Dark Lyrics


1. Subterranean Slaughterhouse

Mutilated infant's bodies are thrown into the pit
Cruelly disfigured, pile of rotten meat
Mixed up with parted skeletons it lies
The vile stench of putrefaction hurts my eyes

I am here alone with my valuable prey
I am the master, the one who takes care
Abnormal atmosphere turns me on
It makes my sickest fantasies flow

I can hear the breathing of a halfdead child
I take body out of the heap, hook pierces it's insides
Make an incision on his head, start to drag off skin
Cutting the tendons, flaying the skin with my teeth

Inhuman cries of dying victims became too loud
Too loud for me and I'm cutting their throats
Warm blood pours heavily right into my face,
Caressing me, I'm cumming, i'm going insane

Hooked up piece of meat is still alive
It bleeds and suffering's frozen in it's eyes
Innocent victim live splattered with gore
Remind me of those i've killed before

Stiffening body twitches in death's hands
Few strikes of knife and the child is dead
I decapitate the corpse and smash it's skull
It's eyes left their orbits, brain falls out of mouth

Throw away the carcass and the hook is free
Here's my axe and i begin to cut up meat
Perverted dividing, blood boils in my veins
It makes me strike again with my axe

Mangled organs fly away, they're all messed
The axe got stuck in the split chest
I'm take it out and go on chopping the mass
I should finish it soon-this body's not the last

2. Amongst The Devastated Graves

I open the grave to free body locked inside
To become one with, to feel it's cold insides
Starting exhumation, my spade can't wait no more
Soon I'll feel with my skin all the dead's sores

And again the dead body starts feeding me
I almost feel it asks me to leave it alone
I'm unable to deprive myself of such a pleasure
My hands're trembling vigorously with impatience

The corpse is free and it can live it's life again
But it's another kind of life-existence full of pain
It's nothing but a helpless victim beside me
It sets all my nastiest passions free

Wildly slicing moveless body with my rusty blade
Making way for my cruel hands to penetrate
Leaving very deep scars I feel I can't stop
Until the flesh will turn into the deformed slop

Night silence devours all the sounds from the grave
The pile of rotten meat became my silent slave
My hands moving fast inside the tortured flesh
Searching the pieces of innards I pulling it's outside

Bowels lie around the grave mixed with soil
I gather it in a heap, wash it in a pool of blood
That rains from wounds of disfigured body
And put it onto the sharp spires of a grave fence

Possessed by thirst of destruction
I smash the eyeless head
Gather the crushed brains
Into the ripped out bladder

Ripped rotten flesh eclipse my mind
I'm one with the dead in inhuman ecstasy
Reaching the orgasm I tear the corpse apart
Enraged, throw it back into the desecrated pit

3. Flensed Battue

Dreadful battue, torn children jumbled up
They are turned inside out and ravished in sprawl
Gouged welted bosom loosened with cattling
Blood from nicked jugular veins pouring in hods

Formless maimed corpses frittered with pole axe
Blastoderms padded with brain dollops and ovaries
Proddedpith wrapped up in rented pia mater
Clawed germs coddled in bleach covered with blebs

Lamed children hang on hooks through their jaws
They're squibing, ruckling and shrilling from stings
Beetle grind up lumped skeletons in bonedust
Hashers masticating putrid rancid meat

In rabid rage I'm wresting quarry bodies
Parboiled infants are put to the rack
Being repeatedly raped and torn asunder
They're swollen and stark overlying in puke

I'm ablating caecums and digestive apparatus
Pelvises, hips and knee-caps filed with hand-saw
Pussy spittle pumped out from seamy pancreas
Purtenance and testicles simmer in cauldrons

Logged off wombs processed through meat-chopper
Stretched foreskin pronged with foliated bones

Wrenched off from maws embryos jump about
Phrenetic, I raven their raw roasts
Oddments of plucks stubbed up from open sores
Pinking the pinnae I purge out ductless glands

Frazzled and fried entrails douse in ichor
Debris of distended swellings turned into pulp
Chopped up children grabble for gouged out eyes
Creeping upon splints of severed and grained heads

Decollated bodies topple on ground and supine
Thrusted through muscles tighten in throe
Rarefyed brains lapped in pared scalps
Tailings of threshed syrinx teem with fly-blows

4. Pre-Natal Whittling

Foretaste of mortal agony, the broken antenatal
Enormous never-ending afflicts of encysted flesh
Carved through the uterus and slashed to the snips
They muss up recurved in saprogenic phlegm

