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1. Dawn Of Time


2. Age Of Wizard

So far away from the eyes of reality
rise the doorways of fantasy
Ride, man, in the valley of eternity
Where the lands are free from falsity

Now the time has come to hear the bards
for a new horizon beyond sea of dreams
You'll see the dragons fly
and the dance of elves
in the lands of fairy lakes and falls


Runnin' dreams on the circle of the time,
under the sky of eternal life,
Among the mountains, dressed of light,
over the scythe of pain
Let your mind fly away in freedom
where mankind's thought will never die

Time, Lord of Life,
in this place my soul is mine
Death, Bride of Time,
the ideas will never fade


...where mankind's thoughts, lives again

...where mankind's thought will never die

3. Recall Of The Valkyrie

Battle hymns, fire, blood and glory
in the northern lands,
Where the Gods command
raise high my sword, for the reign of king,
Open me the gate of my dreams

I will fly, across the knowledge I'll fly,
into the skies of the legend,
Valiant warrior I'll fly, on wings of glory,
and my eyes will see the spell of the endless time

Look int yhe wisdom,
hear the symphony of the wind
a journey through the eternal reign,
For the judgment of the Gods

Recall of the Walkyria,
from mighty world of skies
I'll walk across the magic bridge
that joins our world with death,
Recall of the Walkyria,
heroes are calling my name
To Agard we'll ride on valleys of glory,
side by side.

Flames of the pride,
take my soul
I'm the son of the glory,
my sword is the courage
Mine is the kingdom of light

On the chant of the wind
leavens my body
In dust and leaves twinkles my sword
while my eyes show to mind
My life, slovly is fading away

I will ride through the ancient secret of runes
on the cobweb of destiny
And my soul will be my body
I am the winner
I am the king of the sky in this magic tale



4. On The Wings Of Sun

I am ready for tomorrow,
in your name we'll fight my lord
Your bloody war, waiting for
another chance to waste them

Other deaths to honour your reign
fading light, bury in your world my reign
Oblivion close my eyes
hold my life in time forever more

Trying hard with steel,
to get theyr evil aim,
Forever and ever again,
fight for the crown.

Run warrior, run
fight brave the shadow of the night
Once again the wings of glory are bleeding.
Run warrior, run
and face the shadow of the night
Wings of glory with blood stain the sky.

Rain and blood, to amplify my rage
just kill with the eyes of a fury by will of the crown.
Love of my life,
hold these eyes in mind for ever more



Riding whole night and day through desolate lands
my mind flies high over fields of death
Longing for lost time of peace and light
shunted from heaven to hell, to pay for my blames,
But still I am fighting to feed evil power of pride
that rules our minds, and makes us live
in an age of war, a time of sadness,
don't put your blame on a shame God,
open your eyes.

Run warrior, run
and fight the shadow of your mind,
Once again the wings of glory are bleeding.
On the wings of sun
let your soul fligh
Leave the word of forced ideas
grab your sky.

5. Twilight Of Fairytale

I have found my way to live in light.
You fill me with the eteral brath.
Carefully warmin' on my shoulders,
you make me shine, in a black embrace

Don't live me now
or I'll just remain in a world without hope,
Sharin' at darkest sky
askin' -why shoud I stay here?-
Staring at blind horizons
-why should I stay in this...

...cloudy night
I long for immense lands to fly over on wings,
Forever looking back
recalling the hope of a light lost behind now,
I need your power inside me,
need you to wipe away my loneliness,
Waiting for you my bride,
before emptyness falls over me.-

Now I'm entangled in this dirty marsh
It's hard to set myself and my heart free
But time will come, I'll wear your wings my bride
we'll tear the clouds are waighing down on my life.

But don't leave me now
or I'll just remain in a world without hope
Staring at darking skies
Asking -why should I stay here?-
before a blind horizon
-Looking for...

...your light,
I long for the immense lands to fly over on wings
Forever running through
the eternal lands with the fire in my heart,
I need your power inside me
need you to spread around my heart,
don't leave my heands, Bride,
don't let emptyness fall over me...

6. White Lion

Behind the corner of every town,
deep in our minds there is dreams oppression,
nature of man is both free and repressed,
putting down a devasting force
that lives inside your warrior's eyes with pride,
a rising sun, high from the temple of mind

Stained world flies,
far with fears of false ideals,
(lost and blind)
you'll chase silver tears fallin' in time,
(don't waste time)
leave this empty crowd of lies

Brake out the glass cage that injures your heart,
set free the fire in your hands,
let burn the flame that enlights the world

White Lion,
spread out my rage,
open the sky with your
bright power,
before my eyes
break the strong evil chains

Every time I wonder what I pray,
for not that I point my eyes
on something higher beyond,
of my reign I'm Lord





7. Labyrinth Of Glass

My eyes can see
so close, the invisible walls
which force you
in conformed paths
guiding your mind
under a bright sky
of painted glass

Without a hole
to the warm rays of sun
Find the way, to escape from the dark
no fear, of the pen sight
For mankind now
I swear, captivity
no more shall last

Will never fall my hope
no time I'll waste
Noway, has to fall my hope
no time I'll waste

My neverending need to run out
shows the way to break the glass
and find yourself lonely
in a fake mankind





to run out...

to break out...

fake mankind...

8. Seren

I hear the voice of the white rose,
flames of emotion dance before my eyes,
in ocean of shadow shine your spell,
creating fable of dreams, take my hand,
plunge your essence inside of me,
along this ride through destiny,
queen of the stars,
to far fairy lands we'll fly

9. Secret Sphere

Voice of The Shadowlight:
From the deepest abyss of mind
through the infinite space of time
My voice will steal the light to your eyes
and make them bright
Chains of reality...

The spell of Minstrell's chant:
Somewhere in time,
raised by the spellbound of the moonlight
With my chant I paint your dreams,
hopes and desires,
If there's a fire in your eyes
with my melody I have inflamed your hearths
With hate and love

The messangers of Awakening:
Winds of tragedy
tears of sadness mistrell on
Winds of tragedy
no more light
Winds of tragedy
sterile shadowlight weighs the world

The Minstress of Blindness:
Darkness embraces memories,
lost in the shadowlight
Mankind writhes in pain
tears from the sky
Are slowly blowin' outn the flames of desire,
the infinite essence of the forest die before the cold
Walls of progress
fairy wawes of immagination break
Against the inanimated stones of reality

Skies are falling,
freedom cries,
Nature everywhere is dying,
before my eyes

The Truth from Infinity (The voice of the Sphere):
Fantasy is beyond your eyes,
mirror and gate to the lost world of dreams,
Desires, inspirations, enchanted stars,
to enlight realitywith the colours of hope
Hidden deep inside yourself

The rebellion of Fantasy:
Force and majesty
lights and thunders coming with
Force and majesty
this is our time
Force and majesty
one will prevail in fight

The Endless battle

Minstrel of blindness:
The magical sphere is the flame of our soul

Mistress of Shadowlight:
I'll break your hopes,
I rule the world,
I am you...

Minstrel of blindness:
Mankind id floating in a sea of darkness,
mankind raise up
it's time to realize!


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