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1. Secrets Of The Sea

Countless sleepless nights I've spent
Seeking the nocturnal writings lost
To find the knowledge of the ancient ones
The curse of thousand drowned souls
Left screaming for eternity
At the bottom of the black sea

To forge my path in arcane beauty
So wisdom guides me through this mortal plane
Lost in the endless black abyss
A human made from dust and wind

Serpent arises from the waves
Revealing the blasphemous essence
Of this dream we call reality
Showing us (the) way to eternity

The secrets of creation
Darkest spells of the abyss
A corruption that stirs deep within
Drowned in black waters
You shall never swim

Voices of the night
Reveal secrets of the sea
Centuries of wisdom
Locked beneath the silence
Lie the creatures you can't see

2. The Dark Side Of Nature And Man

Shadows lurking deep below
Beneath the water oh so cold
A glimpse of madness
The dirge of my dying mind

The darkness I follow
The wind telling me the way
With morbid whispers comes madness
Am I really insane?

Does death bring suffering
Or does it bring peace
I must not fall asleep
Or it will come to me

I escaped the flesh prison
I can no longer die
For I am not what I was
I'm but an eternal lie

I am the guardian
We open the gate
Embrace the dark side
Of nature and man
A mind truly insane

It is that, that never really was
It is something that should never be
It is inside
And it can never die

3. Devoured By The Black Sea

Есенен дъжд над спокойни води
нощта ме тихо поглъща
и ме обвива в прегръдките си студени
мъглата сива над черно море
минути преди бурята да приближи
и гарвана да вдигне своите черни криле
аз зная, аз виждам
как Перун своята наковалня кове

Сън не ме хваща вече
нощем под звездите светли
само денем измежду душите
които слънцето безмилостно гори

Сенки през нощта
със очи от карнеол
наблюдават и от близо и далече
вашите безчестни действия

И аз записвам в своя земен дневник
греховете на света
да служат като доказателство
за пред майката луна

И с напредване на времето
всичко към провал върви
бурята незабелязано промъква се
и усещам натежалото сърце в гърди

Погълнат от вълните черни
от орди тъмни ветрове
не виждам вече небосвода сини
мен смъртта зове

4. Might Of The Sea Serpent

The moon is drowning
In a starless black night
Restless, ominously shining bright
The sea below an empty dark sky
Hear the whispers of the depths

Jormungandr! Hydra! Leviathan! Tiamat!

Dark goddess of the oceans and seas
Born in the primordial creation
Inner chaos, hate, she screams
From fading dreams of immortality

Wriggling serpent awakes and rises
Screaming endless blasphemies
With her eyes burning hateful red
Might of the sea serpent

And the dark blue painted waves
She orchestrates in scornful ways
Heading off to shores and all that's land
Soon to fill with poison and turn to sand

So hide in your petty houses
Inside your cities so bleak
For an unknown evil shall rise
From the depths of the sea
And devour all life

5. Heed The Call

You feel its presence
Heed the call

Let the sea drown you
Touch its black heart
Let the waves wash you
The water clearing your mind

Heed the call
Let the sea take you

To her still beating heart
Buried deep beneath the lifeless sand
Lies the melancholy, sadness
And the wisdom of this land

Heed the call
Your celestial throne is waiting

Drown yourself in the midnight stars
The night slowly devouring you
Eternity enchanted in your eyes
Fading into quiet dark oblivion

Heed the call
Let the purification begin

Wash away the lies
And end our lives
To a new beginning
To all that is us
And to all there'll ever be


Heed the call of the deep

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