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1. Intro (2005 Remix)

2. Distant Blazing Eyes

...As the end of all twilights is at hand
The moon ascends to eclipse the sun forever
And the earth is enlightened
By the stream of the screaming souls
A ray of obscure unearthly light
That carves the shape
Of an eye to the pale surface of the moon
He has given us His sign...

Belial is calling us from the ashes of the world
To reach the stars, to enter His eye
To build a bridge of bones and skulls
Of those who we live among, who are our prey
To reach the flaming sign, the gate to eternity
The sigil that makes us who we are and one with Him
Towards the fate of the true spirit of man
Towards the distant obscure blazing eye...

3. The Burning Eyes Of The Werewolf

Funeral darkness, clouds shadow the pale surface of the moon
Amid peals of possessed chants out from the darkness and the fog
The demon with black fur and claws as dirks is unbound
Skulks the woods in monstrous craving for blood

The burning eyes of the werewolf
The runes written in the stone
Forbidden wisdom hidden within
The signs of spells long forgotten

When the moon shines the cursed black soul is awoken
Bestial howls approach with terror in the dusk
Slowly in the silent woods the predator lurks
Old tales that forsee the beast have revived

4. Black Metal Kommando

Born in secretion
Goat horns impale the Lambs of God
Tearing open the sacred womb
War against the alien faith

Black metal kommando, burn down the Jewish creation
Black metal kommando, bring damnation upon the cross

Christian persecution, in the night
Scream as the pyre ignites
Your god is dead, and so are you

Black metal kommando, [?] in the night
Black metal kommando, crush the face of Christian belief

I fucking spit on your pathetic trendy metal


Burn the Bible, the book of lies
Resurrection of a Satanic cult
Look me in the eyes and say you defy

Black metal kommando, horny vengeance of Aryan steel
Black metal kommando, [?]

5. Wolves Of Blood And Iron

Sieg Heil! The sign of our cross rises
The age of fire and retribution is upon us
Shadow resistance, the order of hate
Against the cross that has oppressed us for so long

Torching the Jewish creation
Laughing on their despair when they cry
Blood shall be our guide - On the battlefield
Where the churches burn bright into the night

We are the black wolves of blood and iron
Our hunger grows with the stench of holy blood
To feel is no remorse is our natural born pride
Might is right, and to devour those who are weak

Immortal hate, a hammer that smashes the skull
The skull of the false prophet of christian belief
Shadow resistance, the order of hate
Against the cross that has oppressed us for so long

6. Raging Winter

Fuck you!
Frozen woods holding within the wisdom
Forbidden spirit of war and our blood
Ancient battles that were fought then
Are now revived to glorify our reign

Agonizing freezing winds
Whip your christian flesh
Our heathen steel will break your bones
And leave you lying dead in the snow

Warlike songs to celebrate the horns
Are sung around our campfire before the dawn
Grant us the strength to fight
To spill the holy blood on the pagan soil

Raise the hammer, ancient gods of war
The lightnings shall strike once more
Break the cross and abolish the lies
Striking them down with steel and your raging winter

7. Macht & Ehre

8. The Blood Of Our Fathers

Our forefathers fought for our land
With power and steel, swords in hand
Pagan blood was strong in their hearts
Given by the gods to reach the stars

Heathen blood, the guide of the strong
Never lets our hearts guide us wrong
Vengeance and honour, forever they reign
Our might was received through war and pain

9. D.s.o. 2000

10. Fish

[Beherit Cover]

11. Paradise (Part II)

[Beherit Cover]

12. The Seventh Oath Of Demonomancy

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