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1. Twelve-Hundred-Sixty Days

The dragon enraged; time is engaged
The woman in place; time is erased
Until a time, and times, and the dividing of time...

The stones cry out of the wall.
Separation, desolation, tribulation, revelation...

The final walk with death
The violent heart of destiny
The covenant has wept
Rest in peace, rest in peace...

The deafening silence is sealed in the grave
Twelve-hundred-sixty days...
The suffering children's transgression remains
Twelve-hundred-sixty days...
The treacherous waters have vomited rage
Twelve-hundred-sixty days...
The woman anointed; She flies to her place Twelve-hundred-sixty days...

Into the wilderness; into it's face
Fly from the desolate; fallen from grace...

Weather the storm; clothed with the sun
Weather the storm; the flood still comes...

The flood still comes...

2. Revelation 13

All his power; the dragon gave to thee
All the world and all the seas
Marveled and followed and worshiped the beast...

Apocalypse, apocalypse...

"Who is like beast?"
"Who is able to make war with him?"

Apocalypse, apocalypse...

He who has an ear; let him hear
He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity
He who kills by the sword must be killed by the sword...

Immortal Lord
Killed by the sword
Immortal Lord

3. Legend III:I


4. The Ancient Serpent

Ten horns arise; the seven heads
Upon it's crowns and diadems
It's tail swept down unto the earth
The stairs of heaven; a third have turned...

The dragon stands before her cries of life
Bound to devour the child of light...
And now the serpent's crown shall be bestowed
Unto the beast unto it's throne...

The ancient serpent, the ancient son
The ancient horror, the ancient one
The ancient mystery of all iniquity
Is now complete within it's silent trinity...

"You were the seal of all perfection
Perfect in beauty, knowledge and wisdom
And you defiled your sanctuaries
By the multitude of your iniquities."

"And you were cast unto the ground
And I brought fire forth from your midst
And it devoured you from within
As it empowered all that is sin."

The ancient serpent, the ancient son
The ancient horror, the ancient one
The ancient mystery of all iniquity
Is now complete within it's silent trinity...

The age of grace is over
The legacy is fate...

The age of grace is over
As destiny awaits.

5. Abomination Of Desolation

"We have made a convenant with death
In blood we stand
The wound we cannot mend."

Weeping in this silent mutilation; it is slain
Speaking this unholy revelation; it proclaims...

Abomination of desolation
Standing in the holy place...

"I am a God, I sit in the seat of Gods
In the midst of the seas."

Beating on the altar, it is born in sacrifice
Breathing from the slaughter, it arises; antichrist...

Abomination of desolation
Standing in the holy place...

"I am a God, I sit in the seat of Gods
In the midst of the seas."

"We who mourn are betrayed
We who bow are enslaved
We who fight shall be slain
We who flee shall be saved
We who perish; insane
We who suffer remain."

6. Image Of The Beast

And his deadly wound was healed
And all the world was marked and sealed
In secret doctrines once concealed
The deities have now revealed
The feast; unto the beast...

In the face of tyranny
The eyes of all authority
It's nostrils bleed captivity
Through teeth of iron; in blasphemy
It speaks; the mouth of disease...

"God is dead,
His angels bleed inside my dreams,
Eternally bow to thee,
Kneel before your violent king
All shall worship me and the crown of the beast."

"Every tribe and tongue and nation
Follow thee or die...
Multitudes of all creation
Praise thee and arise...
Children of the origins immortal mystery
Apostles of the ancient order
Manifest the seas."

"Come to me;
Behold the image of the beast in ecstasy
Come to me;
Disciples of idolatry
For God almighty speaks."

7. Antichrist III: The King Of Babylon

"Lord, my God, grant me the power to bring your will
Lucifer, give me this hour to feed, to kill."

"In your name; I bestow your pain
By your face; I destroy his grace
Through your eyes; I create all lies
By your flesh; I rejoice in death."

"In your blood; I am anointed as Babylon."

"Thy kingdom come, they will be done
On earth as it is in hell."

"Unleash the beast; behold, the king of Babylon...
Embrace the slaughter; behold, the king of Babylon."

"Prey on the saints, feast on the martyrs
Reign on the slaves in the name of my father."

"I come in the name of the one true king."

"Babylon, Babylon, my beloved Babylon."

"All the world hail the king of the earth and the seas
All the world hail the king, hail the son,
Hail the beast; Lucifer."

