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1. Intro


2. Lobotomy With A Crucifix

Chambers of regret and loss
Screams of fear and despair
Nameless slaughtered victims
And raped minds suffer

Lobotomy with a crucifix
Denied freedom of filthy lies
Lobotomy with a crucifix
Condemned into oblivion

Brains pulverized to shreds
Eyes weeping bloody tears
Given a final absolution of sins
Before a long and cruel death

Corpses of Christian cowards
Torn apart and nailed to wooden boards
Hung up to repent on a wall
Disgraced and gutted alive

Sharpening the blades for
A massacre of all good and pure

We'll claim this world as our trophy
And begin the celebration of sin

Lobotomy with a crucifix
Fucked up and left alone to die
Lobotomy with a crucifix
And afterlife of living hell

3. Bless The Child

Incest, molest
The beauty of this world
Incest, molest
You rape your children again and again
'Til they can't take no more

You scar the infant with a burning cross
And make your saviour's mark
Child of Christ for eternity
You take him from behind
Rape the soul through the anus
Hear the flesh rip open as angels chant
Pillow on the child's tiny head
Make sure no one can hear a sound

Slowly thrusting harder and deeper
Bones start to break and the child breathes no more

Praise the lord and thank him
For this fragile and innocent whore

4. Scythe Of Blasphemy (Kiss The Goat)

In your filthy body
I bury my sword
You shall never again
Pray to your fucking lord

With red-hot steel
I rape your throat
And force you
To kiss the goat

A sharp knife cuts your tongue
I pluck out the eyes of the bastard son
Shining scythe ends your life
Your agony is the payment for the crimes

From my command you eat filth and mud
I'll torment you until you drown in your own blood
Now you are destroyed and we are back in the ways of old

I burn your body and leave the remnants for the crows

Victory! I speak the words of blasphemy!
And the world shall forget your memory!!!

5. Mankind's Last Breath

The decay started to blind their blue eyes
As they smiled and laughed praising their lord

And the last lie they needed to hear
Was supposed to set them free
To forgive all their sins and purify them
To save their immortal souls

The horror spread through the nations
And mankind was drowned in despair
Statues of Christ bled black blood
And were swallowed by the earth

Even the strongest of men screamed and cried
One by one their lifeless corpses fell to the ground
Feeding the fields of blood
Summoning the final hour of destruction

As the sun began to blacken and the world to freeze
Flowers withered and stars fell
See the plague spread in the cold breeze

No human would ever again breathe

Statues of Christ bled black blood
And were swallowed by the earth

The reek of death descended from the sky
And the whole world stood still
The future of life seaced to be
And mankind would now finally extinct

6. Vade Retro Deus

Brutal cunning killing wit
Anticipation of the final hit

Vade retro deus!!!
It's your only option

You're being hunted
By the powerful kin
By your black virtues
You are our sin

Vade retro deus!!!
Or meet your doom

In a dark room forgotten you die
Killed by the vengeful past
Or by the malign future

7. Temptations Of The Flesh

Crucifix buried deep
Feel the love of Jehova
inside your giving ass

Horny priest suffering in celibacy
With swetty face insane eyes
Staring the band of teasing choir boys
Under the gown hard on growing

Obsessed by juicy pussy of Mary
Need to eat that whore's cunt
A hand joby by that dirty slut
Have to thrust a dick inside her

Altar boy horny as hell
Bend over tight little ass

Waiting the blessing of holy cock
Open mouth full load waiting

Sperm sprouts, young lamb smiles
Bukkake in the face of god
Swallow and earn eternal life
Bukkake in the face of god

8. Monument 666

Room of unholy grotesque
Gallery of brutal blasphemy
Monument of dying and death
Masterpiece of art inverted crosses/propaganda

Torsos with torn limbs
Toothless smashed mouths
Sucking the wriggling bastard

Fallen nuns disgracing the mark of god
Living corpses of priests
Fucking the decapitated heads

666 lashes of whip
Ripping the disease of light
666 fallen angels
Madly turn on, raping

Horny skinless sluts
Lusty mutilated cunts
Penetrated by torn cocks
Masturbating with rusty knifes

666 succubus
Sodomize the lambs of god
666 ejaculations
Bloody sperm on virgin Mary

Raw fist of Satan
In the ass of Christianity

9. Blindfolded Fuck

Hung men of Christ
Naked bodies of priests

Their holy stupid smiles
Inverted by sharp razor
Bloody crying eyes
Their faces grotesque after the Blade

Abandoned raped souls
Blind beliefs strangled
Suffocated to death

Altar of eternal torture
Spiked horror body crushing
Lacerating skin painfully
Shrine of agony

Bloody thorns penetrated the flesh
Dying screams of the holy ghost
Cries of agony
Blood drips from hall eaten bodies
Floor filled with entrails and shit

Bloody tears from stabbed eyes
Tears of a ruined religion
Starving corpses crawl in filth
Mad mouths of purification
Gnaw the skinless scum
Eating away the wriggling
Remnants of light

Their holy stupid smiles
Inverted by sharp razor

10. Viimeinen Voitelu

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