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1. 92nd Symphony


2. Who Dies Wins

Bound by Honour, dedicated to the cause
that will glorify his side
On Wings of Destiny he flies
This will be his first and his last mission
a crash course in suicide
He'll be smiling as he dies

Die with Honour,
To die is to Win
To fight for the cause
To Kill and be Killed

Fly to Freedom,
From out of the Sun
Attacking as one
They'll never stop until they've won

There'll be no surrender as they march on to Hell or Victory
A Whole Damned Nation that's too proud
Sworn to sacrifice, religion is their code of Chivalry
And failure would never be allowed

Noble Warriors, they'll fight 'till the end
As this war rages on
Die Victorious, or live with Defeat,
They'll be brave, They'll be strong.

To Die is to win, To fight for the cause.
To Kill and be Killed
To Die is the price, Your last sacrifice
You've released your last dice

Closing in, Target now in sight, enemy dead ahead
Too late for second thoughts, ablaze and going down
Nose diving, Screaming from the sky,
Collision any second now.
On Impact he knows he's won,

They'll be commended
Forever remembered
They Died with honour, To die is to win.

3. 11th Commandment

Thou shalt disbelieve
Decide your own future
Carve your own pathway
You've got to live with reality, don't hide behind a faith
You're a fool to think your sins are forgiven
in this cruel world we live in

Don't take the bait, in this world Trapped in lied
Don't take the bait, in this world Drowning in greed

Poverty breeds more prayer
With hope of help from above
Hypnotized from the start of life
- Won't you ever understand?

Millions of people are dying from starvation
While Churches sit in riches and beg from the nation

Don't take the bait, this world's a plague called hate
Don't take. Just say no.

Everything comes to you just wait
You don't need a religious faith
Everything comes to you in the end
Good or bad, it's what fate sends

Too many people of different sects
Fight one another it makes no sense
No life after death, that's just fantasy
If you think you're immune, that's Insanity

4. Suicidal Justice

We will fight all your lies

(THE MANY) You sit with crowns of Kings, and condemn the Innocent
(THE FEW) High upon our pedestals, we seek complete control
(THE MANY) All your greed is bleeding, staining all the land
(THE FEW) Got to have what we demand, a nation for a slave
(THE MANY) You sabotage the cries for justice, the screams for Human Rights
(THE FEW) We take, we gain, in every respect, with every mind we maim
(THE MANY) Building hopes then paralyzing dreams Minds are going under
(THE FEW) We feed our fools with fancy talk, ain't never gonna change
(THE MANY) The broken prides of your fellow men soon plead to you in fear
(THE FEW) We listened to the screams for help when election day was near
(THE MANY) So just for your self satisfaction, you sit and reap misfortune
(THE FEW) We had to be the ones elected.
You will learn to be the ones rejected, Subjected to

(THE MANY) Suicidal justice, the rich get richer, the poor still suffer
Suicidal Thoughts, explore the mind, time and time again
Suicidal Justice, weakens your will power fades by the hour
Suicidal Justice, only one form of escape.
Justified Suicide
Justified Suicide
(THE FEW) Vote for us we'll take good care of you
There'll be no more lies and broken promises
Things will change and this country will be proud
Time is running late.
- Hurry bite our bait

Then we will have you under our control
An army of machines, no one will dare interfere
We will have the power to plan the future
A nation's wealth in our hands
We will have total command
We wanna be Gods
We wanna be Gods
We will be Gods

(THE MANY) Suppressed masses supporting the few,
Born, into power, to leech off you
The underprivileged are protesting as one
Is there justice, will justice ever be done?

Minds in Confusion, who is to blame - They are -
Creating nightmares, you're living in.
Defend our pride and respect, fight for your life
Obtain dignity and honour, whatever the pain

5. Vandal (Hostile Youth)

Every step that you take, you feel frustration
Creeping up your spine into your brain
Not just a fucking fool from a backward school
"No fascist bastard is gonna stab my back".

Defy - don't accept their lies
Stay alive - with state assistance to survive

As the days go by aggression eats your pride
as your hatred for the system grows inside your mind.
Standing on the corner, not even shit for a meal got fuck all to do.
Glaring hard with resent at the college boys
You laugh but you know they've got the last laugh on you.

