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1. In The Night

[Words By: Richard Lynch, Music By: Richard Lynch, John Mahan, Josh Kramer]

In the night time so eager to deceive
You cut the throat of man and caused us all disbelief
In the shadow of the distant far
You creep slowly but we know just who you are

Don't let him
Deprive you
Don't let him, no!

Looking viciously wearing his decor
Knowing secretly your wounds
Deep inside you, you know which way to go
Your inside certain but your flesh keeps saying no

Don't let him
Deprive you
Don't let him, no!

At the bit he's chomping to destruct your soul
Causing man to fight self-destruction a alamode
Candy coated you hear this massage clear
Stand and fight death as for your soul, you're not to fear
Don't let him
Deprive you
Don't let him, no!

2. Island Prisoner

[Words By: John Mahan, Music By: John Mahan]

Trust is where your strength lie's when your down
Life is what you're preaching in the truth you found
Sentenced alone it's a fate worse than death
No man there to talk to till it's your last breath
Know that it's caused all your strife
Men want to snuff out your life
Things that your saying come from within
No man can take it away
Few will believe you the message you learned
Your going into exile today

Island prisoner
You're no visitor
Visions you've witness unveiled in a book
Why are they all coming true
Things that you're saying come from within
No man can take it away
Few will believe you the message you learned
Your going into exile today

Not in your wildest dreams
Could you ever imagined the revelation you have seen
A warning for mankind to see
Will they ever awaken to the devastation that will be

3. Space Cruiser

[Words By: Richard Lynch & John Mahan, Music By: Richard Lynch & John Mahan]

Out on a baron street
Just outside of town
The spaceman and his fleets
They're all touching' down
They're not from outer space
Nor the ocean or sea
Air defense stand by
What you spot report to me

Space Cruiser

Deep down inside the earth
Demons damned and cursed
Materializing steel
Forging satanic will

Oh no, here cares space cruiser
A flying curse up in the sky
Sent here from utter darkness
They've come to tell us all their lies
Why did the spacemen come here
From a far and distant land
And did they place the green goop in the ocean
That turned the fish into man

Space Cruiser you're exposed for all to see
Your plot is evil glad it's you,
Not me Determined tyrant spilling out your sin
You're claiming victory but you'll never win

4. Through You

[Words By: Richard Lynch, Music By: Richard Lynch]

Trying to live my life for you
I don't know if I can
To make it on my own you know
I'm only just a man
My lack of dependence keeps me
From what I'll receive
Reach your hand down to me now
Help me to believe

Take this bitter cup
Death won't be my friend
You conquered the night
Through you I am winning

Knowing that your word is real
Knowing that you're true
Still I find myself in chains
Can't make it without you
Looking to your guiding light
Wanting to come in
Always there to help me out
You pick me up again

Good times come and good times go
I'll always need you
Showing me the wrongs and rights
Your love comes shinning through
Best of all you help me when
Temptations enter in
You conquered the darkest night
You made me new again

5. Time's End

[Words By: John Mahan & Richard Lynch, Music By: John Mahan & Richard Lynch]

He wakes in darkness
The stench of burnt flesh fills the air
His chewed up body
The rats are crawling everywhere
He looks around him to his horror
Dead bodies rotting all around
There is no memory in his mind
There is no answer to be found

The sound of metal clanging makes him hide
He sees the mutant people walk in stride
Hot crimson lasers glaring from their gaze
Dark shadow killers walk out from the haze

Sonar detectors working underground
These wicked man of metal know no bounds
He climbs the ladder up into his fright
Leaving the sewer city late at night
Roaming the streets he hears the people cry
There are the beastly banners flying high
Mass execution stage a bloody feast
Won't take the mark or bow down to the beast

Back to the sewer
The only place that feels right
Groping the tune is his search for help leads
him to a fight
The mutant people's deadly rays
Aims for a slaughter killing all
The realization in a flash
He walks among them those that fall

6. Primed And Ready

[Words By: Richard Lynch, Music By: Richard Lynch]

The red of dawn is on the rise
You know it comes as no surprise
The earth quake came, the war are here
The end of time is getting near
Poison waters fill the land
Are you ready for the last stand
Armor up it's not too late
To join the few to delegate

"Primed and ready"
The end of time is near
"Someone's shouting"
He's coming back for those who care

Soon the earth will burn in flames
And wickedness will stake it's claim
What's to come out from the east
The son of death, the mighty beast
Sinful men will hear his cry
On judgment day they all will die
Evils got them by the tail
And with their gods they'll burn in hell


When it all has come to pass
When the first have become last
When evils lost the final fight
To the King and all His might
Memories will fade away
The horrors of forgotten days
Except the one who's chosen wrath
He tasting death who's laughing last


7. Destroyers Of The World

[Words By: John Mahan, Music By: John Mahan & Richard Lynch]

Well you can step right up you ladies and gents
You'll get a front row seat without paying a cent
It's the signs of the tine and the writing on the wall
Tell of innocent bloodshed and the things that will befall

Don't miss the end of the world
It's the greatest show on earth
Most everybody's got their tickets
And they'll really get their moneys worth

"Destroyers, destroyers of the world"

Rumors of war and of drastic changing weather
Earthquakes and famine reign on the earth forever
Prophets of old and their warnings to the earth
Telling all mankind boldly every since its birth

Men of the planet lust for death and power,
Nuclear warfare wills the final hour,
If you live by the sword and hasten its wrath,
Then you'll die by the sword and feel it thrash

8. Phantom Of The Galaxy

[Words By: John Mahan, Music By: John Mahan]

What is your reason to destroy,
It comes with treason your decoy,
You pose as friend to all our race,
But hell has sent you your home base

"Death is the name that you claim
Phantom of the galaxy
Death is the name that you claim Phantom"
(Of the galaxy)

What is the fate of those that you hate
Binding your victims they're tortured and chained
In your clammy grip a monster insane,
Poison and perfume come in small flasks
Pours out like water to those that dare ask.

You hunt your prey, hit in the night,
You always slay us when we fight,
You caused our trouble from within,
Reduced to rubble, still will win

9. Steel Killer

[Words By: Richard Lynch, Music By: John Mahan]

He's got the eyes of certain death
Blows out his plague with just one breath
He knows your moves and where you go
He's got you tricked and you don't know

Killer steel killer
He stalks his prey
Killer steel killer
Wants you to throw your life away

Pleasure and pain there's lots in store
Take all that you want there's plenty more
Death in the air, devils delight
You play his game you lose your life

Is there protection from this evil being
One to stand and fight
There is provision from the one who brings
Truth so full of might
Death is due destruction evils last fight
End of all darkness when morning meets the night

There is a moral to this tale
Escape the trap of his death spell
Forever lies this wicked doom
Leave than crying in his tome

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