Dark Lyrics


1. Contradiction

Worship what you've burned,
burn what you've worshipped

harkening to the voice of silence
for the only word is silence
and the only meaning of that word
is not

ascension through fall
into highest abyss
cast me into the dark
devoid of meaning disguised as bliss
my searing flesh
burning through thy kiss
wandering on bottomless ground
I followed the serpent's hiss

son of spirit
thy tears to dust
father of flesh
thy will to stone

dreaming awake
in constant movement
may thy will break
as heaven's descent
I am you

I walk on divided water
I walk through extinguished flames

to obey is freedom
you glare at me in defiance and die
for love is averseness and death
and death, not averseness is love

Rien n’est faux qui soit vrai ; rien n’est vrai qui soit faux. Tout est le contraire de songe, de mensonge.

I am your slave
I am god
you are my slave
I am god
we are all slave
we are all god

celebration of uncreation
parturition of the unborn
horizons are flowing through my veins
as I drink your holy wine

ecclesiastical masochism
in devoted betrayal I burn
for love is defiance in sadism
for detestion in love do we yearn

I hear your silence
I forgot how to forget
living on ashes
I breathe not air but dust
whining in deafness
woman at my feet
burn in these oceans of tears
and shine in devotion

words are but the fuel, running the scheme of life's mine map
... are but the blood to cherish vipers in our breast
... are but the howling of solitude enslavement
we burn all...

...waters to dust
drown in liquid fire
light of the frozen sun
star at its rising
watch the stars die today
dying to live
as below so above

enslaved by eternal freedom of a macrocosmical microcosm
from where I do see everything through an eye that is closed
from where I do know everything through a mind that is void
salvation is the contradiction of everything we know that is

2. Split My Tongue

numb to pain from wounds eternal
I step into the void of fear
this, my holy land
sepulchre of direction
sepulchre of will
in which I seek abjection
as we strive to reap defection
the essence of illumination
heralding divine creation

split my tongue, blind my eyes
curse my faith, cut my skin
wound my flesh, soil my blood
infest my mind ,drown my love
crush my bones, burn my face
nail my hands, break my will
quench my cries, choke my voice
tear my heart, evoke my fall

bleeding death into the skies
as thousand fists are crushing wailing walls
to the heartbeat of the abyss
deceitful shall be thy words

these words are snakes, guarding the temple of creation
and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life

Aleph lucidum -
flagellation of the spirit
- in noluntas Dei

unify my tongue, light my eyes
bless my faith and mend my skin
heal my flesh, purge my blood
fulfill my mind
shelter my love, strengthen my bones
restore my face and free my hands
be my will
and hear my cries
and guide my voice
and seal my heart

Aleph lucidum in noluntas Dei
Aleph lucidum in noluntas Dei
Aleph lucidum in noluntas Dei
in noluntas Dei
deceitful shall be all words

3. Provoking Spiritual Collapse

truth is yet created from ignorance and division
excessive axiom of reason
he who worshipped is crushed by the cross of definition
spirit has vanished, most fatal treason

the divided truth is, before all, limitation
unseen by the eye in the triangle
for a concept does not need direction, nor even shape, or names
but LVX

you will speak the final word
ever spoken by man, before entering oblivion
and your mouth will be be resealed
to redirect the concept of life to a concept of undirection

reducing god to vAnus
an angel of dirt consuming his entrails
formed in víta by chains of opposition
broken fragments of a principle divine

why would you not let yourself be skinned
to lay down the "was" and welcome the "will be"?
why would you refuse to receive holy penetration
from the phallic god and father?
why would you not surrender
to the river of poisonous tears and boiling blood?
why would you reject to drink his nectar
from the cup of salvation?

will you still breathe, when the word is overcome?
when all the water in the sea would not suffice to wash away one intellectual bloodstain?
you will die before you have truly awakened
like a moth, attracted to light

you evoked Lucifer
while the sacred mountain was crumbling
you revoked messiah
while the masses canonized their stumbling

you evoked spiritual collapse
you revoked spiritual collapse
you invoked spiritual collapse
you provoked spiritual collapse