Rage, got to escape this cage,
Rage, Time to let your choice be heard

Another personality is tearing away inside
Demanding that you strike out against the world-
that couldn't give a damn if you lived or died you feel like suicide
So let your stormclouds explode drowning judge - and jury

Vandal, got to stand proud
Show them you are a master
Your anger and fury grows stronger, faster and faster
Vandal, won't take the ridicule,
I may be poor but no-one's gonna treat me like a fool

No more lies, Defiance growing by the hour
Eye to Eye, Double glazed you stare with the power
To paralyze, the fear within their bloodstream
Tension's high. Hate's at boiling point.
You must destroy, obliterate, terminate,
It's never too fucking late.

6. S.C.U.M Socially Condemned Undesirable Misfits

They add to the litter on the streets
The problems mounting day by day.
You can tell by the way they lounge around.
They couldn't give a damn what "Joe" has to say

Still they beg for shelter, cry for a home
Then settle for a doorway, where they can drink alone
Dismissed by Society, treated like an enemy
They wonder why people scream "Go away"!

Socially Condemned Undesirable Misfits

They line the city streets in rags
In search for citizens to bleed
Preying on the kindest hearts
There's always someone who'll help a fool in need

Pleading for a little cash to save them from the cold
Promising never again, but you've heard it all before
Try to avoid them like the plague
Sick of the constant "Take Take Take!"
or is it just a form of snobbery to say - SCUM!
It takes all sorts to make the world go round.
Somehow Mr Average doesn't understand.
That some people choose, - some people lose
and become the ones that nobody wants - SCUM!

In good old London town you know they're always to be found
"Try your best to bring us down but like a family we are proud"
Where there lie benefits, that's where they'll always stand around.
"In our raggy Uniforms, We'll always stand our ground".

It doesn't matter what people say
on the pavements they take pride of place
What can the law say except "Come on now Move away!"
So when it comes to poverty. Ignorance is the best policy
Their home is the streets they roam, leave them alone.

7. Avalanche Of A Million Hearts

In the distance, a leader was screaming "I'll be Master"
"Our Nation will be perfect in every way
We laughed. We laughed.
Then came the day they led us away
His dreams were our nightmares to come
We were to suffer because of one political God
A madman with a burning soul.

The children cried for comfort
Confusion in their eyes
Awoken by the soldier
Blinded by his sire
We watched our houses burning
They took our Silver and our Gold
Our people were dying in millions
The young and the old
We were never told why -

Rounded up for the execution
Stripped of dignity and grace
I was part of the final solution
To make way for the master race

By these cold hearted leaders we will fall
No room for our people in their mighty war
So we must die
Dare not defy
Destroyed in the course of History

As time went by the hatred grew
And the light of mercy disappeared.
We were treated like the plague
His disciples had the cure

We tried to believe someone would come
And we would survive
We had to hold our heads up high
But we still died,
Our dreams denied
Destroyed in a Human Landside

Many heard the screams of a Million Hearts
Still no-one helped as they were torn apart

We still have memories,
Such painful dreams of when sentence was passed

Our hunt for the jury will always last
Revenge will come
Justice must be done
Our search will last forever

8. Calculated Execution

You hear something screaming inside your mind
The hostile visions not quite clear
Waking you're released from your nightmare
But your sweat is dripping you're scared

You feel no movement you're paralysed
The frightening shadow seemed like reality
Then from the corner of your eye
You glimpse the shadow watching from outside
No justice in his actions
No motive in his crimes
Calculated execution of the ultimate design

Driller Killer Calculated crime
Driller Killer Of the ultimate design
Driller Killer He's watching your every move

Silently you stare there's nothing there
Paranoia finds its home
Locked in your prison of confusion
You're sure the figure glarings an illusion

You shut your eyes, you plead insane
A violent fear convicts your brain
Your window shakes, that evil face
Starts clawing for the slaughter
No justice in his actions
No motive in his crimes
Calculated execution of the ultimate design

The screeching pitch sends the chill of death
It's biting at your spine
Shivering with fear, the room is dark
As the distorted figure looms

You whimper like a frightened dog
As the violent blows begin
It's time to kiss your ass goodbye
As you hear the screams of "die"!!

Line Up:
Michael Jackson - Vocals
Graeme English - Bass
Russ Tippins - Guitar
Steve Ramsey - Guitar
Sean Taylor - Drums

Thanks to luxuskaizer for sending these lyrics.

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