Impregnaticide previous to pre-natal immolation
Seceded from mothers' bodies infants torn to shreds
Raw materials, left to die for the content of my lechery
Procreate with plenty of crincled and posseted meat

Copulative organs conversed into deformed snatches
I snap off pieces of corpulent softened brain
Envisage silent children gasping out their life
Fingering over amassement of avulsed genitals

Iterant raping of corpses smudged with faeces
Osteitic bones ingraine in broadened ureter
I gobble scalped ulcers and swallow up ichor
Inhale stinking exrements of incremated unborns

Lingual bones lugged out from perforated throats
Overrunning blood outwashes maggots from the guts
Knee-deep in blood, enraged i strip off the skin
Off stiffed disrupted children plunged in wormy pus

I feel the orgasm seeing infants covered with sword-cuts
Dabbling in condensable wrenched out oviducts,
Rip out with teeth the segments of damped meat
From coulter-minced gutted carcasses

Wails of children winced from pain make me mad
Continual cruel suffering, impossible to live through
I subsist with torture of harrowed oblations
Watching the skinless raped gory new-borns

I cum on remains of deformed and consumed torsos
Degust the intestines' knead imbrued with sperm
Chopped off split heads stow in pyramids
Mangled breastbones enfolded in pulled off derm

I get furious with steams of embalmed corpses
Flustered with depleting of paralytic humid flesh
Sloughing off holey scarf-skin indrawned and cockled
Inseminated mummies interblend with grumes

5. Limbless Fatling

Fatling children preparated for the slaughter
They are like lambs groaning in the lair
Systaltic intestines lie low on shamble
I upheave with red infants at the stake
Prolapsed organs smashed to a mummy
Daggered new-borns curving in cruel suffering
Desiccated oviduct dented in crozzled breasts

Live coal slowly burn solid state irises
Halved corpses slewing on the spits
Scabs of scalded charred skin go scat
Stinking pus sputtering from stumps of limbs

Unboned tumid bodies transmuted into smooth paste
I am skiving ulcered infants lying on guts
They are immobile and impaled with gig
Calcified buttocks abound with worms

Unhooked, torn in two and unpicked children
Hawking extruded straight-cut eyeballs
Sinciput untacked, temporal bones proded
Unformed scarfed torsos thrown about

Bloodless barked infants bleating from pain
Macerated flesh fuses in kettles with acid
Loggerheads laminated, medulla mortared
Eructated measly digesting in olid menses

Entrails indented from inflated stomachs
I ingurgitate of mattery jerked beef
Elongating the pleasure i embosom bulged children
Ripped out hearts pulse in puddles of blood

Stunned infants are mammocked
Lots and lots of torsos prepared for slaughter
My coulter is loping masses of prostrated germs
Recasting the raveled out and resectioned flesh

6. Slashing Of The Mummified

The ply of mummified children reversed inside out
Grided gangrenous halved parts from whole
Multiocular rankled pasty mass of opened abscesses
Quickset of fractured gipped bodies chawed up

Infants defatted and glomerated harrowed by hardy
Overlying on stiffing congeries of damped entrails
Extensed fetor bowels exploding in the faeces
Exhausted devitalized bodies slowly ossifying

I put by crimped corpses putrefied with crawls
Fire-brand kidneys contractile in convulsions
Formation of frizzled anuses filled up with houghs
On cairns of burked and burnt crisped torsos

Bagged children abrupted with mighty millstones
Bate frets excoriated skin in huge pots
Blowflies subsist to heads impaled on the barlings
Exfoliated nipples stitched up with portal veins

Joggling infants hanging on crooks by jowles
Planed placentae parted into plies
Pylorus brew in reservoirs with blood
Picked off piecemeal meat hashed in a mess

Flatted inversed bodies exposed to intubation
Tumefacted ulcerous organs torn in two
Sliced scranched genitals interfused with gobbets
Implicated garbage furring in emetic slime

I watch the malposed fetuses broken in flinders
Footless evirated torsos stabbed with fibulae
Far and near blubbering eviscerated children
Hooved bellies growing together with hind-heads

Flensed with my whittle children tremble and twitch
Intestines unrooted from unpicked paunches
Undigested ordure eructating from esophaguses
Erupted cysts discharging stinking pus

7. Hackled In Gore

Unanimated torsos suspended on extensed tendons
Dilatived glottises glutted with bleeding adrenals
I crunch the encrusted hard fire-branded limbs
Penetrate their eyes with convolded huckle-bones

