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1. Cry Of The Ocean


2. Till The Clouds Fly

[lyrics: Alexey Kuznetsov]

Floating across the sky cloud
Hurrying by light wind
Flying far from the old lakes
Where was born their air life
Long flight too high
Excused from all the cares
Round is only sunlight
And the whistle of free wind
They're looking at green scopes
Of endless dark forests
They're reflecting in mirror waters
Of the virginly clean rivers...
So as the cloud fly
The sun will be shining
So till the cloud fly
The day will replace the night
And my eyes will see the sky
The tunes of my dreams will play
And only the bliss will reign everywhere
If only the clouds float
I'm lying on wet grass
I'm looking at blue sky
I'm seeing the floating clouds
And I'm dreaming to be them
I closed my eyes
I'm trying to fancy
My soul in way
To blissly land of Heaven
And I'm speaking with the clouds
And the clouds wrap me up
And I'm singing the sky song
And the clouds sing together with me

3. Silentium

[lyrics: Fyodor Tyutchev]

Seal thou thy lips, to none impart
The thoughts and dreams that fill thy heart.
There they'll flare up, there sink and die
As do the stars up in the sky
When o'er the Earth night's shadows creep...
Take joy in them - and silent keep.
No secret of thy soul begot
With others canst thou share, for what
Are thoughts, once voiced, but common lies.
Churn up a stream, and silt will rise
And darken it... Drink, drink thou deep
Of waters clear - and silent keep
Live in the world of self - thy soul
Contains of magic thought a whole
Bright universe... The noise of day
Doth threaten it, and light... Essay
To banish these; if joy thou'd reap
Hear thy heart's song - and silent keep

4. The Fate Will Never Repeat


5. Who Dared To Say

[lyrics: Ivan Franko]

Who dared to say that Thou art not a Goddess?
Where is the monster who was not entranced,
Who did not gaze upon Thee, rapt and wordless,
His heart unmoved by beauty's radiance?
Thou art the Queen of Heaven. I implore,
Look down upon me from Thine kingdom high!
I used to think that empty was the sky,
But Thee, oh Rose of Eden, I adore!
In gods and spirits men are free to doubt,
And tales of paradise and hell my flout.
But Thou art in our hearts, not tales, enthroned,
And come a day, the whole world will forget
All gods and spirits, and will genuflect
Before. Thy painted image, Thee alone!

6. Removal

[lyrics: Eugeny Rizhenok]

Winding way takes me to the river,
Summer smell of pinewood,
Feeds and wakes my memory.
I already hear a waltz of meadow voices
My meeting will mean beginning...
I'm looking into the sky
And listening as the clouds speak
"We are so beautiful" they say to me
They are inviting me.
But I can't raise to you
"get to know yourself", and you will raise
I cry because I don't know guess
"We're you so you're we", they say to me
So I wonderful cloud and I am eternal
I remove into the distance by the will of the wind
By the will of a free wind
Which was born in space
The beautiful birds arise before my face
I feel pride for my sense
And the world of Earth is before me.
Goodbye my beautiful friend
And my past love
Yes I want to forget my dreams
And sorrowful screams
The beautiful birds arise before my face
I feel pride for my sense
My soul merge with NATURE...
Invisible threads warp me up...
Goodbye my flowers and woods
And my past love...

7. Fly Through Eternity


Rizhenok - bass & vocals
Peristiy - guitars
Kuznetsov - drums
Orehov - keys

Produced by S.C.A.L.P. & Vlad Leonov
Recorded and mixed 1997 at "VP-Studio", Smolensk
Computer design by Julia Ptitsa
Text typed by Pavel Bychkov
All music by S.C.A.L.P.

Thanks to meandor for sending these lyrics.

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