Dark Lyrics


1. Jaunt Of The Obsessed

Tracking down the gray haired
To reveal the script
Solve the eye labyrinth
From primeval fragments

Rowing the wooden boat
Pass the lake, to the island
Walking on rotten leafs
Jaunt of the obsession

Slowly opening the half broken door
To find the carrion
Drag it up to the grave
By the moss grown ruins

Find the pig head
Rise it up on a stake
Bury the dead
The first fall moonrise

2. Jodau Aura

Down on my knees
With my fingers crossed
The face is numb from coldness
My head is lost

Walk in silence
With ghost behavior
Walk in trauma
Inhaling jodau aura

Blinded by the chaos
My eyes are shut
Crawling round in circles
Vision is crushed

Dragging shattered remains
Into a godlike realm
Throwing spirits of light
Upon the advanced genesis

3. Ugly

Flee from the beastly
And never look back
Try to find shelter
And hide in the cracks

Cause I'm ugly
Ugly as Hell

The face of disaster
A surface of grief
The horrid is coming
So get on your knees

The untamed is howling
They all are afraid
Born in a jug
Of whiskey and ale

4. Strange Pungent Odyssey

A swarm of mosquitoes
Blocking the sight
Iron built circles
Constructing a sonic light

Waking the sleeping demons
Wolfish madmen
Hunting for my guts
To destroy my existence

Strange pungent odyssey

Hiding on a passing train
Escaping the past
Black snow covers the landscape
At the end of the ride

Hordes of demons are coming
In a river of remains
Jaws from ancient bones
Chewing their way through

5. Walls Of Ru

Under the walls of Ru
Cold reign turns to rust
Exude the bronze mist
Carving the voodoo symbols

Ashes laying thick and black
As the side of a battleship
Two canon deck high
Like a monster grave

Sinking slowly
In the pool of death
Creating sounds of fear
On the path to red

Grabbing the roots of old
From once a fierce rival
Now to be torn down
And brought back to grey

6. Salvation

Suffocate the bitter
Rebel avenger
Drag them below
For blood remorse

War dungeons
Immure the weak
Rely upon the rats
For salvation

Fangs of the morbid
Sinking deep in the flesh
Written in sand
Eternal odious alliance

7. Skeleton Sand

Deathlike forest
Decomposing trees
A growing footpath
Suffocating haze
To the aphotic tarn
Fronting the demise

Shadows falling hard
Intruding black water
Drowning the deceit
In cold skeleton sand

Consuming the field of flames
Riding a dead horse

Wooden portal
Pillars rising deadly
Visible icons
Swallowed by the wind
The insect ground
Murdering the escape

8. Icon Usurper

Rising, from torment I'm reborn
Outrage, spewing flames of rot
Anger - an old obsessive itch
Redemption - a life force fed on scorn

Ruins, erase the feeble womb
Retaliate, dogmas will succumb
Reaping, feeding on the guilt
Death throes, unholy venomous tongue

Unorthodox dimension
Philosophy that reeks
Display my hate agenda
Provoke humanity

Cryptids, crossbreed man and goat
Torment, feel the cloven hoof
Release - of demons I possess
Torture, atonement growing sour

Sickness, avant-garde decay
Vigilante - a vengeful raging attack
Versus, ride the chagrin drift
Dominance, the world is at my feet

9. Rabid Hunger

Running madly
To taste the bloodshed
Squeezing the blade
With foaming hatred

Eating mortal scraps
From the carcass landfill
Like a human vulture
Growing into a mammoth

The chains are broken
Out in rabid hunger

Flee from confusion
To feed Frankenstein
Scent of blood and liberation
Procreate the barbarian in me

Sarke – Bass
Anders Hunstad – Keyboards
Steinar Gundersen – Guitars
Asgeir Mickelson – Drums
Nocturno Culto – Vocals

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