4. Until Our Poison Devours Us

wandering through the refuge of my dreams
nightmarish blessings to speak
decay in shrouds and fragments
this place steams in the mist of butchered mind

I became nothingness
I became abyss of expression
embracing the poison
as hunger that keeps me awake

crushing eleos and pride
through reign of contradiction
clasping the dusty ruins
reclaiming the throne of bones

commanding a legion
composed of tainted words and symbols
erupting abyssal volcanism
raising the omega of mind

reasons to justify
the fall seems eternal
crumbling in rays of light
blinding the clearest sight

Chaque matin, quand le soleil se lève pour les autres, en répandant la joie et la chaleur dans toute la nature, tandis qu’aucun de mes traits ne bouge, en regardant fixement l’espace plein de ténèbres, accroupi vers le fond de ma caverne aimée, dans un désespoir qui m’enivre comme le vin, je meurtris de mes puissantes mains ma poitrine en lambeaux.
Objet de mes vœux, je n’appartenais plus à l’humanité.
Et je ne demanderais pas mieux que de ne pas épuiser mon esprit à réfléchir continuellement.
Rappelle-toi-le bien; nous sommes sur ce vaisseau démâté pour souffrir.

embracing the poison
as hunger that keeps me awake
embracing the poison
as hunger that keeps me addicted

for I consciously perish in the bright shining embers of the golden sun

one poisoned well to bail from, may be more effective than countless jars of venomous liquid
why would I destroy myself on purpose, while speaking insensate curses against all that breathes and crying oceans of acid?
for what I still fear the most is myself
for lust burns deeper still than heartache

until the poison devours me

until the poison devours me
until the poison devours you
until the poison devours us

5. Crown


6. The Inner Word

an open heart released the eye that guides limitless light
torn apart and fulfilled by darkness in dismal height


the essence of god lies in the absence of man

highest deep reveals
before the first ray of light
and meta-flesh reseals
as the body of void
and serpent sibilance is yet the spirit voice
unraveled a new self
carving the shell of an unself

fires to choke
waters to dry out
earth to soak with poison
before absolute drought

a star of light consummate
illuming what is not
a sun of night aureate
consuming Qadmon's lot

the word of none is spoken without tongue and without lungs
the inner word was the silence of god
the word of none is spoken without sound and is unheard
the inner word is all in one, born in none

all is one
all is none

7. Serpent Silence

are all things which are complete
craving for completeness, other than the words in stone
while far above all things God awaits, the ultimate alone

o solitude - how many have mistaken
thy name for sorrow’s, or for death’s, or fear’s
only thy children lie at night and waken
how shouldst thou speak and say that no man hears?

I shall speak in tongues of serpent silence

o soul of tears
for never hath fallen as dew thy word
nor is thy shape showed
nor as wisdom’s heard

supreme in self-contentment
sole spirit
gyring in its own ellipse
singing songs of serpent silence
while snakes devour time and tail
as act of great defiance

they speak words I used to speak when I was in silence
they hear voices I used to hear when I was deaf
they see worlds I used to see when I was blinded
silence speaks for itself, with stones
creating wounds that shall not heal

no anguish left to feel
learning to forget wherefore
no use of speaking anymore
for the world turns without sound
though nothing is stranger to men than silence
even as a star became the soul of silence most profound
singing songs of serpent silence
even as a star became the soul of silence most profound
it was absolute

no voice, no song might pierce or penetrate
that enviable universal state
the sun and moon beheld, stood still
forging numinous instant under will
as we were sailing out of equilibrium
on a spiritual ocean without end
into the eyes of a thousand storms
the wheel of desperation that never stops turning
we will never reach heaven
so I teared god apart within me
and we may never see the sun again
but staring into the abyss with pride
praising silence as the last remaining joy
still waters run deep

