Dark Lyrics


1. Condemned

Chained to a black post
In the street of Rjukan
Surrounded by mountain
And industrial fog

Lifting stones in anger
Rotten smell of ironskin

Grey sky mourning
Last glint of light
Local dogs are watching
His last silent fight

Condemned by the court of old
Condemned by parochial laws

Scratching to the bone
Feeding the mind with horror

Nocturnal shadows
Feast upon wooden walls
A cold wind
Licking at his rotting torso

2. Pilgrim Of The Occult

Bringer of the occult
Look into my grey stone
Find the signs

Pilgrim of the esoteric
Pilgrim of the occult

Universe royal mirror
i raise my horn
For the purset answers

Swallow my wine
Worship the venom
Feel the galaxies collide

Ride with me
To the end of the universe
Watch the planets explode

3. Pessimist

Antisocial, cruel behaviour
Mental torture
Life forsaken, isolated
Lost ambitions

Cleansed by suffering
Catharsis negative

Misanthropiс solitary
life alone
Lack of trust, no empathy
Dead emotions

Sceptic and pessimist
Pain and apathy
Loathe and deny
Arrogant and cold

Social phobia, anxiety
Trapped unreason
Comatose, cynical
Low morale

4. Passage To Oldarhian

Lost in the void
Perished and cold
Chasing the origins
By relic codes

Give me a shotgun
And the smell of doom
The taste of iron
I will travel soon

The wings are broken
Lifeless... grey...
Birth of destruction
Chaos leading the way

Escaping towards the rain
Through the passage of Oldarhiah!

5. Flay The Wolf

Take out the fragile
Abolish the poor
Destroy the bastards
And their feeble souls

Flay the wolf
With hatred
Uglify the lowlife
In odium

Setting the fields on fire
To take out the weed
Pulverize the rotten
And demolish the weak

6. Captured

Pour salt into my wounds
So I can scream
When I wake up
I will be in your dream

Horrific images melted
A scar inside the skull
The darkest journey
Is still to come

Captured by a psychopath
I fear no more
It has gone to long
Captured in a monument

7. Paradigm Lost

Sick of you
Sick of your skin
Repulsive vanity
A world turned androgyne

Distorted self
Obsessive shroud
Indulge in luxury
Champagne and wine

Poster boy for misery
Centre of the universe
Systematic anarchy
Spiral progress in reverse

Obedient disease
Unprevailing taste
Contrive in vain
A synergy of fake

Archaic trap
Sterile conceit
Eternal prototypes
Rape the plagues of the front

8. Novel Dawn

Forming the shadows into lions
To wake up a sleeping machine
Jaws of death are eating their way
Into the soul of silence

Falling stars in the universe
Cutting through heavy skies
Eyes wathing a yellow half moon
As they swallow the silver blades

The burning flame of triumph
Is dying deep within the well
A limp scavenger is feeding
In the ashes of what is left

Vast land of forgtten memories
Desert black nothingness
A colourless rainbow marks the loss
The loss to a novel dawn

9. Burning Of The Monoliths

Scattered colour
White turns red
Creator of life
Bringer of death

Energy drain
Oblivion devours
Consume and decay
Increase and entropy

No one to bury the last
No one to remember

Vaporize pain
Burns to nothing
Unites with fire
All becomes one

Release of wrath
Anger till the end
Infernal core
A newborn rage

Incineration in the orion arm
Burning of the monoliths

History erased
Silenced forever
Perished in flames
Consumed by time

Red turned white
Infinite peace
Barren landscape
Lifeless fields

10. The Stranger Brew

No feeling for life
Blur the days
Reckless behaviour
In the void, infected veins

No stranger to the brew
Complete the horizon
The sun has no power
Through тнe fog of flamboyant paths

Your ideas, out of focus
Shivering slug upon the "throne"
Inhale the stench of the mighty brew
And taste the freedom of death

Arriving on time
The night of sin
Imitation of life
Freaks of the full moon

Nocturno Culto ‒ Vocals
Sarke ‒ Bass
Anders Hunstad ‒ Keyboards
Steinar Gundersen ‒ Guitars
Asgeir Mickelson ‒ Drums
Cyrus ‒ Guitars

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