Dark Lyrics


1. By The Hands Of The Devil

In the eyes of history
One voice has stood defiant
Descendant of Sumerian blood
The Dark Lord, the Devil

Deviant, who stands in defiance
Sinister Black hearted infamous
One world in revolution
By the thorns of anarchy

Exposing History’s lies
To those who are brave enough
Disciple’s bloodline of Satan
Thus we are forever free

Wicked in the eyes of salvation
Bringer of torment blasphemy
Keeper in the realms of silence
Destroyer to religious doctrine

Nocturnal bloodlines
Passed down for centuries
Hidden knowledge
Has been concealed
Damnation forged in life
The walls of truth
Come crashing down

By the Hands of the Devil
Dissolving consciousness
The framework for mankind
To invoke new laws
Hellfire will command
Renouncing of all gods
Recognizing fallacies

Fear in the eyes of what’s holy
Eliminate to their so called truth
Destroy all those religious
Consumer of all their faith

By the Hands of the Devil
Dissolving consciousness
Hellfire will command
Renouncing of all gods
Recognizing fallacies

Exposing lies that transcend time
By the Hands of the Devil
We set a fire within the mind
Forge the path, Awaken

Embodiment of Evil
The nightmare you despised
Forbidden proclamation
Lead to your demise
As the walls crumble down
And the questions of your faith
Giving no real answers
As the truth slips away

Gates of Hell manifest thyself
By the Hands of the Devil
Within this body I have prepared
Exposing lies
That transcends time
By the Hands of the Devil
Evil Divine!

2. Shades Of The Unlight

Within these fires--
From where Shades
Of the tomb do gather
In the Devil’s Name
I conjure thee
Awaken Dark entities
From beyond
This vortex bending time
Cross fourth these gates
As we do consume the Afterlife

Born of the Witches blood
Under dark flames
From the forged Divine creations
I shall become in your name
As does the spark fly
Blood dripping kiss
Thy serpents tongue

Crimson flame
Horned shape shifter
In thy Hands- I open these books
Wherein ancient shades
Rule dreaming
Let me see beyond creation

Dark spirits-Illumination
Lord of Beast- Transformation
Cloak of darkness- Recreation
Shadows beyond life

Shades awakened beyond light
The dead have left their tombs
The fallen rise from graves
In darkness they shall call
Shades rise dusk till dawn
Spirits Reborn in Life
By the Hands of the Devil They’re born
Shades of the Unlight

[Pre Chorus]

We drink of wisdom,
We bleed of strength
Shades spirits of the dead
We welcome thee

Spirits undead-
Come into this life
Spirits awaken us
One star in sight
Shades divine
Spirits of the dead
Shades sacred fires
As we were born

Casting the shadow of shadows
Bursting beyond dimensions
Shades awaken
Creatures beyond the night
Casting the shadow of shadows
Bursting beyond dimensions
Shades awaken
Creatures beyond the night side
Shades awaken
The fallen rise from graves
Shades awaken
Divine spirits of the dead

Spirit of vengeance-Spirit of truth
Spirit undead beyond all creation
Spirit of Metal- Spirit of Hell
Spirit of burning
Hearts and valor
Spirit of fire- Spirit of flame
Spirit who crossed veils unseen
Spirits we guide thee
Unto our world
Shades Dark secrets of the dead

3. Demontia

Upheaval in time
Lost within space
My Demons bind
Dark Light escapes

Dimensions melting
Right before our eyes
Multiple consciousnesses
Extraterrestrial ties
Modern narrations
Invention of lies
An Ancient history
Systematically deprived

What do the cards hide?
Salvation is but a lie
Confusion engulfed in strife
Godhead ascending high

Above and below
They dwell among us
The Evil ones
Who wish to enslave us
Broken spirit
The open door behind
Into oblivion
Slaughter before us

Slaves of men
Mind controlled subform
Slaves of men
To implore total control
Slaves of men
An ongoing galactic war
Slaves of men
A new age to explore

Walls of the black abyss
Souls rejoiced in bliss
to the bloody truth
Of lies that entwine our lives

Sickness masquerading
The truth that rules our lives
Prepare to take your side

Awakening of the mind
Powers of the soul

Suddenly your quest
Ends in horror
Your bloody carcass
Being devoured
New World Order
A massive slaughter
Stardust we were
Black energy scattered

Upheaval in time
Lost within space
My Mind burns
Dark Light escapes

4. Before The Flame

We do invoke!

Awaken all unholy
Appear now in your
Devilish charm
By the blood of all that is wicked
Scepter of the Antichrist
In the eyes of all creation
Adversary discourse of reason Now set free

Behold this destruction of grace
Fall slaves within
Inferior Worlds

As the blood through corruption
Destroys the grain of society
Drawn forth into action
Seminal virtue
Eagles of the Dead
Consume the carcass of your god
As they do devour all presence

Desires of the Damned
Revenges of the wickedness
Wandering shadows
Behold thy guest of Hell

Approach ye now
Stand before the Flame
Infernal offerings
All creatures shall be bound

Stand Before the Flame
Profanely inclined
Commerce of the flesh
In darkness we shall bind

For those who seek the truth
In the fires they shall find
Oracles of knowledge
Divine powers, purified mind

Creator of the night
Reprehending debauchery

Man, in whose soul
Is forged in divinity
Man, in whose soul
Is sealed for eternity
Man, whose soul
Is created from dust
Man, whose soul
Was unleashed in Hell

Spring forth into Hell!