Pithless rumpled children bleat, lensed by me
They will decease earlier than ruptured and bisected
Labefacted organs boil down in ebullited leach
Ligaments of avulsed eyes apported into plies

Brains unstuck from skulls cleaved with hatchet
Stoppled aortae brayed in heaps with marrow
Floundering fetuses sheeted with dislodged feel
Splintered and chapped stubs dipped into deflated pus

Outlying haggled palates filled with sticky semen
Sharp-cut crooks percolate furled nape of the necks
Nerve-knots burst in measly jabbed with needles
I lick cut out genitals rended from the nates

Mutilated infants regorge in jerks the rectums
I ingest their choler, helminths are my commensals
Bumped torsioned thyroids scarred in full-length
Glabrous and secluded heads flump on the ground

Flayed footless children curved on the grindiron
The degistive tracts put in slimed mash
I inhaust the piss from the snicked ureters
Abundant micturition causes the mordant of cauls

Perches ornated with scorched shivering bodies
Glandules seared with live coal implode
I ease the suffering of burked and weakened infants
Fondling with tongue their overgrounded scabs

Whey-faced fleshy children underlie slabbed mothers
Quiescent prolated, they keep back with connective tissue
Cheek-bones collapsed, indented haunches abrupted
Windpipes stuffed with taluses, lids furred with rheum

I put my knife into snarled flawed intestines
And create fossilized gangrenous flesh

8. Profaning The Crypts

Tearing out the nailed top of the cobweb-covered coffin
Numbed of pleasure, I'm staring eagerly at it's contents
Inhale the damp smell of rot, hard to control my excitement
Of decomposing half-rotten corpse with vacant eyesockets

Addiction to ripping of the dead has turned into disease
Desecration of crypts has become my whole life's need
Vapours, coming from the dead body, sharpen my feelings
Catching rotten clothes, putting the body out of the coffin

Incease the skin on the chest and pierce the chest walls
No more I'm able to control the desire that's overfilling me
Begin to slice the thoracic cavity, rip every piece of meat
My face, covered with sticky pus, looks so loathsome, disgusting

Stiffened mummy is motionless lying in ridiculous pose
Enraged, I begin to break the hardened joints, one by one
Tearing off the dry, putrid skin, turned to grey rags
Sucking the puslike slime, oozing from bursted tendons

Violent spasms pierce my body, they're making me mad
My hands furiously dip into the dense visceral mess
Affected, I'm staring down at the dead tortured body
Begin to cut off it's head, stick my knife into the neck

Brains control my deeds no more, letting off the energy
Animal instinct now rules my body, makes my dreams come true
Tearing off the sticking ribs, chop'em with the bones
Crushed down fragmentized body is now turning to mess

Breaking the parted head against the wall, looking what's inside
Devouring the lying clots of rotten cerebral substance
Having gathered scattered parts of flesh, bones and gristles
I combust it altogether with the desecrated body remains

9. Burnt Alive

Poignant effluvium of children burnt alive
Fills the space surrounded with dejection fumes
Expectorated blood turns into the ashes
Exsiccated meat rots on smashed faces

Fire comprises children's formless flesh
Pierced in many places with sharp skivers
Derived corrupted organs bursting loud
Splashing everywhere the spumant pus

Exaggerated intestines slowly melted
Piles of exhumated cadavers disappear in stove
Ribs stick out from the mangled sternum
Fleshless covers triturated in powder

Mangled and deformed with blunt axes
Children bake in immense barbecues
Grumes of blood pulverize on the walls inside
Dissected slabs, petrified meat coal

Disintered corpses demolited into smithereens
Goes on the fermentation of decomposed entrails
Mucus rash covers the cut out larynx
From esophagus convulsive vomit splashes

Spines pulled out from maimed chopped backs
Butchered infants get cold in the dirt
Painful turning into the ashes goes on
Scalped bodies drenched with festered excretion

Gutted corpses spit through slit crotches
Snapping bones, pus dripping from foul sores
Encaustic gelded torsos covered with singes
Indurated limbs hacked, faces smashed up

Diversed parts of disentombed remains
Vanished quick in red-hot huge stove
Perish verminous disrupted children's bodies
Fire completes the work begun by me

Dmitri ‒ Guitar
Denis ‒ Guitar
Alexander ‒ Vocals
Roman ‒ Bass

Drums composed by Dmitri & Denis

Thanks to euronymousinhel for sending these lyrics.

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