Dark Lyrics


1. Riket

[Lyrics by Hubertus]

Seger giv du segerrike. Konung till din kamp
oss vig. Ingen man må provet svike när du
för ditt rikes krig.

Bring victory, you victorious. Consecrate us
unto your fight, you sovereign. None may fail
the test when you fight the war of your empire.

Hys och led vår trängda skara. Hör, till dig i
bön vi fly. Låt oss snart ur natt och fara se
din frihetsmorgon gry.

Cherish and lead our pressed crowd. Hear,
unto you in prayer we flee. Let us soon from
night and danger see your dawn of freedom arise.

Bryt o Herre, bräck och krossa hela
mörkrets våld och makt. Dödens bojor du
kan lossa. Du som liv til seger bragt.

Break o Lord, surpass and rout the power
and dominion of darkness. The bonds of
death you can detach. You who has brought
life to victory.

Ack vår kraft är ganska ringa. Giv oss herre
dag från dag mod att ej med världen tinga.
Giv ett bergfast sinnelag.

Alas, our force is rather small. Give us Lord,
day by day courage not to engage the world.
Bring a disposition solid as the rock.

2. Dark Desires

[Lyrics by Hubertus]

I walk on a path of desolation where
screams and tears has a sound of bitterness.
O almighty, why can't i see the darkness that
blinds my view.

Lost in an empty essence where darkness
reign night and day. My yearning to a life of
victory drowns in grief and misery.

Why shall my flesh be consumed of this lust
of evil that perverts the creation of God? The
seduces that blackens my heart makes my
soul to tear apart.

Like the dew of the morning delivers the cold
shape of night. As rays of hope brings a
dawn of freedom. Emperor of universe
release my bounds and set me free by the
blood of Christ.

3. Released From Pain

[Lyrics by Samuel Johansson]

Allene, jag vandrar igenom mörkom dal.
Evinnerligen, jag förnimmen mitt hjärtas
svåra kval. Jag äro omsluten av idel död och
sorgtyngd vånda.

Alone, I wander through this dark valley.
Eternally, I feel the pain of my heart. I am
embraced by sheer death and agony
weighed down by grief.

Within despair i will remain, until the casket
becomes my bed. This dark embrace of
grief, entices me with chains of red. But
listen, hear the cries of another man in pain.
Blood as red as the blood dripping from my chains.

Behold, a lamb, nailed to a cross, filled with
the sins of mankind. But still his tears are
shining of hope, his death is not his end.
Arisen from hades, satan enslaved, the dusk
turned to dawn. Take his hand, reveal his
gift, do not fear the death of mourn.

Released by God I am, within his almighty
strength I stand.

4. Spirit Of Purity

[Lyrics by Hubertus]

Like an endless sound you whisper. Like
burning fire you walk through water. Where
water is calm there is my yearning to appeal
you. If danger lie in wait at night i will not
fear my destiny because you surround me
with courage of victory.

Shadows embrace the sorrows of pain.
The dawn reveal the brew of life. Spirit of purity,
my soul you shield.

O you mighty spirit. Before time you were
created. From the father you have arised,
Your greatness no one can conquer. O you
mighty spirit. Before time you were created.
You are an essence of power, the timeless
universe you embrace.

The demons of darkness cannot fight him.
His power is eternal. As a wind he liberates,
liberates the curse of hell. The messenger of
purity you are, like a flame of fire you fill my
soul. So fill my soul with purity, purity by the
blood of Christ.

5. Allhärskaren

[Lyrics by Hubertus]

Din ande sveper över Nordens rike. Ditt ljus
skola lysa för all tid. Allhärskare över hela
universum, Du är vår konung, vår Far.

Your spirit is sweeping over the nordic realm.
Your light will shine forever. Master over the
whole universe. You are our emperor, our father.

Du dog på ett kors och uppstod på tredje
dagen. Evigt liv du bringe, i evighet vi leve.

You died upon a cross and rose on the third
day. Eternal life you bring, in eternity we live.

Vi skall kämpa mot ondskan. Vi skall strida
för ljus. Giv oss kraft, som Kristi krigare.
Kristus skall regera för all tid.

We shall fight against evil. We shall struggle
for light. Give us strength as warriors of
Christ. Christ will reign forever.

Frukta icke ondskan, ty Kristus har vunnit
seger. Frukta dock Gud, konungars konung.
För han har skapat dig, och friköpt dig till

Fear not the evil. For christ have conquered.
Yet, fear God for he has created you and
freed you to eternity.

6. Landscape

[Lyrics by Hubertus]

Cold winds are blowing in the forest of the
north. The night is black, like an essence of
the calm. Embrace my soul, eternal Master.

The stars are your creation. And the
moonlight that shine in my face. Blessed is
the nature that gives me strength.

Autumn leaves falls like a preparation for the
winter. The trees are quiet in its rest. The
quilt of the winter covers the landscape as
your power embrace our hearts.

Even if the cold tries to drown me you will
still remain.

7. The Dark Embrace Of Night

[Lyrics by Jonathan]

"Will it find it's way back or will it never again
shine?" one may wonder when the sun
disappears and the dark night embraces the land.

But after each night comes the dawn and the
sun again gives life to the forest.

As the nocturnal activities of the forest may
frighten the sons of Adam, the creatures of
the nocturnal forest is to worship the son of God.

And the flower in it's magnificence silently
worship the Creator.

The creator of all, the spirit of our lives, the
deliverer of mankind; I welcome thee deep
into the heart of mine.

8. The Wanderer

[Lyrics by Jonathan]

Oh this painful path. I try to walk but am
forced to fall. Again and again lashed by this
whip of twisted truth that perverts the minds of millions.

Master, come with your strength. Master,
come with your empire. Master, embrace my soul.

This path that I walk has been walked so many times.
And many are those who wander with me. I don't know them and
neither do they know me.

This path is the path of confusion and
bitterness. There will be forks, I know, where
I must choose which way to go, whom to follow.

I met many who claimed the smaller path to
be the better. Yet most men seem to choose
the other. And who knows whether I will be
able to change my mind.

Come with your strength, with your empire.
May your righteousness embrace my soul.
Guide me on my path so I may never fall.
Protect me on my wandering.

Cause darkness has lost it's weight by the
blood of the holy Son. For whose is the kingdom?
The power and the glory? Forever and ever,

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