Dark Lyrics


1. The Underpass

Such a dying, loss of pulse
I endure in the state of rest
Slowed down my vital functions
My brain defects
I wonder what it seeks on the other edge
Another life immaterial
Another fall sinking into silence

Experiment begins
Need a glare

Evaporated one by one
My fucking senses leave me alone
Fight against fright
Devote myself to the gloom

Leading my breath to the echo
Fading in where there's no recall

Captured by this light across the eternal
I feel myself go away
Where I don't wait for anyone

It is too late ! (Already been so late)
'Doesn’t matter ! (Nothing matters anymore)

(Do I turn into a madman ?) Faint skylines now I see
Frothy whispers drawl to my ears
(A second self in this emptiness) Believer into ethereal winds
All my life I entreated

Dear world without perishable peel
Bright fluidity forming my will
Created as I desire it to shape
Decoded, my soul absorbs this escape

Suddenly, my realm's eroding
Vanishing around me
Won't return over there !
Enslaved to the reality !
Petrified, I yell out
So it won't ever wake me (up)
Aroused to their real life
Ignorance of others with no fight

Numb limbs, darkened sight
The beats reveal the path
Fading out but never disappearing

Your glare cannot blind me
The herd has a new entity
Isn’t a dream affecting your acts ?
As real as you are ?

[Altered Bridge]
Leading my breath to the chaos
Fading in where there’s no recall

[Altered Chorus]
Banished by this light across the ephemeral
I feel myself back from afar
Where I'm not expected by anyone

2. Prescience

Struck down from inside
Nailed to the ground
Drowned by my senses
Discharging in my mind

I behold in a trice
Near future instants
Fragments of life, brief, uncertain
Can the hazard be planned ?

And what’s the matter ?
It’s what the use of this ?
If I can’t grab anything
I bear and forbear
Attracted by that machinery
I hear echoes of its wheels

Yet, another episode already lived
Can’t find when, it’s ceaseless and
What if they all came from me ?
My whole life is duped
Friends, foes, family
World’s faces revealed by my creativity
That loop turns back again
And again

Prescience are you illusion ?
Will you steal my own reason ?
Feeling of choice and directing destiny
My life flashes as though time didn’t rule anymore

More and more concrete foresights
However still meaningless
Open the eyes ! We are all hollow pawns !
Freewill is deceit ! We’re foredoomed !
Relentless reality
What are we supposed to do ?
So what am I supposed to do now ?

[Altered Chorus]
Here’s what’s the matter !
I’ve got no use for this
Since I can’t grab anything
I bear and forbear
Trapped in that machinery
I suffer echoes of its wheels

Whatever the paths I'll take will be
Only one really exists
The one that will choose me

3. Path To Lunacy

4. A Chaos Taste

Here you are, tied on the ground
Don't beg me I'm not the one I've known
I want the key you surely own
So tell me right now, what taste is that sound ?

Too much time roaming to lose the meaning
Of too many things like the word "wondering"
Need the scent of what's called "understanding"

A worm lost in a shell full of shrieking shades
Groaning inside my head for so many decades

Too much time roaming to lose the trail
Where the path of fate lead me to unveil

The worm lost in a shell full of empty faces
Was myself just born out of the place
That I try to erase

Everything is collapsing
Drained in a bottomless depth
No more hope emerging from here
Powerless, I lose stability
My benchmarks are bend out of shape
An inadequate reality
Confusion and disorder
Detachment of a senseless life
Gravity loss, random sensations
Time warp in every directions
I'm where the earth and sky divide
The earth and sky collide

My hate squeezes your sigh
I’ll carve you my reflection
You’ll be my creation and belong to me
I like your bitter life
Rose of my pride
I bring you revival
Struggle doesn’t help you so stop squealing now

-Dead, you're so better -I live through you
-Dead, I love you now -And I used to scorn you
-Dead, are you afraid ? -Don't you realize you're mine ?
-Death is on my side --Shorten our nightmare

Thanks to you I'll never be the same
Sealing the doors of the past
To restore a breathless world

Creation of (the) universe

5. Resolution

Abyssal screams
Infernal whirl in tow of tunes
With savagery, the weird music increase
Streaming out in my motionless skull
Maleficience of an unspeakable nature
Progressive roar transfixing silence
Atmosphere already breathed

It's where you land with nowhere to end
Confronted with what you've often portended
Too late ! There's no use to make amends

Should I regret the one I've become ?
I've run off my old image through reflections
Becoming specter of my fallen hopes
Frightful disillusion
'Don't understand why
Dreams, visions, nagging me on and on
Then my instinct led it to me
I must face my fate

It's where you land with nowhere to end
Confronted with what you've often portended
Too late ! There's no use to make amends

Leader to the absolute, I've always searched
Inexhaustible voice from my head
Destruction's to all our destination
It's what grows us apart, so

It's time !
To hear my call !
Summon the one from the void
The dead end you're stuck in
Is the point of no return
Recognize the one you've always hidden

Wandering in this chasm
Laments surrounding me
Am I doomed to ache ?

I am not of this world

Can’t stay here reactionless
Can’t let them that’s too much scorn
They won’t go further

Don't stop my ascent !

God ! I still don't wanna waste my time
So, what's the sentence ?
The damage is done and I'm so proud
Helpless dummies crossed my balance
Accepting my old fiends
Hope's specter will make you transcend
The wasteland that your collective -
Mind have made so defective

It's where you land with nowhere to end
Confronted with what you've often portended
Too late ! There's no use to make amends

It's time !
To hear my fucking call !
Summon the one from the void
The dead end you're stuck in
Is the point of no return
Recognize the one you've always hidden

6. Path To Clarity

7. Leading Face

Obsession, frustration is all that I became
But hey ! I’m not the one to blame
You teach conventions of your mind
So blind, you jail my soul behind
Such enslaving compromises you’re not even aware
And you ! Sucker ! Act as if you care

What ? You want me to drop out ?
And eat the lies you sprout ?!
Those craps push my head to blow up
So please.. shut the fuck up !

I learned your rules of hypocrite
And turned twisted trying to quit
Corruption, compassion for all your false fake face
Just shows how devils find solace

Manipulate, you rob my fate
Traitor of old mate
Bring down my will, I’m desecrate

Friendly advice
Don't trust the wise
Fiendish backstab
Won’t let you grab
Your little dream
Will never gleam

Now I know what’s the use of your mask
You cover your face hiding your task
Dominate by any means and feel
Like a king over the lives you steal
Ironic, to do so cause you’re nothing
Pathetic, your eyes are so betraying
Eliminate your stupid plays I read
Through you who lost to that world’s greed

I’ll teach conventions of my scars
My eyes will cut like scimitars

[Altered Bridge]
Manipulate, take back my fate
Bring down your will, it makes you hate
My smile and laugh cause you don’t know
How my anger will make you bow
The flaws I’ll use to take control
Under my cowl will make you howl

So, what do you think about reality ?
A world decimated by violence, injustice and immorality
Flouted by destiny, you waste away in this society in decline
You, the witness of my story, cross the line !

What ? You’re yelling a time out ?!
You fear to be burnout ?!
You’re shit without blood in your veins
My pride reigns by your pains

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