8. Golden Light

ten million stars explode
as I open my eyes to the sun

Neshamah entwined
and I did hear the scream of silence
for there is no "I"
for there is no "us"

to my heart, arise
bring disillusion
to our heart, arise
to my heart, arise
o son of flames
to our heart, arise

things which are endless, would they ever fall
when you, mortal, crossed the veil of Isis?
was it not fire which created the seas?
were it not men who created god?

a mantra is set for those with eyes to see
clouds of subject penetrated by shining dissolution
I saw thee in golden light, lurking heresy
a chapter to fall requires a chapter to rise

I saw thee in golden light, bearing crowns of horns
I saw thee in golden light, veiled in thousand raging storms
I saw thee
I saw thee
I saw thee
in golden light

come fiery serpent
rise unto me
as your falling unservant
I'm burning to be free

flame of transcendence
enlighten my heart
without words of repentance
for tearing a world apart

I harvest thy sun
I harvest thy void


Tired of opening my eyes again to a paradise of grey mist and blind consciousness, tired of trudging along the steep track of earthly voyage and of staggering like a drunkard through life's dark catacombs, I slowly raised my morose eyes towards the concave firmament, and dared penetrate the mysteries of heaven.
Not finding what I sought I raised my dismayed gaze higher, until I caught sight of a throne fashioned of human excrement and gold upon which, with starving pride, body swathed in a shroud made of befouled hospital sheets, sat he who calls himself the creator.
He held in his hand a corpse's decaying torso and bore it in turn from eyes to nose, from nose to mouth, which he began to devour in most terrible ways.
His feet were immersed in a vast pool of boiling blood, to whose surface two or three cautious heads would suddenly rise like tapeworms from a full chamberpot, and immediately slip back again quick as arrows; a well-applied hit on the forehead was the familiar reward for breach of rules, caused by the need to breathe in another element - for after all, these men would still breathe air. They swam between two waters in a loathsome liquid, giving their best not to drown.
And then the creator, having nothing left in his grasp, would with the first two claws of his foot seize another victim by the neck as in a vice, and raise him from the reddish substance into the air, there to be dealt with like the others. First of all he would devour head, legs, and arms, and lastly the trunk, until nothing was left.
And so on and throughout the other hours of his eternity. Sometimes he would exclaim: "I have created you, so I have the right to do with you what I will. You have done nothing against me, that I do not deny. And for my pleasure, I make you suffer."
The Almighty appeared before me adorned with his instruments of torture, in all the glorious aureole of his horror; I turned away my eyes and looked at the horizon...

he is all
Verbum Dei manet in æternum
he is of fire
in ignem aeternum
for him we will fall
Nihil contemnit esuriens
for our fragile desire
Nutrimentum spiritus

he is creation
Omne trinum perfectum
he is our will to live
Quia pulvis es
he is annihilation
Corpus vile
for him, our lives we give
et in pulverem reverteris

he is the golden mountain
Mons Sinai
the light in our hearts
A Deo lux nostra
he is the holy fountain
Aquis submersus
the sword that ever parts
Contraria contrariis

he is salvation
O fallacem hominum spem
into his hands, I commend thee
In manus tuas
he is envenomation
Sola fide
my destination to be free
Deo parere libertas est

into his hands, I commend my spirit
my love for him
Omnia ad Dei gloriam
into his hands, I commend my spirit
for he has redeemed me
my love for him
Omnia ad Dei gloriam

into my hands I commend his spirit
his love for me
Deus est mortuus
into my hands, I commed his spirit
for I have redeemed him
his love for me
Deus est mortuus

Omnia ad Dei gloriam
Credo, quia absurdum
Coincidentia oppositorum
Altum silentium
worship what you’ve burned,
burn what you’ve worshipped

A.T — Bass
M.A. — Guitars
B.A.W. — Drums, Percussion
C.S.R. — Vocals, Guitars

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