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1. Endless


2. Where The Sea Ends

Never remorse, no kind of piety
There's no explanation but instinctive brutality

I think of those eyes always fixed on that instant
A constant fight with memory
Lights on, then off again

You wasted their souls, wasted innocent wishes
You wiped away joy and dignity
Where joy of life dies, where madness is leader
Where hope falls, there is where the sea ends

You stole their bodies made them like puppets for
A madness of a mad beast and I wonder how

Those people can stare at you, there's no forgiveness
For those human eyes with freak hearts
It will be revenge again

Dreams come true
As I look across the sea
As I walk across my life

Mother of emotions, life you gave the men the hope
The challenge of a fight for freedom in our eyes

3. First Snake

You're safe inside your room
Deaf to people scream
Fear of loosing anything, heart of stone
You got the power for your selfish dirty aims
A smile misleading people against you

Your values, sand in the wind, you bough reality
You sold your dignity for a dream of glory
Now your time has come, but can't set the world free...

Silent crawls through dust, it's here, over the world
Once killed his brother and kissed christ betraying
Silent crawls through dust, it's back
Looking for conquering
Once killed his brother and would do it again
It's the first snake

They answer you call, for money sold what got no price
They just find their ends
For golden medals you're

Side by side with leaders, killer made of you
In your conscience they die for justice but
You're in a jungle where the strongest wins
And survive, while people are your means

Tear by tear, drop after drop, a sea of blood
Innocent blood, victims of a mad race

4. Loud & Raw

Burning down the theatre, fire crawling from the ground
Bands up to the sky, we bring you down into hell
Coming from your nightmares raise the deepest of your fears
All night long we'll shake your mind on the edge of sanity

My blood runs cold tonight
High upon the stars my endless will
Is talking through your eyes and me
Every single sight's forever
High upon the stars my will
Is running through your eyes and me
Every single sight's forever

Loud and raw, devil's call
From the night to feed fire that keep your dreams alive
Free the power within your body and soul
As long as you're loud and raw

Dark embrace your senses
Madness is your only guide
In this new dimension there's no rule, no fear

Loud and raw
It's the awaken of your soul
Now close that chapter of your life
Every window is opened
To a different world

5. Dance With The Devil

Walking on a razor's edge together
Living in an underworld
Creatures of the night we are
Like vampires we are king of the darkness

With us you're gonna play with fire burning in your heart
Set free the energy running through your veins

When the shadows call you take their hand
Ten thousand dreams are layin' ahead
Leave the fears behind, dance with the devil
Hear the shadows whispering your name
Ten thousand souls are playing the game
Take his hand tonight, dance with the devil

Like a hellish circle, sensual stares
Surrounded by black veils
Sexy witches move around you
Princess of the damned with angels' eyes that kill

With us you're gonna play with fire
Burning in your heart
Set free your wild side screaming in silence

Shadows call you

6. Set Me Free

Sensations rise above your eyes
Bad thoughts surround your soul

Scream as something's burning inside
There are flames rain can't blow
Sometimes thoughts are blades cutting your soul
Time turns into hell

Rise sensations, wanna forget suffocating
Your body is your cage, ask with no answers
No light near, face of rage
You are exploding

Forever set me free
You feel a scream tearing your heart
Forever set me free
You're the only one who's healing the voice of your soul

You would stop here, but escape far
All you got is not enough

7. I Won't Say A Word

I close my eyes, I see us still
I go on hearing our words
Don't know the street you're walking through
But sometimes in my mind
Old memories come back like thorns in my heart
Though time the flames still burns
Behind this smile

Every time you feel, every time you need
Every time I won't say a word
For every joy, every pain
I never meant to hurt you
You're so far from my eyes but close to heart
I'm lost in haze of memories

You don't know but I hold you here
Like a picture of yours
Inside me, among these words you live
You live always in my soul
A special place inside me

...I am lost in haze of an old memory of yours
It seems to bring to another life
I forget in vain 'cause the shadows remain the same
I come back to my life, let you live yours
Walls and streets, so many miles keep us apart
But I wrote these words
I hope the wind will blow them to you

I am lost in old memories

8. Lights On

Have you ever felt what means to long for night to come?
Have you felt the energy is burning hot?
Tell me just one better thing than people screaming
Tell me what is better that this stage

Notes fly free, sweat, savage bodies push eachothers and
Music turns into pure instinct
Too many times we have wondered and cried
We've been fighting while dreaming this stage
With our eyes shut
Now we are here there is not only
One little thing that is less precious
That the one in our dream...

