Dark Lyrics


1. Dinner For Four

Pull the curtain,
Bring wall paper,
down Like the burn of the oven
A note which knows no sound
One gram short of a pound
And all that jazz
On sky beams, or on cat walks, its all green to me
In short your growing into silence
A voice that cant be heard 20/20
But I am blind leave what you think behind
With half a distance of a distance
You will never arrive in short
You're growing into silence a bed which you have made
I will continue to support you
You think you cannot be out smarted
While you fuck me I'll keep my enemies close
While I fuck you too
Tension that comes from every direction
A pull without a release
It's good to know you feel the need to contract
Upon the very words in which I failed to react
For this is why I cannot let this bitterness lie
Virtue is my enemy with the devil at my side
He sits upon my shoulder, as I sit upon your words
Awaiting this consumption brings my level down to yours
When an eye is milked for all its worth
How can you ask why the weak must cry?
We've seen too much in this holocaust
We've unintentionally, internally brought upon us, actuality
Bringing us down to earth

2. A Sidewalk Romance

I creep to the window and what do I find?
But two bodies in my bed with a body unlike mine,
His body's unlike mine thru crime
A window without light that burns
A bulb into the night my soiled eyes
They close you'll steal yourself a fairy tailers time
You'll find a way to keep a love like mine
Silk is smooth
But not as smooth as you it doesn't hook like you
It doesn't fuck like you do
Rub me down, and lay beside and practice giving in a dance we do
A dance we do, a dance a dance that I win
You'll steal yourself a fairy tailers time
You'll find a way to keep a love like mine
I hope I find the bridge we built and burn it down
Lord knows I've carried this weight by myself
By myself thru stories told
We space between the cast & mold we ran the train on honesty
And left what left be honesty left untold rub me down
On your knees, practice giving in a dance we do
A dance that I win
It feels like we're making everything and nothing at all

3. Wonderful As We Are

Parched as we are and the sand still blows
The same as before same as before
The storm could even storm
Bird ever sing
Cat make a call that's my life
Inside a broken straw
Then I thought I saw an angel
I swear in all her glory
I thought I saw an angel
Wave in a break, grain against grain
Everything and all that's my life
Inside a broken straw in all whom I've lusted
Completion couldn't find a moon that always wanes
As long as the sand blows the same
Can we wane?
Weightless, stressors retreating, floating
Against all gravity
Inward onto abandon, weighting in all this gravity
Selfless beautiful angel, weighting all this gravity

4. Midnite Rendezvous

Meet me by the watered rail
By the pier, I wait here I try to find myself
But I find myself inside of you
When I feel you, circum succumbing, surrounding me.
Become extinguished, no more burn enveloping on me
This I know, when I cum in you
So long since I've been, surrounded by you
It feels like I can't breathe
This coming release, on my skin & under me, on sheets,
Disgust replace thee, I'm not wanted in this space, this place
Can't stand the thought of, of me inside you
It feels like I can't breathe
Everything you ever said was a lie
Everything we ever did was a lie
You live your life with the motive,
to be caught by the gullible eye.

5. Cardless

Lay your cards down
Lets fight a war where the weapons equal fact
Put your ace down
Your smooth persona contradicts the way you act
He's not the only one, you've got a jack up your sleeve
He maybe the king of kings but you're the queen of thieves
You wanted to be heard I want to be heard too
On a post traumatic cruise with the God in you
I'll see your first bet I'll raise the heat thru truth and pressure;
rise Lets let the cat out,
we could make billions building kingdoms based on lies
& of all these things you draw a line when a moment collapses into a year
of famine who are you to hold my hand?
You're looking to be hurt (news flash)
I wont be hurting you I've bailed on this ride
There never was a God in you.

6. Denouncement

To sit high in stomachs, to tend to nauseate am I rubbing off on you does it make you rubber, I'm on the bounce back, and I humbly denounce me, myself, and you On a playground, I take a snapshot of her tag sticking out By the water, I fell in love with the girl whose tag stood stout I am the liquor lining stomachs I cause butterflies, do my feet feel good on you? Or does it make you less than I'm no greater or equal to, the fractionate second that my fist connects with you A greater than digit with a negative sign Flipped over and divided by the opposite side I'm greater than your mouth gaping open With my dick in my hand Fractional ferocity Iron cast of fist is born Cannot sleep an hour more When vehemence boils remedy And never again will I be the garnered & she's got everything to offer & this I see when her eyes shine thru mine & I ask her what she sees in me & she answers softly this love can't be defined.

