Dark Lyrics


1. Suicide Penguin

hunger for knowledge
my life had just begun
but I discovered
I was born to be reincarnated into
dying echoes of the
last note in God's magnum opus
music for the clowns
hunger to separate me from the beasts
devoured dinner
I consumed to be evaporated into
dying echoes of the
last note in God's magnum opus
music for the hounds
I said goodbye to everyone but you
I say hello, hello my love
my unreasonable war
run me away
my echo will stay
for the zombies
we will never let you go
purgatorial cleansing of false habits
run me away
sever the brain for love
I will enslave you with these chains of freedom
Gloria hallelujah
baby baby I love you
baby baby I love you so
baby baby don't leave me
baby baby don't you dare to leave me
don't you leave me
don't you leave me
don't you ever leave me
because how in hell am I supposed to
dance to the shattered illusions
I'm a circumstantial being
these shackles kneel me to the sun
rise baby rise
gimme gimme gimme the light
oh baby burn burn
burn me alive
and if you go under
I'll be waiting for you all night long
I was feeding on a spark
now I'm starving in the dark
so I'm running to the edge of the world
I forgot my way back home
three magic mountains sirened me a song
I need to buy my way in
I need wings to fly my suicide penguin
the devil smiles while saving my ass
he says, father the son, gangnam style
I said goodbye to everyone but you

2. Christmas Devil

in between love and living corpses
here I lay sacrificed
newborn on the river shore
the ferryman predicts a storm
one they've never seen before
new heights to explore
newborn has fangs and horns
parented by swindler whores
providing them with the enemy
uniting them with blasphemy
demon, poke it with a stick
give it a little kick
chain it and lock it up
how to tame the beast
go get the highest priest
to teach it some manners
Christmas eve it was lost and found
they said it was special
so now at the start everything falls apart

3. Avalanche Riders

my flight is going down
I'm meek as a lamb
'cause it's all right
it's all right
my slipstream will swallow all
it's part of the plan
so it's all right
it's all right
babies born
inside of a deep rabbit hole
at the end of the rabbit soul
reinventing the wheel, then the wall
excuse this inconvenience
and so we shall summon the
contagious regulator
avalanche riders
roaming around the empty space
in our time
meaningless whys
avalanche riders
because we quantify

4. Misanthrope Puppet

stuck in a movie
my character has been given to me
my abyss, ignorant bliss
milked dry oversold no string puppet show
the cliche choir singing hymns to the overflow
twice its capacity is only a formality
everybody listen to the self fulfilling prophecy
ants in a death mill,
trapped in a free will,
sight as a blind skill,
living on a suicide pill
waiting for the kill
waiting for the show to show the top of the bill
stuck in a freakshow
my character has been given to know
my abyss, ignorant bliss
we wear the worn out shoes of periphery guards
parading cash-cow can't-lose infinite war
drenched in the gut-wrench stench of repentance
revenge is the sentence
the stain is the core
I breathe in it's fumes
I spit it out in tunes about love and zombies
whatever the muse
before my back gives way under the weight of the skies
Atlas, my brother, don't you realize
are you still here or have you gone
give me a sign of me now
do I remember you or someone else

5. Film Noir Hero

you were the one I loved
but you lied
the one I loved
but you lied to me
I trusted you
now I'm all alone
why did you have to go
how could you leave me
you didn't have a voice
I didn't have a chance
and even if I had
I would do it all again

6. Amphibian Seer

your ass is a volcano
we are planet Pompeii
Apocalypse me
yes I'm a dreamer
but I'm not the only one
sailing the wreck Hope
you are the wolf tornado
we've built our house from straw and sticks
party till the dawn
I am a frog
why don't you turn the heat up
you sneeze the killer virus
we bless you by the God we made
Apocalypse me
see all the people living life in peace
sailing the wreck Hope
your sperm is a tsunami
we're sittin' on the dock of the bay
wasting time
party till the dawn
millions of frogs are falling from the sky
feed the streets with burning hell
in flames we're freed
His revolution will be answered to us
when we crawl away disabled
there's nothing out there
till we crawl away disabled
party until the dawn
until we all crawl ablaze
what have I done?
new school eschatology
its prophet is me
sailing the wreck Hope
machines are marching over the border
we are distorted

7. Cave Painter

beautiful life just passing by
no one knows
in it the universe implodes
the moment dissolves
filling an empty cup with time
we preserve best if we are not
all of the lifeboats passing by
no one knows
I am behind the waterfall
I am too high
this is where I will die
my love
I'll be on the walls
for someone that will end up in here

8. Chicken Wing Swans

a chicken on the assembly line feathers plucked and upside down
lived for what you wanted it to be so it could lay some eggs
from wreck Hope the parasite searches for a new host
a salary so ridiculously high it can afford your outcries
like God
receiving rituals so alien they leave Him cold
hunter, butcher, pacifist
chewing on chicken wings
fire, go back to the caves
what do we want, will we be saved
trying not to lose it but we are lit
an expectation to which we kneel and pray for liberation
dead ants in a jar of honey
the last soul still fixed on money
one color policy
true colors underneath
fire, go back to the caves
what do we want, will we be saved
trying not to lose it but we are lit
trying not to lose it in movies, in books and music
I'm lost in you
forgive me for what I have to say
all I ever knew was love
I am dead
crying over you
all I ever was was love
hunter, butcher, pacifist
chewing on chicken wings

9. Citizen Herd

kneel to the citizen herd
let them fly to a chocolate world
keep the real one to yourself
squeal for a pretty girl
multiply her
infiltrate the barbarian horde
gobble down their consecrated wine
feed the turkey to your kids
corrupt the ones we love to go higher
peel our elephant skin and make us warm
abandon the ship to defend the ship
higher and higher
feel our elephant skin escape us
flying into silence
don't go too close to the sun
all aboard
destination overboard
and in the end we shine for those who we have blinded
just a little bit too late
they don't care

10. Prodigal Son

I'm irrelevant
to your space and time
I am all the lonely people
you shot me into the stars
now I can't come down
your calls are answered by laughter
may we find our peace
yeah this life is all I have which I don't mind
though I wander about the river
old we grow instead
go back to the land and reclaim your fangs and horns
vengeance will be yours
it will be sweet
the storm is comin'
the storm is comin'
you will be the one walking on skulls
on a red carpet painted with their names in blood
go back to the land and reclaim your fangs and horns

Guus van Oosterum — Bass, Vocals (additional)
Boy van Ooijen — Drums
Thom Lich — Guitars, Vocals (additional)
Remo Kuhlmann — Guitars (acoustic), Sitar, Vocals (additional)
Ruben Kuhlmann — Vocals (lead), Keyboards, Piano
Silas Baldur van Bezu — Piano, Keyboards

Thanks to skenneyschool for sending these lyrics.

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