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1. Almost Lovely, Almost Nothing

Myself disintegrated
Everyone disintegrated
Yet part of the scheme

How long must this exist, how long must it endure
How long must this exist, how long must it endure

It's nice to know,
It's nice to know there's still some debauchery going on
There's still some debauchery
Call it what you want, its your decision forget about music
Forget about words, this is fashion (fashion)
This is fashion (fashion)

Call it what you want, call if what you want

I hope everything this world holds for you
I hope it withers away into dust
And I hope everything this world holds for you, I hope it fades (it fades)
I will write you in one liners, I will trace you in one line phrases

2. How To Crack A Safe

I am writing this for you, so don't say I never cared, or never showed heart.
Here it is.
Busy catching bricks with my teeth.
Distorted newspapers talk and tell of our death.
White piano keys trudge on.
You'll open up for anyone.
I am nothing more than a number to be replaced.
There is no mourning period, there is just make up and glitter, and higher heels.

3. And When the Time Goes

Words mean nothing
Stale air and a hollow heart, stale air and a hollow heart
Words so played out
I am the epitome of self wallowing and mire

Go search, go seek [x6]

Act like nothing is wrong, you know it tastes so good
I will stare at this forever, and I will bleed this forever

You can justify this if you wish, with nothing for words
I will blink you away. And you will never kiss such cold

If I wanted you killed, you'd be dead already [x3]
1, 2, 3, 4, I declare war
You'll never take me alive.

4. Lowercase And Panicked


5. Progress Or A Lack Thereof

For now, just for old times sake, I need you in my arms.
Now the victor is the victim, and failure takes it place.
Could this hierarchy ever fall.
Could this thirst be quenched.
My fingers cant move fast enough to cleanse me of my impurities.
Strong as death.
This is all going to end wrong.
You're ripping out the heart of the earth.
It's not the end of the universe just because your life is over.
You will give in.
You're consuming the innocent and this will end you.
I hate these streets of evolution where there is no progression

6. Sending Home Photos Of Myself

As she walked into the room, flashbacks are blinding.
Remembering the nights, acknowledging the days, I died for you.
No names will be protected, for there are no innocent.
Rise and shine.
You'll rise and you'll shine.
Beautiful, here is my new mindset.
Girl, boy, I have come for you.
There's no need for last words, just forget and move on.
Your face is full of lies.

7. Twelfth Hour


8. Forgive And Forget

Love is bigger than one could ever imagine.
All I can taste is my dearest's skin.
All I can hear is her voice over and over again.
I feel as if light falls from her eyes and all I can feel are her lips to mine.
Subtle like a chainsaw.
Everything has it's place, yours is in the past.
If there could be forgive and forget, if there could be your heart rather than stone.
Time to tear off your wings and throw them by the wayside.
Drag you through the mud and repulse yourself.
It's the only way you'll ever learn.
You'll never step on anyone again.
Just try, I'll break your back.
Impudence beyond measure.
Horrific at best.
These lessons cant compare.
The scars bare witness.
Your day is done, the bell has tolled it's final cry.
Losing you could not come soon enough. Oh you will move.

9. The Wealthy Dead

Looking at myself, looking at you.
You are, are you.
Familiarity or necessity.
Confusion is a misty grayness, something like the darkness.
Solid to the seam.
Positive things lie in the shadow of rain.
Forever trapped behind glass and reflections.
You are smearing the image.
You must go far away.
And you must be far away.
I've never been this close to the stars, and still it's not enough to help forget what was.
What was once.
I pushed you so hard tonight, but I wanted to breathe you in so hard tonight.
Why do I do this to myself, you and us.
I hate this is so much.

10. The Best Theory A Human Being Has Ever Devised

You need to be more careful with your hands.
These are the days when skies resume, their old deceptive reasonings of June.
A blue and gold mistake.
Now thirteen scars mark your wrist.
Lets focus on the theory.
Magnetic pulses will release you ending the depression.
Is it everything you thought it would be.
But you have the freedom to fail.
This is the myth of ending.
Is it everything you thought it would be baby?

11. Paint The Scene

These holes lie buried inside, in wait for you to fall through soon.
Living for tomorrow is absurd when each days presence is such a hard task.
I will not be torn down.
I will not be blown away.
Thanks for readmittance, thanks for open arms, you made me paint the scene with a pallet of horrific beauty.
No one could ever be so luscious.
Oh upside down heart I wish I could defrost you so I can see through to what is held in such a tight grasp.
Cold blue eyes, how I love their style.
You made me paint the scene with a pallet.
With a pallet of horrific beauty.
No one could ever be so luscious.
These holes lie buried inside, in wait for you to fall through so soon.
Living for tomorrow is absurd.
No way out.

12. Everything Is A Memory

I hate this town.
Abandoned and alone.
Where everything is a memory and everywhere smells of you.
Safe haven for self annihilation.
It is all simple damnation when the sky rains nails.
Stripped and meek, so compassionately guilt ridden, card carrying member.
We got ourselves into this and there's no turning back.
Your disregards for the feeble pleas are atrocious at best.
Such a gray cold.
Your eyes will glaze over.
I often wonder, when do you close your eyes and halt the gears of your mind, and truly be at rest.
Here we go again.
You are a symphony, your secret is safe with me.

13. We Can Pretend


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