Dark Lyrics


1. Nebel.... (Intro)


2. Manifest Of The Phantoms Fasade

Impaled raider-angels chest
A battered sculpture here manifests

Woe - Begone souls
Crowd the world in under Arcane
As a horde yet kept asuder Profane

Cruel defected angels
Ensnared in sweet rapture
Yet cursing and rejecting their sins

Descending steep stairs
Of black frosty stone
Approaching the vault
Of the ones assumed condoned

From the walls grabble claws
Of a voracious kind
Lasvicious gods laughter
Resounds in the halls like thunder

Draw the sabre offered to you from
The scabbard in the phantoms globed hand
And chop away Feel free from grace

Blistering dead mist looms up from
The phosphorous wells like acid steam
Noxious gas invades the weak things
Of the damned as they crowd
Themselves stairward
But held down by the sabre-
Wielding lords

Take the meat-dish offered to you and
The goblet from the phantoms gloved hand
Sink your teeth into the flesh of your prey
You have given rein
To your malicious ways

Mangeled and torn
Hangs the torso with angelwings
Amongst my gates ebony xylography
No crawling back
From underworld purgatory
To heavens filled with hypocrisy

Take the banner handed to you and
The dagger from the phantoms gloved hand
To lead the way

3. At The Sound Of The Midwinterhorn

The ravens fly high this solstice morn
The woods are bare The snow is deep
We wait for herne to sound his horn
And wake the demons up from sleep
To celebrate this dreadful sigh
Never reborn the day of light

And the oaks breathe mysterious mur-
Mursof the horn that sounds its sigh
In the moons face beneath the ocre eye
Like a crescent sword in hour of fight

And baring unto hell each noble head
Stood in the circle where
None else might tread
The thick air consumed the night
Ravens pride on battlesounds they fed

In a thousand shimmering nighttime dreams
Druids of old impale me
I gaze into a fog pregnant with
Seeds of decay and die amongst flesh and bark

As I fell eternally
Never touching the freesing soil
Like an autumn leaf caught in a cobweb dew
Lost am I until
My newfound wings I spread
Death is at hand and perish will all but a few

4. Twaeduster Jacht

With the season of decay upon us
The unavoidable shortening of days
Azazel changes form with twilights might
And as a wolf it haunts the forrest maze

He is the first and worst
Of seven plagues that
I have caused my people
To face in desperation

Accusing fingers point in my direction
To slay the beast I must take swift action
And undo the wrongs that stain my past

Returning prosperous years at last
Tonight we'll see whom takes the fall
As we seek out the greatest plague of all

To the undying forrest we ride
A sense of fear never leaving our side
As we wait for twilight

Twaedebuster Jacht
We must prevail before dark
In the surreal surroundings
Of the shimmerland
Where reality blends with the other world
The carrion ravens look down on us
They look upon us
As on bloody dead meat to be

Out of obscure shades of grey
The hellhound leaps forth
With an insatiable need to slay
We will stand our ground or perish

My hands freeze around
The hilt of my blade
Whom shalt the first step take?

With an inhuman roar the massacre starts
With a dozen strikes the monsters trunk
Of which ten cut nothing but air
Numerous assaults bring us poor results

And make us fall back in despair
Five of eight lay dead in blood
Steaming on the chilling air
Two more storm forth just to

Have their throats torn by the jaws of death
The last man trades temporary
For eternity
Now it is me and
Him in stalemate

It is wounded and fatigued as I seperate
His grinning head at the last signs of day
Yet again I dig the graves
For seven warriors brave
Never to see another day

5. Spirits Of The Eldergods Domain

Shades morph grotesque
Around the flickering torchlight
Noctivagant creatures
Avoid the amber glow and hide

They fear as they are feared
By mortal man the nightblind
Noctilucent eyed servants
Of the entities I seek to find

On my quest for the alliance
With the root of gloom and deep
My being forced a chain
To restrain my weak
At the boundries of this spiritland
I let my flesh sleep
Now my being is free
To join the cast-out spirits
As my flesh creeps

The ambient light shines
In a greyish blue dim
Beyond nebulous woods I
Behold the range of hills grim

Come the union
Crawling naked and low
Through the moist forrestsoil
The earth reveals a Cromleg
Where spirits whirl and coil

The stones throbbing like hearts
In a halo of lifeforce bright
In pulsating surroundings
Sensing the eldergods might

The silver light has diminished
The spirits have diversed
To unite with the night
Earth and leafs conceal
The heartstones oncemore
I return to my flesh with my eyes
As my hazy guide

Silent my cry at a gruesome sight
In my spirits absence my faite was sealed
The creatures of the night
Have conquerred their fright
Of the flamelight
Filling their cold bellies
With my flesh from bones pealed
The eldergods spirits come forth
From the shades
Filling my mind with the reasons why
I must not return from the woods tonight
Revealing what I have seen
To the Christian lie
Thus betraying the earthhearts
Through time concealed

Where the ambient light shines
In a greyish blue dim
I guard the range of hills grim

