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1. Adrenaline

Set pulse rapid

You can't laugh at me
Made this day mine
My first smile came
Before I thought

Be honest if you can
Made this day mine
I challenge my life
For a strong pulse

Set pulse rapid
In gravity I trust
Made this day mine
You can just be dumb
You can't bring me down

2. Blind Man's Eyes

The human race
Develops with mutation
With bare eyes
Even the blind
Foresee what’s coming

If it's your wish to be a brick
In that wall which blocks progress
Then here's a simple recipe

I'm still crawling
Come and feed me
Secure me
And make me grow

I'm still standing
Hit me once again
Wreck me
And kick me

Do you really want
To waste this space
Are you pleased to pace
Up and down and up
In the same place

Still on my knees
Invite me to your heaven
Please me
And amuse me

I'm still down
Come and clean me
Disinfect me
And bury me

Blind man's eyes

Haven't we made you think
Haven't we pushed enough

3. Land And Sky

When your heart starts to beat
And your lung takes it's first breath
The first time you open your eyes
You have been born into death


A place between land and sky

When your heartache begins
And your lung is out of breath
The first time your eye starts to tear
You have been born to live life


A place between land and sky

4. Self vs. Self

Self vs self
All tied in knots
Can't seem to
Get along

Self vs self
Two sides of one
Breaking down

No accidents in conflict
Just one side loses less
If your war is inside
Defeat is unavoidable

Self vs self
Old, tired and one
Can't hide from
Being yourself

5. Anvil Faced

Desire happiness
Suffer to survive

Anvil faced and growing wiser

With every...
Comforting lie
Useless cure

Anvil faced and getting harder
With every
Piercing insult
Preached word
Selfish act

Desire happiness
Suffer to survive

Anvil faced and growing older
With every...
Pressed memory
Uneasy wait

6. Person-A

Amongst the crowd
A senseless search
Close enough to touch
Yet far enough to run

You know your hands
Better than your face
But no one will ever
See your hands first
Always in front of a mirror
To better describe yourself

Amongst the crowd
A senseless search
Close enough to touch

Looking at you
Every minute of every day
The rules are carved into stone
You just have to play
Don't need your own reality
No way, no pray
Forget about pure inner-self
That's what I say

You know your hands
Better than your face

Guess who I am

7. Living License

I have the potential
To get a living license
If I can take my eyes off
Of this virtual violence

Under the surface
There is a cable mess
Always keeps you inside
And never gives access

I have the potential to get a living license
I can see the lights to pass
Don't think about future or past
That's it, no more, no less

Move beyond this cyber screen
Brand new eternal millennium sin
Your life sucks, my life sucks
And it's absorbing our pale skin

I have the potential to get a living license
Some people respect my orientation
Some of them still try education
Crawl down on the floor
Against our direction

8. Lost

Sometimes reality is a big fake
Somehow we live this big dream
Somewhere I've never been
Some whisper, some shout like us

Enough air to fill the lungs
Enough food to fill the stomach
Enough wisdom to fill the mind
Enough sleep to fill the life

All I'm scared of is all I've seen
All I've seen is made of illusion
All success is all I've got
All I've got is all I've lost

Enough agony to get happiness
Enough people to get loneliness
Enough rejection to get acception
Enough imagination to get real

9. Growing Greed

Are you hungry?
Or are you greedy?
Growing greed
Lots of pain

Recycled goodness
Becomes villainous
When you try to
Walk on a rope

Your balance is your hope
I respect your thought
Delay self knockout
It's a breathing wound

Making decisions instead of us
Injecting greed in

One thing you ought to see
One thing you must know
Growing greed
Lots of agony

10. Uplift

Deserving this
Throwing weight
On the shoulders
Failing on purpose

Finding defects
In nothing
That surrounds
Or that’s involved

Plenty space now
Time paused
Not processed
Neglect on purpose

Uplift, forgive yourself
Your wrong, be right
You stopped, it's OK
Uplift, deserve yourself

Free from hate
Loose in thought
Cancelled effort
Insulting achievement
Not a peace
Only within
Consuming blood
To eat the air

Uplift, don't talk, do
Your wrong, repair
You stopped, that's fine

11. Rolling Dice

Sometimes my life
Is like rolling dice
My future reflection
Is hazy in my eyes

Luck: is just a sunny day
Money: handful of coins
Success: it's just a, just a what?
Meal: bait on my teeth

I'd like to tell myself something serious
Formal as if it's not tedious
I could just laugh at myself
When life is serious

Your life revolves around six numbers
Rolling dice

Not a matter of demand, but effort
Beak up that crowded mind
Decide, create doors
No instant results
No petty chants
Nor lit candles and cake
For such a gamble

Drop the dice
Start to roll

12. Penetrate By One

It's not past, it's not future
It's the present we're prisoned
God and Satan are in it together
One day you'll look back

The barrel on your face

Manipulate public freedom
Fascinated by what they've done
Congregate them in a cage
Penetrate one by one

There is only no heaven, there is no hell
There is only a planet where we live the present
God and Satan are in it together
One day you'll realize
That no plant grows with blood

13. Miss II

In return of friendship
Offered none, gave little
Knew me how you chose
... easy to belittle

Forgiven everytime
Those let downs
Weren't a surprise
... smiles were frowns

Certain you would
Come to senses
Now it's late
... you'll find fences

Now you miss?
And it kills?
If you'll feel better
I miss II

Your priceless lies
Were only the truth
Because I made them so
Your ways were always loose
I was sincere and stupid
Why did you expect?
You were my friend
Why did you neglect?
I was bound to turn to stone
Just ask yourself
Now you miss?
I bet it hurts
If it means anything
I miss II

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