Dark Lyrics


1. Crepusculum


2. Father's Breath

Reason as curse
The plague he sent upon us
His own seed, in his own likeness
Drowned by chaining hands

Reason as name, reason as light
Descending to the sink of iniquity
To bond the bright flame
Of old mother night
Extending his reign, defining ubiquity

I drown my heart in acid tears
To soil his flesh with cold reflection
My open heart for eyes to pierce
A perfect foil to a mind's dissection

Guided by the laws of hopelessness
Pining for redemption
I seek to eviscerate
His name, his fire, his love forever

Exhaling father's breath
Exhaling father's breath
To reduce the self to plain dissension
Raising secrets on his dying flame
As a monument of undimension
Where death alone is mine to claim

This gate is open now
Peeling flesh from bones and bones from spirit
I surrender mind and blood and tears
Of reason evermore
Unmasked as heaven's breath
Compelled as knowledge's death
Your will has made me what I am
And never was meant to be

I received your light, I received your wound
As a funeral rite for a heart entombed
As stigmata, envoys of the grave of holy creed

As your hand demands to fear
Your canon requires to persevere
To claim the heart of those
Pierced by such immense deceit

3. In Dialogue With Death

What else will you see, by gazing into
The reflection of your own countenance
On the water's surface,
Than a thousand empty eyes from
A thousand empty faces
Of a thousand empty selfs [sic], mirroring
A thousand empty lifes [sic]?

The harmonic state is not achieved
Through the profane illusion of
Capitulation, striking exceedingly the
Deepest minds whilst they are bent
This isolation of the spirit,
This paralysation of the flesh
Are only initials, unravelling at last
The circle of death

I saw this falling star
Lamb of faith under reason's will
I bind this sacrifice to the burning tree
And let it shine

I am the star that guides your way
Your shrine, your temple
Wine and bread
As opposed to him who leads astray
For your mind was closed,
Your heart was dead

Tell me, if Satan's breath creates the
Storms that hurl your salt water up to
The clouds
This you must tell me, because I would
Rejoice at knowing hell
So close to man
(spirit is not yet abandoned)

Embrace me now
Drown in darkness
Receive me now
Accept this guiding light
A voice to wake the truth of silence
Destroying forlorn hope
To renew what's hidden
Beneath the ruins

I cast the serpent's spell
On those who crawl unwillingly
Through forsaken wastes and dirty soil
Of a mind unclear

I saw how eagles fell
Stunned, from the topmost clouds
Of heaven
Tumbling over one another
In raging fear

Abjure these crumbling halls
Rebuild his rotten temple
Under the sun of eyes
To receive this gift with open arms
Lest you don't fail to pass
Receive the sign of death
With purest dignity
Infinity beyond the walls of life

(fluctus feri maris despumantes suas
Confusiones sidera errantia quibus
Procella tenebrarum in aeternum
Servata est)

Shadows emerging from the deep
In silence
Ascending from oceans

Shallow words are doomed to crumble
As the truth is bared
To be received through pain
And anguish
By the ones who dare to see

Never again shall you crumble
At the nameless void
But kiss the deepest darkness
And embrace the holy flames

Abjure these crumbling halls
Rebuild his rotten temple
Under the sun of eyes
To receive this gift with open arms
Lest you don't fail to pass
Receive the sign of death
With purest dignity
Infinity beyond the walls of life
As you sink deeper and deeper
Into this chimerical dark
A mind is burning down
Heralding thy utmost
Purifying rebirth

4. Diluculum


5. Consensus

De la chair
à la terre
Trois faisceaux de lumiére

I relieve my fragile hands
Of his grasp that guided me
And set my heart on fire
While dancing thy dance
Of life's decay

Kephra by my side
Your sun reveals what comes to pass
Your rays accent the dying night
As I walk your path in ecstasy
Secrets burn divinely
Truth may come with a million faces
This I can see now at last
Truth is already here

Speaking through waves of unbalance
With voices so silent and pure
So drastic, so dead
Without words, with no sound
Yet so deeply inducing
For those eager to receive