Knowledge for Centuries
Hidden agenda from the past
Succession of ages
Falling upon Almutel
Ascendant calculations
Desirous of binding
Ready obedience

Governors ministering spirits
Keepers of these sacred secrets
We rise of swords and fight
Vengeance, Evil,
Black Brotherhood
In the veins of the wicked
Strength, valor, eternal might
Bestow your unholy allegiance
Within this ritual, this hour,
this night

5. Bleeding Hearts Of The Damned

We came from nothing
Do we know who we are?
We come from the stars
The Bleeding Hearts of the Damned

We come from nowhere
Do we know who we are?
We’ve come so far
The Bleeding Hearts of the Damned

We know who we are
We’ve come from the stars
We’ve come so far
The Bleeding Hearts of the Damned

6. Black Hilted Knife

Dragons whisper
Demonic silence
Within the brimstone burn
Scales eclipse from
The coiled serpent

Feel the blade taste the steel
Accept the wound
That never heals
Banished into this midnight
A weapon with eternal power
Strength beyond all offerings
Unholy union Sameal Lilith
Thy mastery evolved mankind
As we unleash
These ancient demons

These words I do evoke
Beyond the great divide
We open portals
Undead awakening
Spirits consuming flames
Whisper Hells gates opening
The drudge comes to life
Now become before mine eyes

17 candles burning
On this alter unseen
Silence angry silence
Bestow my offering

Black hilted knife
Conjuring source of black flame
Black hilted knife
Controlling armies unseen
Black hilted knife
Doors forever opening
Black hilted knife

In a darkened grave
Burning hearts of hell
These rituals
Enchanting spells
In living dreams
Doors swing open wide
Spirits of unrest
Break thru from the other side

I can feel them
Without seeing them
As the doors open wide

Black spirits I command
From the world sights unseen
Black spirits I command
From the world sights unseen

Black… Hil… Ted…
Black… Hil… Ted…
Black… Hil… Ted…
Black… Hil… Ted…
Black… Hil… Ted… KNIFE!

Black… Hil… Ted…
Black… Hil… Ted…

7. Revival

Centuries past beyond the grave
We have come to conquer
Your ungodly souls

Openers of the way
Across these decayed lands
Darkness transcends forever
Upon the footsteps of the damned
As we shatter the seas of glass
Beyond all eternity

Seventh Tower
Seventh Key
Seventh Tower of Satan

The wicked ones shall rise
Seventh tower of Hell
Seven Towers of Satan

We take this walk of the damned
Echoing this sacred voice
On the wings of MALEKTAUS
We open Hells burning gate
Revival fears beyond conception

Revival- Liberation
Revival- Invoke New Laws
Revival- Liberation
Revival- Freedom

Infused by the night
Demonic entities
Celestial interventions
By the words of the Peacock God
Our blood burns as fire
Beyond the night sky

Air, Water, Earth, Fire
Burning Illumination

Revival, Freedom, Liberation
Seventh Towers of Satan

Revival- Revival
Revival- Revival
Seven Towers of Satan

8. Fallen Angel

Before the dawning of the sun
There was an angel
Who stood above them all
He was a bright and shining star
The gifted one
The ever present

Fallen, Fallen Angel
You are the master of mankind
Fallen one, down trodden one.
Lead us all into temptation

Crowned in glory once above
He stole the only thing
That ever really mattered
Wanted power wanted love
I wanted it all
And now I have you

Unto us all
Sin is born
Through us all
Sin is won

Fallen One, Down Trodden One
You are the master of mankind
Fallen, Fallen Angel
Subtle whisper in our minds

9. Inferior Worlds

From the dawn of time
Stardust engineered flesh
Dying planet in darkness
Precious gold for life

Knowledge of technology
Set free for salvation
A war in the deep space
The serpent suppressed inside

Inferior Worlds
Truth of forbidden lies
Inferior Worlds
Scandals of all Time

Hierarchy of the elite
Occultic twisted Magick

Beg for your life
Discovered inside
Heretic burn for your Evil deeds
I am the beast
The true deceiver
With your prayers
I will surely succeed

Ancient Godly wisdom
Perverted Dogma Virus


Depression, oppression
You’re minds I now own
Filling your hearts with
Madness and war
I rape, I pillage, destruction of all
Spilling the blood of nations fall

Like a plague
Consuming your carcass
Throw your reasons into the abyss
I teach, I will, destruction of all
Poisoning the well of life for all

Inferior Worlds
Like a horrible dream
Inferior Worlds
A Nightmares wish come true

Smell the incense
Swirling around you
Silver tools in the moonlight
Respect and not play the fool
Damned Fool!
Fumbling Chaos!!
Damned Fool!

Looking Into the mirror
Smoky blue visions
Out of the mirror
Your dreams come true

Dropped onto the sands
Black specks in time
I am Tyrant, “Devil”
Your will is mine
Leviathan the seas
Can tempt your lust

Spread your spirit
And your mine
I will deny you
And all your lies
The Goat we are

Inferior Worlds
Into a new life
Inferior Worlds
Die those who die!

Leaving for Whatever
Sands of Time
Bleak the Horizon
By the Hands of the Devil!

10. Norwegian Wood

[Bonus Track]
[The Beatles Cover]

I once saw a church
Burn to the ground
Smoldering ash
I danced in the flames
Unleashing Hell
Sworn to Satan

Ashes and flames scorched
Into the midnight sky
Flames enraged burning
Within the Demons eyes

I once saw a priest
Burn in the flames
Of Norwegian Wood
The chapel burned to the ground
Flames forever rising
Burning the sky

Each church as they burned
I felt a dark delight
Flames of Hell
Consuming into life

I danced in the ash
Forever the flames
Formed into life
I drank of the blood
Dark Lord Satan

Burn in the flames
Of Norwegian Wood

Marcus Garcia ‒ Bass
Anthony Lopez ‒ Drums
Patrick Evil ‒ Guitars
Harry Conklin ‒ Vocals

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