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1. Void

Together alone we walk
Midst the sacrificial lambs
The nameless, faceless, fateless
Together alone we stare in disgust

We bear the burden of knowledge
The aching need to disclose
The truth to be reckoned
Still disbelieved

No other destination
Only the void
All life is bound to dissolve
Into the void
Destination - void

No pity
Only spite
The mindless herd
The swarm of emptiness
Collective ignorance

Accept your destination
Embrace the void
All life is bound to dissolve
Into the void
Destination - void

No light will reach this emptiness
This is the nowhere
No prospect of redemption
No chance to ever end

No comfort of oblivion here
This is the turmoil
Of endless regret of the things
You'll never have again
It's all in vain
Never again

This is the destination
This is the void
This is the dissolution
This is the destitution
This is the void
This is the desperation

Destination - void
Dissolution - void
Destitution - void
Desperation - void

2. Unhola

Niin on pitkä kyinen polku
Matka raskas loputon
Taakka elämän murskaava
Repivä sielun syntisen

Unohdukseen iätön aika
Kaipuu vapauden lohduton
Elämän laulun ontto kaiku
Kuiskii kulkijaa pilkaten

Ei kädet ojennu auttamaan
Oman taakkansa kantajaa
Sysimusta omatunto unohdettu
Satojen poltettujen siltojen taa

Käteni otin pois enkelin kädestä kadotuksen kutsuessa
Turha on eksyneen takaisin kääntyä kuolon laulun kaikuessa

Pitkä tie
Luokseen vie

Vain yksi toive
Kaino pyyntö
Antakaa eksyneen kadota
Manalassa herätä
Muiston hiljaa hajota
Kadotuksen kerätä

Kylmät kädet rakastaen tarttuvat
Vetävät mukanaan
Pinnan alle pimeään
Tuonen lehtoon
Kunnaille kuoleman
Ikuiseen kadotukseen

3. Wendigo

Dead flesh - meal of sin
Make me stronger

Behind every corner
Always one step ahead
Lurking in your closet
Or perhaps hiding under your bed
I can feel your heart beat
You can feel me watching you
Deepest darkest nightmare
Just about to come true

Curse this meal of sin

I feel my power grow
With every stolen soul
Drinking the blood
Making me god

Dark blood - cold and thick
Fill the void - ascend me

Cold touch on your skin
Sorry, this is not a dream
Clawing through your flesh
Laughing at your futile screams
Surrender to your fate
Let the curse take its course
Feasting on your cadaver
Stealing your life force

I feel my hunger grow
With every soul I stole
Drinking your blood
You make me god

4. God In Man

Misguided ones on your sight
Crafting monuments for hypocrite rites
The sacred grove's legacy they overwrite

Heritage they rape and burn
Oblivious of the lesson to be learned
The legacy will have its night
Set on fire the monuments on decisive fight

Behold the justified flames
See them burn down the frames
To liberate man from the bastard's chains

Man with black flame inside
Nature - the absolute guide
Sacred grove's black light
Set the icons of whore all alight
True ancient one from the ashes and flames
Will rise - exterminate the false praise

There is god in man - conception gains
There is god in man - the truth flows in our veins
There is god in man - the heritage remains

Under the northern sky the pagan fire reigns
Gather and fortify sons of the true god's flames
Ride across the blazing horizon
Towards the ancient prosper and wisdom

Black goat's blood shrine
Rise the chalice for a sign
Ascend to bear the burden of the flame
Become the one with no name
The bringer of the black light
Halo, glory, shine

5. Slow Black Rain

The first rays of light fail to reach the ground
Black clouds of ash block the morning sun
The night lingers on though the day has come
A new time begins - time of no one

No hope, no dream, not a single prayer
A thick sulphur mist poisoning the air
The earth shakes and cracks spilling molten rock
Mute screams from lungs seared by acid fog

Slow black rain - skies are falling
Slow black rain - no forgiveness
No hope, no dream, not a single prayer

Now as our world ends
The time of bane transcends
The time of foulest things
Satan spreads his wings

Too late to repent
Infernal torment
Never rest again
Final end - amen

Slow black rain - the time has come for you

6. Great Ones

Whispers of forgotten great ones
Seeped down from the dark stars
Absurd prehuman blasphemies
In pages of Necronomicon
Black throne at the center of chaos
He who is not to be named
Horrid messenger Nyarlathotep
Black goat in the woods with a thousand young

Key - gate - guardian
Past - present - future

Strange cults longing for cataclysm
Mad dreams of formless Tsathoggua
Beings too horrid to behold
Seeing means death or delirium
They tread behind the shadows
They lie where nowhere is
In shapes beyond comprehension
Colors of insanity

Se kuollut ei oo mi voi iäti maata
Aikojen myötä voi kuolokin laata

Cthulhu waits beneath the sea
Dead but dreaming he waits to be free
In his house at R'lyeh he sleeps
I feel him call for me

Cthulhu fhtagn - iä iä

They once ruled the world
Soon they will rule again
That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons even death may die

7. Solution

Mirror mirror on the floor
Sharp shards - the keys to my salvation
Who's the frailest of them all
The protégé of disconsolation
The face that stares back from the shards
Gives no answer - echoes my distress
The wretched being that dealt my cards
The hand was not dealt for success

They say home is where the heart is
My heart has been dead for years

When you wish upon a star
Each wish will leave a painful scar
No fortune - only distress
Life is made for dying
No order - only chaos
Only one solution

A sharp cut and it's finally there
The doorway to final darkness
Deep red fluid everywhere
I welcome the unawareness
No regret, no going back
No reason why I should exist
As my consciousness fades to black
I only wish I never would have wished

Mirror mirror on the floor
Who's the frailest of them all
The sharp keys to my salvation

The face that stares from the shards
The wretched being that dealt my cards
Protégé of desperation

A sharp cut - it's finally there
Deep red fluid everywhere
Doorway to final darkness

No regret, no going back
Consciousness fades to black
I welcome the unawareness

When you wish upon a star
Each wish will leave a scar
There is only one solution

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