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1. Lover Of The Night (The Beloved Of The Night)

Beloved of the night,
The Dark bride,
Call the Horned one to your nuptial bed.
Let your brothers guard the Towers of Directions,
Let the Lords of Elements be your witnesses.
You can feel the gates becoming wet
And Extasy flowing through you from the West to the East.
Delight in love with both of the brothers
And create Desire in Astral Extasy.

Birth and Death in extasy,
So perceive the neature of Creation,
Behold the three Islands,
Ask the three priestesses.

Let all the evil go away!
Let the moon rise with the ninth simbol
And bless all those who came for you with your blood.
Behold the three islands,
Ask the three priestesses
And let your wish remain in the World's great testimonies.

2. Russian Traditional Song (XV-XVI Centuries)

3. In The Flame Of Sabbath (The Final Battle)

I'll raise the heroes from the Overseas
And ice will melt in Uttland.
They'll rise from the dark frozen desert.
They'll take your thoughts apart with cold fire,
They'll stop your life with a sword,
Those who came to Darkness for Tiamat,
Those who percieved the power of reincarnation
And the name of the Dark Godess,
Those shall gloriously rise in decline.
They'll freeze,
Waiting for the battle
And the Dragon's Shadow will stigmatize the Earth
And fire arrows will pierce the sky.

Sing the song about the final battle, oh pilgrim.
Sing, for you have seen the decline,
Sing about our Dark Mother's tears
And about the heroes that lay under the mountain.
About the ships that will come from the Overseas,
About the King that dwells in darkness.
Sing, and we'll be back.

You remember the river of fire,
The birth of the mercurial lion
In the fading fire of Sabbath.

Our strength is in these words,
Your oblivion is in these words.
We who came seven levels down,
We crave for vengeance.

Those who came to Darkness for Tiamat,
Those who percieved the power of reincarnation
And the name of the Dark Godess,
Those shall gloriously rise in decline.
They'll freeze, waiting for the battle
And the Dragon's Shadow will stigmatize the Earth
And fire arrows will pierce the sky.

4. Russian Traditional Ballad (XVI Century)

5. Satarial (The Ice Castle)

The ice castle of fire
Oh, horned god of the north, Nanta,
And great mother of earth, holy Herta!
I adjure you,
Let me through, open the gates,
I shall keep the path in secret.

Let me percieve the mysteries
Of the eternal gods,
That came from the stars on a Milky Way.
The earth sings in blue light.
I shall release the sword of witchery.

There, where the Lord of light dies in chaos,
In the cold desert of Utlend.
I shall find the seven keys and open
The door to the dark gods.
The earth split open before me,
The Goatlord hears my words.

Oh, Betom, Lord of the storm,
Red lion, show me your power.
Open the gates, let me in,
Where the storm is roaring.
Let me find the magical power,
The Great King's Scepter.

In your desert, where land dies in fire.
Where in a fire hurricane rages the storm,
There lies the darkness beneath
The gates of the worlds.
I shall open the gates
And there shall I find the magical power.
So stroke the thunder and roared the storm,
Lord Betom has heard my call.

A candle shall I light in the East,
And wings of dark shall lift me up.
I can feel the body of a beautiful woman caressing me,
And my masculine force is fulfilling her.
The trembling of her thights in divine extasy,
And the knife of mercy in her body.
The moon goddess dies to resurrect again.
Oh, Lord Exarp, open the gates,
Let find the dagger of magic under the tree of creation.

And the sea rose up in the presence of the Eternal one,
And chaos shall some to rule forever
Where people go when meet death,
Where death forever dwells and
Where there is no turning back.
The shining silver dragon rolls,
Offering me the cup of absolute power of the black lotus.
The one who shall enter the realm
The realm of death and come back
Shall be named "The Serpent" once again
And the Ancient King shall rise in his soul.
Love with a dead woman, the deadly poison,
The breath of Zernunos, Ergot, mandrake and blood.
The Great Dragon, the Silver Lord rose from
The depth of chaos and lift me up on his wings.
We took the path of the elder gods.
And dark stars shone again,
Four castles raised from oblivion.
Satarial, I call you by thy ancient name!
Satarial, by thy name I open the gates!
Satarial, shall the souls of the unbelievers be frozen!

Satarial shall bring you
Back to life, yo let you
Avenge yourselves
For being forgotten!

6. Satarial Untradition Ballad (XXI Century)

7. Do Not Baptize My Land

The time will come and the enemy won't leave this way.
So give your blood to drink to our Land's freedom.
Let me drink the wolves' freedom,
The night wind, let me drink your heady ale.
Let the moonshine be split with fire on the celebration of The Dark Moon Godess.

Call me with the wing of the Crow,
With the Elve's flowers,
With the wind of the Night!
Each one of us shall drink the cup of fate someday.

A flower grows where you spill the blood
And the fairy of spring shall plait it into your diadem.
And I'll be back with the wind of freedom
And I'll wipe your tears with my lips.

Where you spill the blood,
Where the sword sang,
Where Death danced with Fate,
There you should praise The Dark Moon Godess.

Don't baptize my land,
Don't baptize my land...

8. Russian Traditional Ballad (XVI century)

9. The Cup Of Heady Pain (Dead Cities' Children)

We shall drink up this heady bowl of pain together.
We, the Dead cities' children,
We pass through centuries as shadows aiming the living
With stardust on our garments.

For them our way is a bird and her name is Death,
And our life shall forever remain in their sorrowful dreams.

So kiss my mortal lips
And light up the obsequial fire so that I could die.
In fire my flesh shall resurrect.
We always get to know pain through pain,
Above dead bodies shall the last king rise
And fire of creation shall be his sword.
The heart bets in iron clutches born of the fear of those who left forever.

Do you remember when they perished in delirious dreams,
Night became our home under the Starrain.

But the day came like Magedon
And pain touched us with her soft wings,
By pain you shall be stigmatized.

Our Alfaron has left forever.

10. Russian Traditional Song (XI century)

11. Divine Race

Oh, son of mine, take this sword of mystery,
Carry it over the land as fire,
For I have plaited seven metals,
Stardust and the emptiness of nothing into it.
And the cities shall open their gates,
And people shall fall on their knees before you.

Oh, Demiurge, the creator, father of death and mother of life.
You are the sun everything is rotting above, giving birth to a sweet foetus.
You are light for the blind and god for the weakened,
Your creation is death.

And you, the Goatlord failed to win
And blew the fire into us, to take revenge on Demiurge.
You are the lord of ancient cities,
You are the morning of a black dawn,
And life and death are alien to you.
You hate in us the Demiurge's creation,
You love us for we are your children,
Your jar of fire.
So lead us into the battle, to defeat death and Demiurge.
Thus shall we become the third power in the universe,
For we own the might of creation
And the dark stellar light.
We are ye divine race.

Beyond Productions/Irond Records

Lord Seth - Vocals, Guitar
Angel Bust - Keyboards
Demogorgon - Drums
Necromancer - Bass
Orm - Flute
Hamlet - Violin
Juice - Female Vocals

Recorded in Dorofeev's Studio (Moscow)
Produced by Giovanni Indorato
Mixed in Nadir Studio (Italy) by Tommy of Sadist
Music and lyrics by Lord Seth
Artwork, digital treatments & lay-out by Sephiroth Graphix
Design by Oleg Bocharoff
Photos by Valery Drygin

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