I will not compromise my truth
For anyone or anything
For I can see now at last
That I am already free

To reach consensus on death
Thy wisdom, thy aspect of truth in all that is holy
Beseech this final breath
Thy essence unsealed by poison divine
And tear down all these bonds to become the solution of every concept of truth
As thy hands are unbound, thy spirit is free
And enlightened by the brightly burning tree

A leap in the dark
Echoes of fear resounding through these halls
As prayers from the past

(exaudi orationem maem)

Ad mortem sic vita
Fluit velut ad mare flumen
Ad inferos descensus
Ad lucem
Ad indefinitum

Through wind and through fire
My guidance is yours
As you become my devotee
And from deathless desire
Through all that obscures
You will be unburdened
And finally see

So rise my descendant
From unfolding depths
Now encircled by grace
In three rays of light
So pure, so resplendent
Is he who accepts
My presence in all
With utmost insight

Moriendum est

Qui habet
Aurem audiat
Quid spiritus
Dicat ecclesiis
Qui vicerit
Non laedetur a morte

From carnal desire to soil
Two pillars to reunite
From carnal desire to soil
In three rays of light

6. Awakening From The Dream Of Life

Through death it is, that we awaken
From the dream of life
And may death be purpose and solution
Of all woeful strife
Through death we're reborn,
We're empowered to see
Through death it will be,
That our heart will be free

Reborn as the sons of a new dawn
A star of freedom is rising
Above our heads
And voices slowly extinguish
Allowing the sacred chamber to speak

To speak the silent truth
As death is only the change of form
The spiritual eye is opened
To the clear light of the void

A secret unheard
A wisdom unseen
Drowned by voices of madness
Clouded by those without eyes to see
The depths of the ocean of all
Nor essence of spirit
Apart from blindness of mind

Ending the state of contradiction
We walk in silence
Praising the gift from his right hand
We breathe in silence
Accepting the strength of surrender
We pray in silence
Receiving the truth from his left hand
We die in silence

(si quis vult me sequi, deneget semetipsun:
Et toliat crucem suam, et sequitur me)

We have awakened
From the chamber of lightless sleep
From states of division in disguise
Fueled by time and word
We are awake
And the final curtain falls
We are awake
Wide awake
As we're entering his holy halls

What we seek
What we desire
What we believe
What we are
What we become
Shall be solely
His light

I carry the voice of death
Deep within my open heart
And deep within my shining spirit,
Redifining [sic] what I am
Redifining [sic] what we are,
A truth that may become forgotten
But can never be erased by time
Nor word or form

We speak the voice of death
We speak the love of death
We speak the truth of death
Obscured by darkest art

We carry the strength of death
We carry the sign of death
We carry the light of death
Deep within our shining hearts

The pulsing hypnotic rhythm… the waves of echo that draw you further into the void of contemplation… layer upon layer of catastrophe and initiation… a lament for a dying world… there is a suffocating beauty to the atmosphere and summoning within… which feels like standing on the edge of jagged high cliffs with no care for the ground beneath my feet… to close our eyes to the outside world and focus on the teaching in our blood… walking through the flames that tear at the very essence of vision… a meditation on madness and pure faith… I feel the tears flow through my veins but they are not of sadness… but of eternal suffering and the pain of creation…

[Part II – Metaflesh]

7. The World Destroyed By Water

"And the Lord spake;
I will destroy man, whom I have created, from the face of the earth. both man and beast and the creeping thing and the fowls of the air. for it repenteth me that I have made them.
And behold, I do bring a flood of waters upon the earth,
To destroy from under heaven all flesh in which is the breath of life. and everything that is in the earth shall die."

