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1. Overture


2. A Prophecy

I saw a lamb standing
As though it had been slain;
Seven horns and seven eyes remain.
The son of man, the first born of the dead;
Knowledge will pass through him
In a veil bound in ashes.

Blessed are those who hear;
Keep what is written for the time in near.
He who has an ear, let him hear
The footsteps of Christ
As he approaches the doors of heaven to return.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Lead us to the edge of life and death;
Bound by ears of wisdom.
Give us this day, give us the strength
To reach out and touch the of God.

3. I Am


4. Legend I:I

I will show you what must take place,
I who speak to you am He.
I am the Alpha and the Omega
I am the first and the last, I am alive.
I am the blood of the lamb, I am life.

I am the son of man,
The first born of the dead.
I have the keys of life and death.

I am why a legend is born.

I am coming with the the clouds of heaven
And every eye shall see
Through the darkness of the night.
I am the light of the world, come to see,
I am the king of kings, follow me.

He who believes in me
Shall live beyond the dead
For I am with you until the end.

I am why a legend is born.

A legend is born

5. The Lamb

Behold, I will show you,
I will know you.

Behold, I will love you,
I will hold you.

Behold, I am with you,
I am coming soon.

the kingdom of heaven is surely at hand.

6. The Eyes Of The Storm

This is history, the evidence is time,
The evidence is time.
This is the end, it is imminent,
It is imminent.

The course is chosen, it cannot be turned,
The way has been prepared,
The way has been prepared.

All the world is a stage
In the Eyes of the Storm.

We've been training since the fall of man,
The fall of man.
Peace is the elusive dream, we have turned,
We have turned
On ourselves.

We have not learned from the past
Nor have we seen the warnings of the future,
The warnings of the future.

All the world is a stage
In the Eyes of the Storm.

The world all of history has been
Moving toward is upon us, upon us...

7. The Birth Pangs

We have had our last chance,
The arm is at the door.
Evil is erupting, it is coming.
His agents are at hand.
Atheistic passion breathes a wave of persecution.
Locked together in hatred this is hell unleashed upon us.

Apocalypse, apocalypse,
Behold apocalypse, behold the dawn.

All the children share in flesh and blood,
Abandoned and ashamed.
Crucified in violence and rage.
Infected and deceived.
Terrifying darkness breeds the slave,
Faithless and preverse.
Ride the naked serpent through the ashes
On the burning scales of the earth.

Apocalypse, apocalypse,
Behold apocalypse, behold the death.

Desolation, we are revelation,
We are nothing, we are insane,
We are nothing, we are insane.

Apocalypse, apocalypse,
Behold apocalypse, beyond the pain.

Time is running out of time.
Behold the pain before a child is born.

8. The Woman

She is the star shining at the center of the earth.
She is alive, crying for her children to return.
The bride awaits the promise of the prophets to carry her away.

Born again, the blood of men,
The desert rejoice, blossom as the rose.

She, Israel,
She, Israel,
She is the heart of it all, bride of the lamb,
Start of the fall, her time is at hand.

She is the end, dying;
She is brought back from the sword,
She will arise, destiny,
Then the temple is restored.
Her birth is pain.
To finish her transgression 'til only time remains.

Born in war, bound for deceit,
Weep for your children, weep not for me.

She, Israel,
She, Israel,
She is the heart of it all, bride of the lamb,
Start of the fall, her time is at hand.

O, Israel; O, Israel.

9. The Night

The events about to unfold
Are beyond comprehension.
In this hatred escalating
The fate is the same.
Here we stand defiled to the brink
Of our self-annihilation.
We are vicious animals
In a game with no name.

Behold the place of slaughter,
The earth is a tomb.
The smell of death upon her,
The child has torn the womb.

Let all of us prepare our doom.

Nowhere to run, no place to hide,
We cannot escape the night.

The perilous atomic rage
Shall usher in the age.
The wicked shall be turned to hell,
The wasteland in a cage.

Behold the forced abortion,
The murder in the air,
The atmosphere in motion,
The paralyzing fear.

Let all the men of war draw near.

10. The Sword Of Islam

And the evil empire came upon her Israel.
Blood will rise, the truth that hides
The Sword of Islam.

From the seed, the ancient blood of Abraham is come,
The roots of seething hatred
And the massacre of one.
Ishmael was born unto the flesh and not the promise,
Isaac born according to the covenant upon us.

She is life and she will fight
The Sword of Islam.
She is shown and she will know
The Sword of Islam.

Helplessly surrounded by the enemy,
His call,
"She was born to die there
In the streets within the walls."
The terror lying at her door,
The arsenal from hell,
To drench the land of Palestine
With the blood of infidels.

Hatred owns the land that holds
The Sword of Islam.
Steal the fields, the hand that wields
The Sword of Islam.

Allah shall pronounce "Jihad,"
The holy war engaged,
The everlasting covenant has Ishmael enraged.
In his hand, divine command.
For the Zionist will fall.
Bring the Kings out of the south
Arabia and all, Arabia, Arabia.

For when they speak of peace and safety
The sudden death will sound.
He will climb the temple mount
To spoil the the sacred ground.
He will call the north to fall upon her in the storm.
Ishmael and God will sell
Their souls to slay the son of Israel.

They will crawl, the wailing wall,
The silence speaks the dawn.
Israel is bound in hell,
The Sword of Islam.

Israel is bound in hell,
The Sword of Islam.

