Dark Lyrics


1. I'm Going To Hell

To some it is salvation
To others it is hell
To all it is the will
Of the anointed one
Two thousand year old struggle
In which we have been locked
The day the Nazarene
Declared himself the rock

He descends from the blackened skies
To where in the hell which we lie
To lord his triumph o'er death
We wait with baited breath

A madman on his throne
A sinner unto his own
Kiss the ring of sodomy
And seal them in their homes
This yoke you call tradition
Slips tight around your throat

It has driven us to madness
And others to the goat
We ascend into the sky
From where in hell which we lie
It's is no use to call him a liar
When you're cast into the lake of fire

2. Ready To Rape

Ready to rape
Like it or not
I've got to get
What you have got
Your sweet little ass
And milk-white tits
Your fucking flesh
I can't resist

You're begging me
To rape your flesh
The pleasure will be all mine
I lust the taste
Of blood and milk
And all of the fucking wine

It's not your fault
You look so hot
But my feelings I can't control
Burn with me
My mistress of hell
And we'll rot in the fires below

3. Payback's A Bitch

You try so hard to convince us you are true
Well let me tell you we are looking right through you
Everything you say you hate is what you are
Popularity and lies will take you far

Buying bullet belts and bootleg Sodom shirts
Confirms you seek approval but it don't prove your worth
Only you can tell what your have got inside
You can run from us but from yourself you can't hide

You've given us all the ammo that we need
When you whore the past you make my heart bleed
Don't blame me when you don't get what you wish
Cause when it all blows up you'll realize
Payback's a bitch

4. Deathspell

On the morn of the crescent moon
I had a dream that would spell your doom
One from three and it's just as well
I'm gonna tell you about my deathspell

One from three for three from one
I pray you never see tomorrow's sun
I gotta say that I wish you hell
It's time to cast my fucking deathspell

To keep a secret it must not be told
But even secrets can be bought or sold
So if you tell about my deathspell
I'll take your life and see you in hell

5. Predestination

You lived your life out before you were born
You wear the should the fates have weaved
Play you part as the tragedy begins
Your own will you can't conceive

If it was told you by the gods above
Would you take it as deceit
You might as well just be damned in hell
By another's beliefs

Break the holy vessels
Deny the prophecy
Fire chaos and the legions of destroyer
Will bring you to your knees

As they languish in their rivers of blood
With poisoned breathe they despise
See the death within their eyes
As wormwood strikes

There is nothing that's beyond your control
You won't let yourself believe
Say farewell to your heirs
As we march into destiny

6. The Day Of Reckoning

If we lose our fucking grip
Around their fucking necks
They will take it all from us
And there will be nothing left

We'll be living like the apes
Our future will be the past
Bodies blown into the sky
This war will not be the last

We'll stand on top of the corpses
We'll raise our fists and sing
We must act now if we're to stop
The day of reckoning

7. Eyes Of The Watcher

I sodomized and angel of the lord
I dragged his mangled cropse back to my horde
And together on it we spilled our seed
Have you ever seen an angel bleed

We fucked the corpse until we had our fill
Then we drank from his decapitated skull
I adorn myself with the bloodied wings
Unseen host of seraphim sing

Suffer the same fate of he whose heard filled with pride
Never forget you came from me and his side
Eyes of the watcher have already seen your demise
Hear the sodomizer's cries

8. Solitary Suicide

Black ice in my veins
Cold steel darkness awaits
I hear them call my name
Though they remain unseen

I cry out to a starless sky
I breathe in the decay of night
To the wind I cast the fate of my soul
If nothing else
They'll take me in the fires below

Ill reflection of self-destruction enticing me
Nothing more for me to say
Nothing left for me to feel
Drawn into the circle of death
No regrets as I raise the knife
All for nothing save eternity
I give myself unto suicide

9. Yakub's Mistake

Diana rises in the sky
Her sun illuminates the night
Foul deeds are afoot
Under middle-eastern moonlight

Who could say you never know
Speak the truth or call it lies
One mistake will take your freedom
One mistake your life

Mummified speech
Dreams beyond reach
Day of Atonement
We are your judgment

So unleash the devil
For six thousand years of respite
Together we will crush one million
Brothers of our flesh unite

10. Obsessed By Metal

Black eyes stare at the sun
Burning wheel in the sky
Frozen hearts turn to fire
(As) sunset bleeds into night
Energy bolts for power and spell
Are harnessed from death and despair
Unleash the fucking slayer

Never lost never drawn
Never to be guiled
Harder than tempered steel
Born to lose live to win
Fuck'em till you die
Your only thought is too kill
When you're obsessed by metal

Slave and master side by side
Or one beneath the other
Only one of them can have the power
Whether by the demons
Or of the burning sword
They say the same get on your knees
And suck your fucking lord

Obsessed by metal
Obsessed by death
Obsessed by black desire
Obsessed by power beyond my control
Obsessed by fucking fire
Obsessed by fury
Obsessed by hatred
Obsessed by vengeance and lust
Fuck off and die cause we gotta live
We are obsessed by metal

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