Dark Lyrics


1. Monuments

Breathless we awaken
As wretched monuments of human pestilence
Draped with sickness and defeat we stand in disbelief
Mere shadows of what used to be

This hollow eminence we once embodied
This frail Earth that stood beneath us
Now lies motionless as carrion
A relic laced with vacuity and despair
Inhaling a once limitless beauty

Drenched with flames in the wake of our own pitiful arrogance
Are we all that’s left?
Are we the sole heirs of this grave we used to call a home?

This frail Earth that stood beneath us
A relic laced with vacuity and despair
Inhaling a once limitless beauty

Left to drown within this incalculable void
This scorched epitaph, transcending the limitless dawn

We stand transfixed in odious lamentation
An ocean of misery engulfs us

We are the endless
We are the end
We are the endless
We are the heirs

2. Isolation

Confined within this desiccant husk
This godforsaken artefact of what once stood
A sutra of isolation and absence
We have become the thrall of famine and drought

The Earth that we once enslaved has fallen
Consumed by our own insatiable starvation

Our focus shifts
To ingest the weak and the inanimate
Those who cannot resist
We turn to our own fragile veins
Drinking deep the arterial libation
Dissecting the lesser among us

Spanning beyond this infinite horizon
Sustenance lies in deficit

Excise the feast locked within the flesh
Death of the weak to feed the strong
We are the scavengers of our own mortality


Flocking like vultures to feed on our own skin
Where sustenance lies in deficit
We have become the thrall of absence

3. Ω

Lost inside these fractured circles of sleep
A dissonant and frail departure from this motionless void
This nebulous vacuity we called our home

An oracle of false hope is revealed to one among us
Before us he stands, weak at the knees
Preaching a hollow exhortation of forgiveness and paradise

In exchange for our repentance and divine exaltation
To the ‘Alpha and Omega’ that left us to rot under this riven sky

That left us to succumb to the vile cessation that awaits us
We are given a second chance to turn to the Almighty One

To live forever in utopia
Entwined in our irrational gaze
This cursed gospel is unfurled
And we, the church
The unhearing progenies of human pestilence
Writhing in a mercurial hysteria
Arise as one body in rebellion

For this vitriolic sermon
You will die by our hands
Your words will catch in your throat as you hang

4. Deluge Arterial

Terrifying visions coalesce before our eyes
Wraiths born from infernal sickness, consuming our flesh
We are disciples of insomnia and delusion

Our limitless thirst
Quenched only by this sanguine deluge
This arterial effusion spilled forth from beneath our frail skin

Saturated with disease and pestilence
Rationality, draped with hysteria
Turns to dust in our shaking hands
In harrowing seizures of lunacy we recoil

Convulsions of relapse into transcendent vehemence
Aversion to light and fear of the darkness engulf our minds

Plagued by nonexistence
Apparitions, hallucinations
Leading us down into a nauseating hostility
Inanimate we stand as shadows
As this sickness permeates our lifeless bodies

These motionless pillars of violence and obsession
These bodies are no longer our own

Whispers of vivid aberration
Spun forth through layers of wilting flesh and funereal despair

5. Carrier

The emergence of an exquisite fallacy
Convulsing as it rises like smoke from the fire
From within our writhing multitude a new oracle is birthed
Drenched with delusion and desperation beyond measure
Ascending above our weary heads

A shattered discourse spewed forth from the lungs of divine
Prophecies of renewal and reconstruction

Born of undying delusion
Falling like rain upon our wretched ears
We stand debilitated beneath this endless torrent of divination

Stricken in a nauseating unison we follow like lambs to slaughter
Transfixed by every word
From the harrowing lips of delusion
Radiating like a plague of locusts
The carrier of our salvation, spewing forth a new doctrine
Lifting a wrenching threnody in worship to the endless sky

To deify the undying sky
A desperate sacrifice

From the harrowing lips of delusion
Radiating like a plague of locusts
In a tragic reverie of deliverance from this listless carrion we inhabit

Prayers for divine providence and redemption
Lifting from our desiccant tongues to the unhearing god of the skies
Our bodies, draped in famine and ash

Riddled with the unhealing scars of our thirst
Our inhuman futility raised in a vile offering
In our vain exertions of praise
We are worthless

6. Immersion

In vehement desperation for deliverance from this excruciating misery
Our voices, ulcerated and wracked with thirst
Like fountains of blood reaching towards the heavens
Returning as void before the altar

Mother and infant are bound in ritual
Nails driven through pristine flesh as they lay
Our dust veils their mournful stare
As their harrowing lamentation is smothered by soil
Buried awake in an exquisite sacrifice

Drowning immersed beneath our dying earth
Breath slowly fading, encased in sediment
Motionless and silent beneath

As we wait in woeful expectation
Our eyes are fixed on the inanimate skies
In fearful reverence prayers arise
From our cracked lips
Trembling in endless despair
As a mothers muffled screams ring out in our ears, deafening
What have we done?

7. Void

We stand, pierced, in unending anguish
Our futile invocation falls
As dissonant skies remain soundless and inanimate

Returning void to our listless bodies
Drenched in arterial nectar of the innocent
Covering our frail skin like the rain
We are filled with measureless despondency
We are as one with the dust of the ground

Silent hymns of absolution and regret spill from our open throats
Despite everything we remain encased in this empty shell of a world

Decaying in ethereal unison with the void
Left as lifeless shadows, wracked with pestilence

Lost within inhuman convulsions of undying misery
Forsaken and left to rot
Beneath this wretched empyrean

This nameless voiceless god
Insatiable, unattainable, hanging just out of reach
We are left as shadows

8. Altars

We have become one with this emptiness
The hollow image of limitless decay
Consumed with despair
Unfailing, unending hopelessness
Our desperate prayer and human sacrifice

Proved insufficient in the eyes of the silent sky
Hanging above our heads
Motionless, paralysed

Left in ruin on this empty shell
This husk, wretched and ethereal
In a soundless discord we stand desolate
This dead earth mourns beneath us

Trapped in this cursed isolation
Transfixing our lifeless souls
We will not survive

Our only hope for redemption lies in the cessation of man
The welkin hangs above our weary heads in endless silence
One final sacrifice to bring divine salvation

As the flames of this funeral pyre rise over our listless empty bodies
Our prayers, wracked with mortal despair, raised to the voiceless sky
Return to us unheard

9. Closure

In violent seizures of unending desperation
As mankind dissolves into the void
Monuments to our own frailty
Waiting inanimate for a god without a voice
We sing, breathless, for our final absolution

With prayers to the insatiable empyrean
These flames climb and lick my blistered skin

The vile prayers of my fellow man lifted up to the unhearing sky
Their voices slowly dissipating as their bodies succumb
Their flesh receding and limbs wilting under this sea of consuming fire
Until the only sound that remains is my own breathe dissolving
My own heartbeat slowing down

In the jarring silence of this monumental failure
My lips utter a soundless atonement to the God I once knew

As my skin withers and bones return to dust
Grace finds me here, as my final breath departs
I’m ready to come home

Sam Dishington — All instruments, Vocals, Programming

Thanks to georgelyday for sending these lyrics.

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