Beyond the prevailing death
A light will unfold
And it will be truth
And it will be salvation
And it will be fire
And it will be unity
And it will be god
And it will be eternal

8. Satori

I have seen all that is done under the sun, and behold:
All is emptiness and affliction of the spirit

Vidi cuncta, quæ fiunt sub sole, et ecce universa vanitas, et afflictio spiritus

9. Metanoia

The sands of time no longer speak in tongues of persuasion
An ocean changed in form and sound to swallow thee
The dust of silence procreates, but fades immediately
As I observe the sphinxes vanish in the winds
I know his day is nigh
I know the night must die
Revealing lasting peace beyond all fragile woe
I feel the void extending
I feel the self transcending
Dimensions falling down beneath the open eye

I look around myself and witness dreams and dreams and dreams
I am surrounded but untouched by all things ill-conceived
The strangest forms appear to me in everlasting streams
To renew illusion's seed that no thing will ever be relieved

Void is mind itself, and mind itself is void
A presence of the absence of will
Is speaking from beyond the veils of lunacy
Reminding me of what I am
I know the I is falling
I know these roots are sprawling
For benediction comes through him who is in all
I feel them flowing through my veins
I feel them slowly breaking chains
And reason resignates with unexpected grace

Receive the silent voice
The sound of transformation

Flame of consciousness, flame of knowledge, flow through me
And pervade my physical body, pervade my higher spirit,
Light my path and every step I take, so that I am able to guide myself,
To wander in brightness and with fortitude,
The mountains of being and the depths of reality
And give me the strength to surrender to whatever is and may be
With silence
And acceptance

10. Above The Stars Of God

I watch the sun descend into the open void
I watch the spirit fade between the walls of sleep
I watch the pillars of adherence being destroyed
I watch the silent flame rising from the deep

And I will raise my throne
I will raise my throne
I will raise my throne
Above the stars of god
I will raise my throne
I will raise my throne
I will raise my throne
Above the stars of god
When the voices fall silent
I will raise my throne above the stars of god
When the voices fall silent
I will raise my throne above the stars of god

Rise, my pillars
Rise, my serpents
Rise, my flames
Rise, my pillars

At the creation of mind
The creation of reason becomes necessary
And our action was inevitable
To rely on the creation of god and all that is empty
Adrift and unaware of being, unable to see,
Incapable to either receive nor perceive the essence of the eternal

We now play the same role again
With the only difference of standing on the other side of this river
To rely on the destruction of god and all that is holy
Adrift and unaware of being, unable to see,
Incapable to either receive nor perceive the essence of the eternal
Which is the essence of god alone

11. Conclusion

We are not the masks
That we hide behind
Nor the thoughts that we think
Nor the paths that we choose to walk
Nor the words that we speak
Nor the names that we are given
Nor the bodies that we live through
Nor all the things that we do

We are not what we create
Nor our past or future
We are not the decisions we make
We are not what we believe in
We are not the mind we bear within us
But that light that we become

[Part III – The Supernal Clear Light Of The Void]

12. The Third Ray Of Light


13. Cathartic Confession


14. Jacob's Dream


15. Maelstrom


16. The Empyrean

The swords of rapture we proudly bear
The crackling fires of untruth in which we burn through the days
And the dark waters of dreams in which we drown at night
The blazing skies at a new dawn
The prayers that we blindly babble
The golden purity of a swarm of flying birds
The pulsating blood that flows through everything but this moment
The encounter of staring into a stranger's eyes through the mirror of the self
The death of nations
The poison that strikes as words
All the eternal secrets we carry
The spiteful remark of a broken promise
The fear of touching the higher self, even if it's just for one second
The oceanic grace of equanimity once in a blue moon
The mountains and hills of forsaken landscapes
The infinite wisdom of every withering flower
The frozen depths of untold memories, searing all flesh and mind
The burning lakes of pasts unspoken
The silent beauty of decay
The freedom that comes through acceptance
The joy of losing everything

All anxiety and anguish,
Pain and grief, hatred and envy,
Every tear that falls,
Every instant in desire, in solitude,
Every spark of hope or illusion,
Joy or forgiveness,
Peace and content,
All passion and love
All these things are one,
For us to witness
Once we return to our birthright
And all is none

ॐ भूर्भुव: स्व:
तत्सवितुर्वरेन्यं ।
भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि
धीयो यो न: प्रचोदयात् ।।

Chris S.R.: vocals, guitars
Boris A.W.: drums
M.A.: guitars
A.T.: bass

Thanks to nihilsmaw for sending these lyrics.

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