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1. Ømen


2. Planetary Devastation


Recondite motives necessitate reform on a terrestrial scale.
Analogous to the moon… a better planet will be created.

Thus begins an excursion to the core... with a smile on my face.
My legs tremble with anticipation.

Writhen in volcanic casing, invoking the energy of life,
…Indolently feeding worms and rats, and whose motion sustains means to an ultimate end.
So begins an intercession. So begins the end.


Motion is ceased. The veins beneath the soil grow cold and manifest tranquility.
Tidal activity endures radical alteration, consequently producing demersal societies.

Heat from the core evaporates all liquids. Imane atmospheric shock waves level the surface.
Initiate decomposition.


We ascend to the utmost eminence.
Matter collects in the palm of my hand to form a super dense black sphere.

Behold: creation.
It expands… the perfect planetary body.

3. Aborted Pt. I

I have erred in this walk of life.
What can be done to rid the world of what I've caused?

(To erase the life which adheres to laws of abhorrence, I exacted an ubiquitous contrivance.)

The solitude which had consumed me has given way to the inception of goodness.
Now, however, it's too late to derogate my actions and my hate has poisoned me.

How can I exhume them? How can I reanimate these corpses?
The plane of time must be distorted--I must go back in time.

I will fabricate the means to my disintegration.

The machine incurs an anomaly in space-time. Before becomes now.
I will atone for all the wrong I've done.

Shrouded smoke falls upon a city in the first chapter of a blood-engulfed renewal. Entities meet... the savage art occurs.

As swiftly, the dense smoke rises, and the entities become naught.
Expiration of self... the entity has now never lived.

(Exist in the void...
My sins are forgiven.)

4. Aborted Pt. II


5. Elixir

One thousand hours of fabrication in pursuit of a remedy to purge the existence of the ultimate pestilence..
All abhorrence biased by misrepresented intentions.

Rancourous heathens! You have brought your own demise.
My hypothesis was precise and my Elixir is complete.

In the name of science, I abate the coercion of the modernized hominid.
Vaporize, my cherished cure.
Soon, you will become the atmosphere.

Manifest, manifest!

Give humanity an ephemeral death!

Multiply.. and delete..

Behold as my creation permeates through your epidermis and decomposes every artery, tissue, and cell that you contain.
There is no cure that can save you once it has been ingested.

The cure is to end all of this.
Let panic become your reality. There is no cure, for the cure is me.

6. Odium

A man devoid of the perception of acquiescence to stay his wrath is but a swine.
What separates us from the beast is seen as a frontal lobe through the eyes of most; this is a lie, but we hold eyes of truth.

Each of the filthy insects breed; another malformed child is raised to unjustly hate others.
It’s a mark of inanity, to be so ignorant; such qualities are that of almost all life today.
When you look into my eyes, do you see an inferior human?

What you truly see is the reflection of my eyes upon you—your mirror image—and thus reveals the object of your hate to be you.

Wings materialize. Do not fear, dear children.
I will induce a lethargic state of being.

I ascend. You will be liberated.
Your lives will coalesce and amalgamate unto me.

You will be dematerialized in the name of your hate.

7. Eradicate

Invariant locomotion is leading to fatigue. This arduous journey to ascertain human existence renders survival relinquished.
Desolation limits me from communication; cessation [of] indisposed life from preservation.

(Nukes 'n shit)

They were surreptitiously initiating plans of mass destruction, heeding multiple admonishments to cease further production. Careless of penalization, their intentions remained stable.
Execution of the primary objective took everything but me. Earth is now vacant.
At first glance, it may seem atrocious--second glance; facilitative.
No more suffering, no more pain. No more sorrow.
"We all bear anguish unto each other at one point or another. We cannot be left alive"

Alas, I survived.

8. Experiment XIII

Plans to purge the light culminate. Preparations are made. The day draws ever nearer.

Soon the day will arrive when we embrace a dissension that will realize our true purpose as a species.
We will submit to darkness and it will devour us.

Speculations dictate we must advance now. Experiment XIII lives today.

“Saïx, travel to Earth and commence with the extermination. Return to this realm subsequently. Today, we celebrate the end of humankind.”

Panicked life forms resort to extremes for selfish security. Behold: true evil.
They sense their time is at an end.
Earth quavers as I plunge my hand onto the soil.
Thus begins Experiment XIII.
The core of the planet collapses into void. The world turns black. Demons augment from the disfigured surface and feast upon flesh.

I set in motion my departure but not before observing a mother and her child.
Their hearts felt cold at the moment before their death.
Warmth was inspired. The mother sacrificed herself for her child.
A blinding light… a warmth I’ve never felt before.
So this must be the sensation they refer to as “love.”

Fear us. We are Øscillatör.

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