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1. The Last Creed

[Lyrics: Robert Joseph]
[Music: Ole Borud]

Like dust in the wind
A man's heart goes unseen
His labors forgotten at the threshold of time
The grass withers, the flowers fades
But the word of his testimony stands forever
The man's honor was his love
Faithfulness - his pledge
But his memory - a pearl to the swine

One man walked tall
Faced the devil with his back against the wall
To the ground, the blood ran off his fingers
Scorched from fire in his bones
Yet today, his last thought lingers
Around his neck, against his heart
He wore a silver cross
- He knew what freedom cost

His voice only an echo in the wind
Freed those golden shackles
A child of time no more
A mirror of the crimson thorn
That the man of sorrow wore
He gave unselfishly
< As to shrink from death>>
The devil stole his life, love
But not the hope of his soul

If he'd only died in her arms
His dream would have been complete
Yet can such love dwell in a man
If God is his witness, I know it can
Would you plant the seed
Of that martyr's last creed
Proclaim God's gospel
Raise your head, heed his hope

Did You stand by the week
Whom the angels serve
Will you dare to hold
A martyrs hand
And guide the unseen host
Who with him stand
Will you share that vision at death's door
Stand proud by his side
To serve the Lord

2. You Maintain

[Lyrics & Music: Ole Borud]

You maintain that I am dead
You neglect the words I said
You maintain there's no Divinity
You have chosen an ideology
That has left you blind

You maintain there is no evidence
To prove that I'm behind your existence
You maintain there is no truth in Me
You avoid the possibility
That I gave you life

You cannot see that

I sustain everything
I am the origin
I am the author of life
I'm your creator

Surely you think you know what's best
But your mind just won't give you rest
Your heart is filled with hopelessness
By reason of your emptiness
You're in need of love

You must believe that


Blinded by pride
You shut Me outside
You could be free
If you would just listen to Me

Your void can be filled with My love
A love I proved through Jesus Christ My Son
He died so that you could be set free
And understand what life is meant to be
Truth can be revealed

Then you'll see that


3. In Memoriam

[Music: Ole Borud]

[This song is dedicated to all the children who end their life before they can see the light of day. Abortion is murder.]

4. A Fathers Mourning

[Lyrics: Ole Borud]
[Music: Ole Borud & Peter Dalbakks]

I cried when you left home
I shed my tears alone
I once held you in my arms
And I kept you warm
We were so close, a father to son
But now you are gone

Please tell me why you had to leave me
I still wonder why
One thing I know, I will be waiting
For your return

Your heart is slowly growing cold
Your spirit is dying, wasting your soul
Losing hope, strangled by fear
Still you choose to live a lie
Do you not believe I could still love you?
Well, I proved it on a cross


Don't walk away
There is a room made for you
You belong to me

I still love you

5. A Whisper From Heaven

[Music: Ole Borud & Peter Dalbakks]

Can you hear the whisper form heaven?
God is calling you...

6. On A Different Day

[Lyrics: Ole Borud & Peter Dalbakks]
[Music: Ole Borud]

On a different day I enter the road
To the old Jerusalem
I'm starting to walk the road as I can hear
The sound of a joyful noise

I see a crowd of people who's gathered
Around a man who looks so poor
That I never imagined could exist
His dirty body is only covered
With the shreds of his clothes
He is probably one of the homeless, a beggar
The lowest of them all

Yet he behaves like the most happy man
I've ever heard or seen
I can see his face, smiling and laughing
But I don't know why
The people around him is telling me
That this man has been healed
His whole life he has been blind
But now he can see
I say:


His name is Jesus, they say He is the Messiah
The Son of God, the Prince of peace
Sent down to earth to wash us clean from sin
So we can see the light of day
No matter what wrong you have done
He can forgive you from it all
Hust call His name and you will see
Believe in Jesus, and all your sins must flee

So I asked the man: < Jesus, the son of God?>>
He said: < They fulfilled the prophecies,
That a man would die and rise again
On the third day
And that he would pay the price of guilt
Through a blood covenant
I have seen His face, He is alive
He has shown me His nail-marks
He said: go into all the world
And preach good news
God loves mankind>>

7. Coming Of The Dawn

[Music: Ole Borud]

The coming of the dawn is near.
The Master will return...

8. Sonrise

[Lyrics & Music: Ole Borud]

Walking up the hill
To be crucified
Carrying a cross on His shoulder
He is a thorn apart
Body weakening
Carrying the sins of all the world
As He dies
Entering the kingdom of death
Taking the key

The sky is black
The darkness takes authority
Their hearts are black
They killed the Son of God

Three days after death
Mary takes the oil
Langing to anoint Jesus body
She arrives the place
Only to find out
The stone is rolled away
And the body gone

Why did she seek the living among the dead
He had risen from His death-bed

An empty grave
Only His garments were left
The prince paid
Blood has been shared
The Light is back
And it will never fade away
He brings us back
To the author of life

I am released from death

Light of life
Light of love
Shine on me

9. Purple Filter

[2005 re-release bonus track]

"I am viewing myself
Through the purple filter
How it all disappears
The stain that once covered my heart
By the hand of grace
I am granted a second chance
Taking away
The veil that once covered my eyes

I am leaving the past
Focus changed
Empowered to see the truth

I am looking forward
There's a light ahead
Through these eyes I see
What is yet to be
Immortality, is my reality
I'm connected
To the force of the Son..."

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Thanks to fernandinho777 for sending track #9 lyrics.

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