Dark Lyrics


1. Watch Me Drown

Although my mind is open, my heart is tightly closed
with all the hate that holds me, I wish I didn't own
for all the years that pass by, I know I should have changed
how can one man sever, the links that make these chains

And then I see...what my life should be

Im here dying for another chance to make this right
with the guilt I feel I try to piece together my life

And I wish for more then I could
Ever give to you...
and I know that you dont need the
hell I put you though...

Im here with my hands open, confused on what to do
I wish that I could take back, the words I've said to you
And your eyes widen to tell me, how you should have seen
Your mouth spills out all the, words you didn't mean.


2. Mute

All these years you turned your back on me
It took time but I know just what this means

And I feel so small when you take it all
you push me away
when its said and done all this shit aint fun
I'll still be here

I've tried so hard to talk to you
Lend an ear is something you can't do

Im here and Im standing tall but I feel so god damn hollow
your ways, engrave, my brain, I follow
my lips are sown up tight to stop the words I'll tell you
My life, this time, I feel torn inside
I wanna take my fist and crush your perfect face!
I will, one day, I will un-mute the pain
and then you'll see
What you've made..and hate

Why did you beat me down, why did you leave me here
why did you push me away, you taught me how to fear

I've never said these things I hide
I hold these fucked up thoughts inside

3. Bullet With Your Name

As were sitting here stareing each other down
you open up your mouth let your lies spew out
what are we doing here its wrong cant you see
you wanna leave me here, and forget about me

You look me, in my face
Tell me Im, a disgrace
you say that your the victim
I say your full of shit

all the times you stuck me here
and put me on my own
I feel the same thats why
I've got a bullet with your name

As were sitting here stareing each other down
I remember how you used to kick me around
look deep in my eyes come take all my pain
I only have just one bullet with your name


Look deep in my eyes
come take this pain from me
all I ask of you
is to get away from me

4. Eyes Pried Open

I ask myself how can you walk with him
when you know Im here
How can I watch you move on with your life
just take me away...

My eyes are pryed open
to see the way this hell can make me break
my eyes are pryed open
I know your gone, Im here I'll stay, what for to be your slave
My god..

I ask myself if you took pity on me
and thats why your here
with all the scars you left upon my skin
just take them away

My eyes are pryed open.. NOW!

5. Shallow

You've thrown away all I've given to you
Its not much but its all I ever had
I wish that I could do more for you

And I swallow the pride that remains
I feel so shallow
when you look at me the same

All these years I swear I never knew
what it was that I ever did to you
Sorry that I look the way you feel.

I wish for it to hear you say
call me your son one of these days
I never asked that much from you
just return the love I gave to you

6. Dead And Gone

I try so hard to give this all I have
but something's in the way
I want to know that this times for real
not the lies you say
If I can think back hard to when we once were
I cant seem to see
You said I made your life a living hell
but its beyond me..

If I remember the words you say
Its my life, its my time
but yet you still want a part of me
I can only front for so long
Its your life, its not mine
Why cant you be dead and gone!

I remember the fights that we used to have
about what I couldn't see
this anger still prevails from my heart
deep inside of me
If I close my eyes and think about our past
I cant seem to see
you said I made your life a living hell
But its beyond me..

Dead and gone!
You want a part of me!

Thanks to rmendez20 for sending these lyrics.

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