"As the king of the world I shall reign by the hand
Of he who commands me to be...
As the king I shall walk in the dominions of pain
As a legion of flames follows me
To the valley of destiny."

8. The Final Holocaust

"God save Israel."

Take them from the bondage and chains
Bind them to your holy name...

"God save Israel."

She has suffered the first
She has suffered the last
And her back has been broken
And her wings are collapsed...

"Israel, O Israel;
Her captives are calling,
Hear their prayers."

"God save Israel."

9. Two Witnesses

"Moses, my child I have watched over you
And you, Elijia I have heard your cries."

"The hour of redemption is upon you
The day of judgment comes
The gates to all of heaven are before you
My true anointed sons."

"Now, as your bodies lie in the street
The shroud of my witnesses
Called for the world to see."

"Rise, prophets rise; now, stand on your feet
Come to your father
Ascend in the clouds to me."

"Elijia, Moses, rise in my eyes
Elijia, Moses, my sons, come."

10. Three Angels


11. Four Trumpets

Hear the sound; from the throne, tears abound...

12. The Locusts

The fifth angel sounded...

In the star that falls from heaven Is the key that is given to thee
To the shaft of the rising abyss and eternity...

The he opened the bottomless pit
And the smoke and the flame arise
And the sun and air were darkened by eternal night...

And in those days men will seek death
And death will flee from men...

Men will seek their death
And death will flee from men...

In the shape of raging horses
By the crowns upon their heads
In their faces lies the horror of the faces of men...

In the lion's teeth of iron
By their wings the sound of death
In their tails the sting of scorpions; to torture, to end...

Then out of the smoke the locusts came upon the earth
And to them was given the power to reign, to reign
Out of the smoke the locusts came upon the earth...

And as their king; the angel of the pit
Shall keep his name; destruction and pain
Destruction and pain...

13. The Sixth Judgement

"Release thee; bound at Euphrates."

"Free them."

"Angels of judgment
Come forth"

14. The Dead Sea


15. Rivers Of Blood

And I heard the angel of the water say:
"You are righteous, my lord
The one who is and who was and who is to be
Because you have judged these things.
For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets
And you have given them blood to drink."

"Lord God almighty, true and righteous
Are your judgements."

16. The Plague And The Darkness

Then the fourth angel poured his bowl
Upon the sun and the flames came
And men were scorched with fire, in blasphemy...
The cursed the God of plagues...

Then the fifth angel poured his bowl
Upon the throne of the beast
And his kingdom fell in darkness
And in pain and disease...

"Repent of all your demons
Repent of all your deeds
Repent of wickedness
Disgrace and blasphemy."

"Repent of all your evil
Repent of all your crimes
Repent from this unholy
Betrayal and sacrifice."

"Repent from your harlot
Repent from your tyrant
The plague and the darkness
Have fallen in silence."

17. The Fall Of Babylon

"Come out of her, my people
Lest you share in her sins
Lest you receive of her plagues
Her sins reach the heavens
And God has remembered her name."

Babylon; she is fallen, Babylon the harlot
Babylon the great crawls on her knees
Cursed with disease and fate...

She has become the habitation of demons
A prison for every foul spirit
And a cage for every unclean bird...

For all nations have drunk of the wine
Of the wrath of her fornication
And the kings of the earth have raped her
And chained her in her desolation...

For she says in her heart
"I am queen, I am power."

And her plagues shall they come
In one day, in one hour...

"Burn; Babylon, burn."

"Your riches are corrupted
Your gold and silver are corroded
And their corrosion will be witness against you
And will eat your flesh like fire."

The angel took the stone
And threw it into the sea
Saying, "Thus with violence
Babylon shall be thrown down
And shall not be found anymore."

18. The End Of The Age

From the dawn of time
Man has always sought peace
But war has been the terror of his legacy
The horror of his fate
The final hours of history...

For as long as man
Stands at war with his God
He will be condemned to stand at war
With himself and his seed
Behold, the greatest conspiracy...

For I have seen hell and the torment of the damned
In the day of evil, in the dying hour...

In the balance of power
And the origin of fate
Lies the sovereignty of man
In the doctrine of hate...

The hour of redemption is upon us
And the day of judgment will bring
The end of the dream
The end of the nightmare
The end of all the days
The end of the fighting
And the end of the rage
That lies in our mortal remains
At the end of the age...

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