Dark Lyrics


1. Lvx Æterna

...and there was LVX.

2. He Whose Face Is Made Of Entrails

Come closer, see me as a vision of delight
As I'm essential
Lord of abomination
Know my name, hear my word, come closer
As I speak revelation

Divine revelation of dimensional downfall
Before the sun of life
For I was born of the ancient blood
For I am source and kingdom of decay

My symbol, my word
My breath is rot
It is holy
The stench of death, odour of decomposition
It is holy

Witness the fall of life through my will
Necessity in every way

Call upon me
Call upon me, reach darkness
As you breathe in the southern winds, out of abyssos
Where physical expiration feeds my paradise

Come closer, let me fall into you as you fall into me
While no light shall reveale the way you follow
To gain sublimination, in feculence of purity
Let me surge, let me flow through you
Dominating flesh and mind
For you chose invocation
Serving powers, older than time itself

3. Chaos Reigns

Where civilization matters not
We're heading straight for thee
Reaching this place of essence
Granting access to obsession
Of natural instinct
Free to abandon
In this, our place of fear
In darkness of suspense
Walking from misery into secret dimension
Paradise below, hiding its being
From human hindrance

The fire is burning in our eyes
Unleashing the fanatic love-feast at last
Burning in passion
Burning with purity
For we are not what you are
For we are not what you are

Lay down your hands on my face
To open my eyes wide enough
And crucify me in the woods
To proclaim confession
And reach myself
Proclaim confession
To complete the "I"
To live
To live
To be free

4. No Light From The Fires

This emptiness is yours
No light to gain from these hands
That gave you eyes, to see
That gave you lungs, to breathe
In a vacuum, eternal
A fathomless ocean of void
Fathomless nothingness

He looked at you in odium
Failed creation in the concept of existence
"He who sows the wind..."

Unfolded darkness conquers the solitude
Are you without reason?
Unfolded darkness whispers in your ear
Are you without ordinance?

I came here to see god, made of flesh
I came here to see the darkness from the fire
I came here to see extinction from creation
I came here to see ordinance divine

One command
One joy
One desire
One curse
One weight
One measure
One king
One god
One law

It seems that there is no light from the flames
No light, for none of you
This, the manifest of dusk before dawn
This, the end before the light

I came here to see god, made of bones
I came here to see the darkness from the fire
I came here to see extinction from creation
I came here to see ordinance divine

Fountains of blood to reveale your true self
Surrounded by the waste of your creation
For none of light will ever shine for you
Lucem demonstrat umbra
None of light shines for you

5. Black But Shining

The nectar of the apple
Like the water from the well of life
Wich I drink
To be blessed
To be absolute
To be blessed
With holy dark
For darkness is my light
Through it I breathe and see

Angel! Stare into this sun
Let this light seduce you
Let it burn your wings
For you will fall with me
For you must fall with me
For you will fall with me

As he speaks of the great abyss
For he speaks through me
I speak his word to the cherubim
For some may go up in flames
As an introduction to the bliss of disobedience
To the bliss of sin

And I'd rather have fucked the holy mother
Before accepting wine and bread from hands divine

For darkness is my light
Through it I breathe and see
For darkness is my sun
Black but shining
Black but shining for me

6. Inri

In death we are reborn intact and pure

Lvx shall we receive
From opened arms ablaze
For the kingdom of him is in us
Lvx shall be the regenerating of nature
And our metamorphosis of satori

O light eternal
O light numinous

7. The Venom Of Gods

O beloveth sons
Giving destruction a voice
Incompareable and yet hidden so carefully
Behind the veils of secrets
Born of pestilence and plague
Of blackest dust, their storms
Of purest ecstacy, their wrath

And highest walls will fall
As I try to understand the numbers and words
Wich are unwritten and unintelligible

Counting to seven and back
As names can't fill the holes in knowledge
Reaching rooms of emptiness
No human eyes had seen before
Going from whence no one returns
Entering spaces no man has ever walked
As I pray to the foundations of chaos

I walked into the flames, and I knew
There are definitions of the burning pain
Crawling on human backs
And there are names
For the poisonous seed of rejection
Lurking in places unknown
Arrayed in terror
Falling like rain from the sky
As the blaze of the ancient presence of death
For they are seven

I was banished
From the waste of restriction
And I watched the harlot die in the streets
I was forsaken
Am I forsaken?
Telal took me by the hand

Guided by the architects
Of a world between the worlds

I saw the spawn of the earth
The serpents from below
Where they came from
I wandered, for their places are mine
I saw the storms from above
Guiding pest and plague of millions of years
And I saw the light
For I have seen darkness
And I knew
There are definitions of the fire of pain
Crawling on the face of men
And there are names for the burning perdition
For the venom of gods

Boris A.W. — Drums
M.A. — Guitars
Chris S.R. — Vocals, Guitars, Bass

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