7. Sevens

that very man on the corner with sign in his hands has lost his whole as the six to a twelve year old, I became that very man with the hole faster than wind, you'll leave your mark I'm on the incline with seven feet your seven fucks away from innocence cigarette burns should adorn my arms I've broken crosses into x's another covenant means little in the moment I swear when I came here that I hated you but now I love you I'm seven drinks away from sober yet you will shine blessed with not a whole, I have not a whole, I have but a hole seven leaves, seven drinks, seven down, drown and sink, crown of thorns, rigid streets, habits on leave, I'm in hell.

8. Potpourrii & Gasoline

Suddenly I've found
My lungs lie dormant in a burial ground
Like a Bosnian bloodhound, inside
A woman's vultures eat our heart but not our hide
All within the pause between words
Waiting for you to talk
You're tearing this heart apart
Cardiac arrest waiting for you to talk
Two sides align with arms stretched out
I drew the line between the humble & the proud
As my digits grace the battleground,
I sigh I've gasolined myself without a match to light
Forget the literal
Look a little deeper in these words (heaven, open)
Before you talk
You're tearing my heart apart
Cardiac arrest waiting for you to talk
potpourri and gasoline smells so sweet
Were only fifty feet away, with no brakes
Hand crafted, hand made, a hands destruction, I break.

9. Tanks And Mechanized Infantry

I've choked on the guilt, but you'll choke on me, my taste, & all whom I've tasted words, deepest of deep from neck to my toes in this current that flows from a lie these are the reasons of how and why that I found order I'm tuning into the transmission radiating from you it comes clear thru static what once was emphatic is a negative twelfth step recovering addict I'll twist your knife inside this open wound Heart, weighed best like lead A dove that grew wings just to be pronounced dead by a boy Not a man but a boy A no merit critic that yearns to decree & dictate her order Wrong enough on record, right enough in the heart I never thought an infantry could tear us apart If I'm dead to you now, wait till I fuck her & I will talk a witness at hand Without defense, a witness without a witnessing stand I've choked on the guilt but you'll choke on me in her, you'll choke on me in her.

10. Black Santa

Fuck the world & every friend I ever had
For after falling in their arms
They just fucked me in the ass
But in a way we paved the way
We've dropped our pants and touched our toes away
We've sacrificed our means to disagree
So fuck what's real
And forget what's not
Cuz when it all is said & done
Being fucked is what you've got
But friends will always be there when you're standing face to face
But when you're backs in view, they're sure to fuck you too
Were all just a whore who will flake away & I'm sure to dissipate,
but mark my words my ghost will fuck you
We all will just as soon dissipate
Fuck family, fuck friends, fuck love, and fuck this band
Fuck it all, to its ends, well fuck each other over till we can no longer stand.

11. November

I've come to look down on forever For every reason that was ever contrived Forever used to mean the two of us within our bed Your side left vacant since the day that you died And it hurts to be alone when growing older & seventeen feels like a lie In terms of hurt it feels like I've aged to 95 & it hurts even more to know you're alive But now you're not with me and nor will forever ever be on our side When you're so out of range, you're love for me was just a prospect of change Prosperous would simply be preposterous Never was relief free of charge & how am I not supposed to die when you kiss Knowing that its where I shoulda been All I ever wanted was an answer something easier bought by richest of richest, like a post card put your love into words. I can't say that I don't want to tell you that I still love you What's done is done, leave the rest for the birds If you can read my thoughts than tell me what I'm thinking I think you're scared that the words would be you still love me too Leave me in November Novembers where I'll stay Suddenly I have found my love again In November I will race the wind.

12. Lead Feather

You fell when you ate the pill, & when it comes to us, you pick her still An antidote is what I think you need, you're too weak to proceed Well you're wrong While I'm learning You crave I'm just deeper This fracture don't ask why, you'll get thru this, while I get by Tumbling down again Provoked with hostility, it seems that girls are worth more than your friends may be The whole truth you refuse to see, I think you need another voice in your head to believe You're wrong While I'm learning You crave I'm just deeper This fracture don't ask why, you'll get thru this, while I get by She just wanted a boy who had something to say I'll swallow & choke on these, nothings Wrench in a bike spoke, feather of lead I'd rather be dead than be you, you will burn.

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