6. Soulbite

Unanimous creatures gather around
Bring forth impurity scorge
The sky and rage unbound
From heavens high and caverns low
Intoxicate this holy ground
In fumes of suphur we lay and wait
For the battlehorns to sound
Advance for twilight is upon us

Once all that is pure has gone to waste
My rivers run sour
Of smell and foul of taste

Soulbite Remorceless cruel and vile
Soulbite Forcefed with black bile

Within the fleshmade cage for your mind
We are the sole salacious and godly kind
Harsley making you aware
That our shadows are where
Your eyes are blind

Soulbite Voracious cold and foul
Soulbite Forcefed with black bile

7. Testify My Vanity

Henceforth thou shalt despise his name
Pray for absolution
In poor absurd tongue
Blood flows Locust swarms
The flamboyant throne The mules jaw
Funeral pile flames ate heretic flesh raw
And thereof I testify in blood

Ten commandments
Shattered chaos reins
The voice of god is silent
My boot rests on his face
Daylight fades firstborn die
Bloodstained doors The sulphur rain
On Sodom and Gomorrah burnt his eyes
He survived to avenge them blind

Hollow-eyed breathes of plague
His warhorse of skin
And bones half decaved
Waving a sword with nine blades
Leaving Askengris skies in his wake

Testify my vanity

8. Dead, Spectral Wolfmoon

Through the darkening showers
Of wrath I see the sign
And the unhallowed hearse
The infernal nightsky
Devours the restless dead

Highest mountains never reach
The altars of incantation
Nightwinds breed the fire
Majestic descend
Of the summoned one

Moonshade flames
Of conquerring blasphemy
I fierce hearse through
The nightsky

Wheels cry thunder
In gospel of the hordes
Moonshade flames
Breathe blackened breath

Moonshade pale in dismal dream
Flames Breathing anger
Moonshad Realm of stife and pain
Flames Cloak of the heretics

Wrapped in a veil
Of grim silence and
Singing songs
Of the arctic heathenhearts
I throw myself under the hoofs
Of the black horde
Seen through the eyes
Of the pagan coachmen
Self-sacrifice will release my spirit
Imperial funeral
Dead, Spectral wolfmoon

Moonshade Sword of the essence
Flames A scent of dark souls
Moonshade Why must life be?
Flames Consume all harmony
Moonshade The eternal nightrealm

Flames burn forevermore

9. The Prolongation Of The Search For The Citadel Of The Crowned Serpent

Under the gaze of an owl
I walk the streets of the ghastly stars
To reach the pond of purest black
The surface gleams
Like a pearl in the vast plane
Wet sacred shrine emerged as my spirit is
Led astray in search for illuminated skies

On a conquest through nighttime
Lingering spirits gather at the seven stones
Dark is the night
And so is the hatred in my soul
The oracle pierces the pale shapes
Concoct serpent and concubine souls
See and select the one must grim

Bitter the unpenetrable darkness
My gnarled body remained in the deep
Still my spirit is trapped in catatonic state
Listen while it speaks
Lightning gives shape to the night
Blood will flow through the night of
Black crystals

Es brennt ein feuer in mir
Nie zufor war das feuer so dunkel
Und kalt und es gehort zu mir
Es wird brennen bis ich sterbe
Und erlosen in kalte
Das feuer verbreited sich
Von geist zu geist
Und jede sehle wird verzehrt

Dark and cold moon behind the clouds
Dance the spirit dance in battered shape
I am alone among these hollow shadows
Like we did before meet the seven stones
I the selected one ignite the spirits dance

10. Sunnevot

The wolves carry their name
In midnight speeches
That silent subtle voice
Is summoning me from afar
A voice much closer will shout
Into my car with unholy impatience
Before my time I
Must put down here all that I can
Concerning the horrors that stalk
Without and lie in wait
For this ancient arcana that
Has been handed down
Of old but has been forgotten
By all but a few

De sunne's licht brandt vies op mien huud
Ik hekel dat licht als de pest
Bie't kearslicht zit'n kniez'n is mien lot
Valt mie so zwoar om de sunne te zien
Ik heb liever eeuwig duster en piene
Snode plan'n in de moaneschiene

In union with the celestial spirits
From beyond the wanderers
Of the wasteland
Emerging from the nethermost caverns
Which are not for phantoming eyes to see
For their marvels are strange and terrific

In a time before time I
Found the black formula
By which I will fade
The shining light of the day
A horror called sun now bound
To be consumed by utmost darkness

Fire against fire
Symbols carved upon a grey
Stone like dead magic
Powers walk unseen
And hide in lonely cold places
Where words are spoken
And rites howl through the night
And to the sun I chant:
My hand is at your throat!

You have seen a thousand-and-one moons
And a sigh hangs in your chest
Like a dark latern You are old
You never speak of the fear that seized
Upon your spine and wrapped cold fingers
Around your skull

In union we made wild passes in the air
With knives that glint cold and sharp
In the madnessnight
And as the dead embers of the fire
Grew cold and black
We smell the stench of the suns body
Lain long in the shadows to rot
Sunnevot De Sunnevot

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