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1. The Crucible


2. Crucified

[Lynch, Johnson, Knowland]

He said come follow me
He walked beside the sea
I dropped my nets
And started toward
I watched Him heal the sick
And cause the blind to see
I watched Him feed 5 thousand
Standing right in front of me
To bruised the heal in deaths defeat
The serpent crushed beneath His feet
Was crucified for all to see
Was crucified for you and me
(Now crowned and on the judgment seat)
He said go teach the world
Of all that you have seen
And to the end I reached for more
A vow to die like Him
No cock would crow again
And on a stake turned upside down
I was crowned

3. The Key

[Lynch, Johnson, Knowland]

Cursing 55, the last of summer days
The tension lets; the fury flies anger has its way
Oh relentless one He won’t let me go
He knew me then and knows me now
And knows there’s nowhere else to go
Do ya trust Me
Are ya hearing Me
Ya got away
Ya gotta see that I’m here bleeding
Running fast and hard to spin the roulette wheel
Rebellions set no rees or rhyme in it for the thrill
Oh conviction nears He’s pounding down the door
He knew me then He knows me now
When I don’t know what’s up for sure
Do ya trust Me
Are ya hearing Me
Ya got a way,
Or will you bite the hand that’s feeds you


Do ya trust Me
Are ya hearing Me
I made a Way,
Ya gotta see that I’m the Key

4. End Of The World

[Lynch, Johnson, Knowland]

You see the lighting flashes
Crackling through the sky
The cursing on the earth
As judgment day arrives
The day and time unknown
As prophecies fulfill
And now the end of time is up
open the seals
You’re calling judgment day
Oh heretic you say
He’s coming through the shy
No one knows where, when, or why
It’s only the end of the world
The creatures and the earth
Are groaning to the thrown
A call to judges us all
Like nothing ever known
And yet they come
The foolish one
To claim a day and time
Misleading all the earth
The blind leading the blind

5. Let It Rock

[Lynch, Johnson, Knowland]

Soon the changing tide
Will wash away
You and me alive
To face the day
Let it rock
Loud and free
Surrender you sprit
And you’ll see
Surrender you sprit
Surrender to Me
Through the years gone by
I’m blown away
Good and desperate times
Have changed our ways
Surrender today
Forever we’ll stay
So rain down your mercy
Lord rain down today

6. In The Fray

[Lynch, Johnson, Knowland]

We’ve searched around the world to find
A different way
Faster, faster, faster
We want it all today
A lure on the hook to fill the store
House floor
And when it’s full inside
It leaves us wanting more
The walls come crumbling down
The start of a new day
And all the time you spent was wasting
In the fray
At lighting speed we draw our
lines and then define
And leave the ones we love behind
With insurrection looming facing
One and all
The walls of destiny bequeath the
coming powers fall
No time left
No time to
No time left to spare
No time left
No time to
No time left to care

7. Inside Out

[Lynch, Johnson, Knowland]

We’ve seen the TV head lines
We’ve seen the outcome score
We’ve seen it all now
And I can’t take no more
Agendas contemplating
There knocking at the door
And like the song it goes
They’ll tax us till there’s rich no more
Top down bottom up inside out
Progressives at the party
To nudge the end time here
Claps the system
Honor has no place in here
We the people ruling
Lead in Gods own fear
We’ve took our stand now
You know I think we’ve made it clear

8. Desperate Night

[Lynch, Johnson, Knowland]

Long ago I heard the story
Of the day that waits in time
Untold soul on earth were left behind
Like a thief at night in the shadows wake
There was a sound and a flash in the night
Two gone before me
The terror starts today
Desperate night
All alone where memories haunt me
In this day and trapped in time
Reaching for a truth that wasn’t mine
Desperate for a light to shine my way
Then a sound a flash in the night
Who stood before me
The devil has his day
Desperate night

9. Zombie Shuffle

[Josh Kramer]

Now it’s two A.M. The street’s cold and barren
Rain comin’ down, he staggers by just starrin’
Young cold bony fingers, ragged soul-less and hardened
In the search and the quest of a fix’uh in the back of a junkyard.
And he’s goin’ back for more, doin’ the zombie shuffle
He’s goin back for more oh.
He takes an old crusty needle and stabs it in his arm.
His heart begins to pound and he’s about to buy the farm.
Staggering feeling like superman, aimless and flying high.
Begs for some pocket change from everyone passing by.
Back for more
Give it to me!
He looks, he looks around the city
And hangs his scabby head
Everyone’s doing fine except the living dead
When zombies come out at night

10. Judgement Day

[Lynch, Johnson, Knowland]

Who knew the out come there
Who’s seen the curse
Who‘s in complete despair
As things get worse
God of day
God of night
He set the day unknown
Judas kiss
Motions set
Israel all a lone
Come Lord Jesus mercy
Purge the earth
Chosen before time
To show the way
Seeking God at night
To crush the day
Finding faith
Finding sight
The end game is in play
Israel nights
Tribes in flight
Escaping judgments day
It’s the end of the story
From ancient of days into glory

11. To Live Forever

[Dee Harrington and Richard Lynch]

The nights been dragging on
Hard times make you cold

Oh, I've been searching for so long
Now I know I"m wrong

Living in lies and broken dreams
Watching your life on a TV screen

Say it's your will
Say it's your thrill
Say it's your will to live forever

No time
Is all the time I have
To waste my time with you

I might change
But change remains the same
No cash back when change is due

[Repeat bridge & chorus]

Living in lies and broken dreams…

12. Escape From The Fire

[Lynch, Johnson, Knowland]

Enemy below we rip though the shy
Pounding the earth with a judgment day cry
Witness the power from heaven up above
Gallant white horses and those who I love
Crushing the dragon a blow to his head
Stomped though the wine press now he is dead
All of his glory and all his desires
Judgment upon him thrown in the fire
In forever hell
There you’ll burn
Burn forever and ever and ever
In the heavenly fortress above
Unworthy followers cover in blood
Those who were tested with feet to the fire
Now forever in Christ’s empire
Escape from the fire

Josh Kramer – Vocals
Brian Miller – Vocals in Desperate Night track
Jerry Johnson – Guitar
Richard Lynch – Bass and Vocals
Jared Knowland - Drums

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