You can never know the place
But we will always find
Sounds and lights on, as in dreams
You can only feel

Every word or note is made for all of you
For what you give to us during these years nad the ones to come

Heart and anger, fire burning
Heart and anger, power rising

"Every nomad got a home where every night his heart goes to sleep"
Tonight we're on stage, tonight on this stage
Just for this night you can be with us for real
Just for this night this can be your home with us

9. Leonardo Da Vinci

How many pages and hidden words?
From the abyss of time the mystery lives on
Sign of tempation, eternal quest
Ancient codes reveal the key of the holy symbol

Graceful rose, star divine
Truth reflected in the eyes of all
Graceful rose, star divine
In master's lovin' art she lays

Oh genius of all times universal mind
Is your heart keepin' a secret?
The shadows on your life unsolved mysteries
Is your heart keepin' a secret?

From the last supper, to eternal works
Under sign of the cross in the canavas of a painted
Disciples of mysteries
Cradle of the holy quest

10. You Still Remain

Why, why can't we live this love she hides so deep inside?
I know she feels the same I do
Now there are so many reasons why this story dies
My heart didn't want to hear
Love you... love not...

Loving, spending tears in vain
I'm slowly growing stronger
So now I know I'm wrong each time
Breathing, I recall your name
We always need possessions
You taught me love is here

I used to lie, to avoid the pain
Give myself away, but now you still remain
It flows through my heart, I must set it free
I qon't hold together love and rage

I could not explain in my tired mind how happened, why
How could it be that way?
I tried to understand but in these days
I was so blind
Now tears are dry I realize

We always forget - but you still remain
We come and go - but you still remain
We just change points of view - but love
You're always there

I just close my eyes, there is no time, no space
In drops of night what remains it is you...

11. Bad Blood

How can we face the time?
How can we trust the day?
Down the river of sins I swim... so complicated
Demons in my mind
A ghost dances with me
His words are echoes in my mind in this everlasting

Night, I'm here to stay
Side by side for the time of my life
This ain't my last goodbye, I hold tight
See the colours of my mind through this night of anger

You are playing your game with me
You make the rules today
Bad blood running through my veins
In my soul I shout
Across the fire
Through the desert sands
The breath of new day
Is rising in my heart in this ever...

Still we stay together
Laying by the fire when it's too cold how

12. No Reason Why

Washed away like leaves by the wind
His heart's a desert... and storm in that image

...there is no reason why
As she woke up

Another day was starting
In her eyes he could see the clouds with the dreams
And all the emotions she had in life
Of this all it only remains a body
That he loved, no one more lives behind those eyes
Those beautiful eyes

We live in a world where the shadows rule
Constantly fighting trying hard to gain more...
Why don't we take a rest?
We live in a world where the shadows rule
Constantly wondering where we're coming form
And why we should go

Nothing and no more
Should break a dream, a love, a life
It always happens
There is no reason why

It was a life, simple as the others, beautiful
As the night before, they were in bed
Hand in hand laughing on a funny day
Imagine them in those weird and sweet moments
Never back, of this all... only a body he tires
Not to love anymore

Where is your soul now?
Where are you crying eyes now?
Where are those arms surrounding me?
Where are those lips?
I am missing you...

I call your name in silence
Into the darken' lights
Always preying that one day this
Nightmare ends
A sound will break the silence
And I will hear your voice again
In the heart of a night

13. Faster Than The Storm

If we go faster than the storm
If you take my hand
We can't do it now
You are not by my side
We should need to go...

Laying in dark alone
Side by side, next to me
But thousand miles away from me
You were sleeping there
My heart began to beat
Faster than I could understand

Then the night grew louder and
The thunders breaking sky
Tok the rhythm of my heart
When the night grows loud inside be ready
For the fight we can only survive

If we go faster than the storm
If you take my hand now we can leave behind
All the pain and tears so, now we just need to go
Faster than the storm
If you take my hand now, but it's not your time
Feel the storm, it's coming closer...

I never was afraid
Joking with myself
If I fall asleep tomorrow
Love may just fade away

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