11. Gog: The Kings Of The North

Son of man, set thy face against him, Oh Gog, Oh Gog.
I will put hooks into your jaws and bring you forth.
I will bring you forth and your armies to be devoured.
Oh Gog, Oh Gog.

Oh Gog, I am against you.
Oh Gog, Die in this truth.

I will summon every kind ot terror to cleanse the land.
I will send the fire upon your nation of coveting hands.
Gather for the sacrificial feast that I prepare
And you shall eat the flesh and drink the blood of all the dead.

Oh Gog, I am against you.
Oh Gog, I will avenge you.

I will pour my spirit on the house of Israel
So that all the nations may know me,
When, through you, Oh Gog,
I vindicate my holiness before your eyes,
Before their eyes.

Oh Israel, I will defend you.
Oh Israel, I will avenge you.

Oh Gog, walk on fire, walk on fire.

Come into the land that is brought back from the sword.
And they shall ascend upon her like a storm.
A cloud to cover the land,
The sound is their command.

The spoil is oil, the spoil is oil.

The tyrant needs within her walls,
And as she bleeds the curtain falls.

Kings of the North, King of the North.

Rising from his lusting eyes
She is brought forth to the slaughter.
Gold has turned to black at last,
She is the crucible of war.
Decipher what isn't real,
For a thief comes only to steal.

The spoil is oil, the spoil is oil.

The iron curtain steals and seals,
The final dream, the killing fields.

The killing fields, The killing fields.

12. The Invasion Of Israel

Assemble all the nations for the final dream
To break the scattered people dancing here unseen.
To thee, complete destruction Israel is faced,
Annihilation within warning she is placed.

Apocalypse, apocalypse,
Behold apocalypse, behold the rage.

For all the atheistic leaders and crusades
Have come to plunge the world into this final stage.
This violent sanctuary leads to the insane.
A vile and genocidal lunatic shall reign.

Apocalypse, apocalypse,
Behole apocalypse, behold the rain.

And as birds flying, so will God defend her faith,
And passing over he will shelter her embrace.
"And I will curse them that will curse thee in this day,
And all that prey upon you, I will give for prey."

Apocalypse, apocalypse,
Behold apocalypse, behold it is done.

The Final Conflict has begun.

13. World War III - The Final Conflict I

The terror, the terror,
The atmosphere is shifting.
The horror, the horror.

The power, the power,
Is growing out of chaos.
The order, the order.

The empire, the empire,
Is rising from the ashes.
United, united.

14. Ten - The Empire

The beast shall rise from the sea of nations,
Aligned for the sign of the times.
The teeth of iron will devour the earth
That its fierce countenance crucifies.
Beneath the fire of the grand design,
The throne is burning inside.
Ten men, united the empire,
Revived, rising alive.

And they shall be of one mind and one power.
And they shall be given into his hand.

Ten kings will stand,
Ten nations will command
The empire of dreams.
One peace, one land,
One beast, one man.

A prince will rise from the ancient empire
To rule the dominion of pain.
He speaks the lies and by peace he destroys
To gain the unchallenged domain.
He shall go forth to conquer the stage,
Seven years, heaven's tears are sealed.
And let no man be deceived, for the day
Will not come until the one is revealed.

the man of sins is the son or perdition.
The prince of darkness will live under his name.

One king will reign,
One kingdom will remain.
The birth of the beast
In thee, in vain,
In he, insane.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
On earth as it is in hell.

15. Legend I:II

I will rise through the earth,
I will live through the sea,
I will love you through the darkest age,
I shall stand in the way of the light,
I shall conquer this stage with the night.

I am the prince of the power of the air,
The son of transition.
I am the way in the silence of one,
"I am Night," A legend has come.

Follow me through the flame,
Come with me in the name
Of my father and the morning star.
I am the desolate one, sold to thee.
I am Lucifer's son, behold the seed.

Fallen from grace is the name of the Christ,
Idle the shepherd that leads,
Riding a white horse, the bringer of dreams.
"Ride away," A legend has come.

16. The Beast

The prince of darkness, the man possessed,
Ten horns arise, the seven heads.
The ancient serpent, the ancient name,
The fallen angel crawls in shame.
The dark messiah, the lawless one,
The face of tyranny is born the son.

Behold the nail, the sentence of death,
And Jesus wept, it is manifest.

And the beast alive, and its hour come,
Crawling towards the city to be born again.

The new world order, the black abyss,
The reign of terror, the saviour's kiss,
The final solution is seven years.
The great delusion, behold the tears.
The virus parasite feeding in bondage,
The rings of flesh in its teeth breathing carnage.

The wall of disease arises, the living hell.
The desperate nightmare is becoming real.

And the critical hour has arrived, in the sacred land
To the nation, revelation is at hand.

And the little horn is rising, rising to stand.
In this horn are eyes lie the eyes of a man.

17. Antichrist I

My name - My face - My eyes - My rage -
My flesh - My blood - My father - My God -
My horror.

My mouth - My words - My image - My world -
My throne - My reign - My empire - My pain -
My terror.
My kingdom come, my will be done,
My power will call, my mark for all,
My forces will command, my law, my hand,
My legend, my thorns, my legacy, my horns.

My wound - My head - My sword - My death -
My body - My misery - My rapture - My mystery

My children - My sacrifice - My temple - My soul device -
My hatred - My sins - My life blood begins...

Behold, God's grace is gone, his face
Is all that I desire to see.
Behold the deceiver must come unto be.
Behold, I will drive the nails deeper into thee.

Until your rotting carcass covers me in blood.

Behold, time is legend, and history is time,
This hour is mine.

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