final sunrise turns black, a thick darkness,
Red like the blood of the martyrs, envelops the full moon

The stars that once lit our blackened sky fall like tears,
And with the devastating sound of the heavens above us shattering, receding, deafening,
The eternal promise of mankinds salvation revealed in a discordant apex,
For all of us who would receive,
Redemption was revealed…

7. In Dissonant Silence Pt 1 - Censura

Here we stand,
Alongside the dead risen from the depths,
Alone amongst the masses, in silence screaming,
Deafening, how have we fallen so far?

What have we become?
Apparitions lead me down into inevitable ruin,

I come undone,
As the hallowed pages turn,
In cold remembrance

I've fallen short of absolution,
How have we fallen so far?
Why did we refuse to be saved?
What have we become?

In these final dissonant moments,
It becomes breathtakingly transparent,
I'm never going home…

8. In Dissonant Silence Pt 2 - Decessus

Here we stand, the wretched unsealed, alongside the dead and dying,
Resurrected from deep within death and hades,
Stricken with the irreversible darkness of our final judgement,
Those wretched pages have turned for the last time

Without even a negligible shade of our pass to ascension,
And now, in cold chaotic remembrance we are cast down into infinite ruin

Into the flames of our failure, our inhuman misery

With screams of desperation and despair,
We descend beyond recognition, our blasphemous hearts decay, we fall,
Further and further into the all consuming flames of our eternal damnation,
Burning, rotting alongside the blood-soaked spirits of death,
And in these final dissonant moments, it becomes clear,
I'm never going home, how have we fallen so far?
Why did we refuse to be saved?
What have we become?

9. The Earth Defiled

'Mystery, babylon the great,
Mother of prostitutes, and of the abominations of the earth.'
Reads her blasphemous title carved into her silken flesh

She, the wretched whore, who came to defile our chaotic earth,
Draped in shimmering scarlet like the coagulated blood of her slain

Her golden chalice overflows with filth and adultery,
The empty faces of all the earth, defiled, as she lay,
Drunk on the blood of the saints martyred at her calloused hands
All the earth and its desolate kings pray in a violent resonance for her demise,
They flock like moths to an unholy flickering of flame

She, the wretched whore, who came to defile our chaotic earth,
Draped in shimmering scarlet like the coagulated blood of her slain

In a volatile symphony of destruction,
Calling for vengeance,
Screaming for her blood to flow like rivers
Through our ulcerated landscapes…

10. I Despise

As i look into the decaying night sky,
I watch as our once flourishing earth is showered violently
With flames descending like bitter tears
Poured forth from the heavens

In slow motion drops of blood frozen like hailstones rip through our frail skin,
One third of our now deceased planet is cast silently down into eternal fire,
Poured forth from the heavens

The flooding rivers and spiralling oceans turn to blood
Like that of the saints martyred at our hands

We are drowning, the ocean calls us inwards,
All the while conspiring with our dissonant sun to drown us in within themselves,
As day turns prematurely to darkness,
We are consumed by the virulent night that surrounds us, suffocating,
Smothering, the stars have fallen silent,
The sun refuses to continue to shed its light,
I despise the dissolution, the hatred that we have allowed to pull us under,
Drowning us in the mercurial oceans of blood,
These scarlet stains will not wash clean,
Terminal reminders of what we have become…

11. Like Shattered Stars

As blinding smoke smothers the sun,
From the wretched core of the volatile flames appeared the locust swarm,
Pouring out like a hateful ocean upon our frail flesh,
They came not to kill, but to bind and torture us,
The unsealed, the deceased

With pain like that of scorpions,
The infernal roar echoes in our ears,
Long after we are deafened by the shattering resonance of this abysmal onslaught,
We pray for death

With such sordid desperation that our blistered skin weeps blood,
Falling like rain from our irreparable flesh,
But to no avail, suffocating in plagues of fire

Smoke and sulfur poured out from the mouths
Of those who brought famine and death,
And once more the earth shatters in a violent seizure beneath our feet,
Claiming the lives of 7000, the lucky ones,
Released from this vile torment,
And in a hallowed cadence of worship for the one most high,
The heavens split in two, and with hurricane winds and splintering hail falling
Like shattered stars from the skies, our final storm begins…

12. The Harvest

The angel descends on the earth,
And in a harrowing surge the sealed ascend
Into the dissonant sky, and we remain, the wretched unsealed,
Decaying deep within this swirling ocean of human misery and disgust

In our mortal despondency we are left to rot,
In a continuous cycle of violence and suffering we dwell,
Until the subsequent angel of heaven infiltrates the macabre empyrean,
As a chthonian darkness pierces the horizon,
The misanthropic genocide of our hateful race,
We are cast into the bleak seas of damnation,
Our tainted blood flows for miles in a mercurial deluge,
Laying waste to a once picturesque landscape,
An exquisite work of art that now lies in ruins,
Corrupted by the defiled blood of the wretched unsealed,
We are held responsible for all that we've done,
The blood of mankinds ruin is on our hands…

Zack Wiggins — Guitars
Tom Hamilton — Guitars
Luke Ranson — Bass
Matt Carter — Drums
Sam Dishington — Vocals

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