Dark Lyrics


1. Escogido

Searching path knowledge
Nothing but fear remains
Walking thru' nonsense
Where noone dares
Clutching reality, naked divinity

To reach nowhere, a shadow
A step away from my left side
She follows me while she 's waiting
Where have you gone
Rationality and all my tidy

Snare of emotions
Something's trying to get free
Something's trying to get free
Kicking out from my heart!

Escogido and afraid
How can my first enemy
Sweep away everything...like this?


A way wiped out like this
Defiled warrior in an unknown land
Made out of dark presence&feelings
A faultless path, and that fuckin fear
In front and all around me

2. India

Finally close your eyes, body sinks
Increasing strenght of fantasy
Find yourself where
You don't want to be
Trapped in a net of images
Life and death explosion
Where you don't want to be

Icy roar of muddy waters
Steals your last breath

There's no way back
An endless search
Thirst for living, feed suffering
To come to nothing, nothing at all
In absolute, eternal pain

Body swept away by rapids
You can't command it anymore
It's dark on your soul
There's no way back
It's dark on your mind
There's no way back

Death calls...rebirth
Soul strenght blessed
In pain you feed
While I learn, to come to nothing


3. From Bellatrix To Betelgeuse

4. Den Siste Kamp

Last day
You can feel it coming
The liberating singing
This ever - waited moment
First and last scream
Surrounded by an icy earthquake
Of a nature sick of
Your challenge longing

Ragnarok...it's the day!
Ragnarok...now I know!

Rage is not enough
Hate is not enough
Fellings chained from the begining
What has been...
Nothing more matters

Winning is not enough
Killing is not enough
A triumph that erases all
Bleeding universe
Back to a silent nothingness
Shapeless chaos...while now...

Ragnarok...what a day!
Ragnarok..."finally has come"

...Everything burns!

5. Tribe

Treachery's years
Years of obscure death
Here comes the man that brings
Unknown disease, hate & deceit
And noone 's the owner
Of his own life anymore

One life? It's war!
One man, his war

This scalp is for my fathers
And this is for my tortured wife
This one is for my lost sons
Is this the way we are?

Time to count blows and blows
You don't deserve to deal with me ...wichasa!

No reason to smile
My legs, my sight, my brain, my hands
These are my only friends
My body smiles inside itself
I known who my enemies are
Now running is forbidden
My hunting has taken another
Bloody way...
Treachery! No, no more
This is...my death's singing
This will...make your blood
No fear..this is the only way!

Here...locked in your cage
There is no way to deal with you...

Another flight, other deceptions
Other flights, resignation
(Now) all that's left
Are crumbs of hope
Blown away by your icy scorn

6. Spiral Of Winter Ghosts

Here they are again
Taken by an icy wind
They gently take place beside me

Winter days...once again
Winter nights...as it's always been
Winter days...this my time
Winter nights...as it's always been

Feel the cold, see the frost
Forgotten in my brain
Can you see the winter ghost?
Coming thru' the rain


Here they are again
Eager for my essence
Warriors, bearers of peace
Sinners and saints dressed in innocence

Winter days...this my time
Winter nights...let'em come to me
Winter days...once again
Winter nights...let'em come to me


I am so scared
There's no disguise!

The spiral of winter
Do you think it's enough
To close a door?
The spiral of winter
To leave behind what is now!


7. The Ninth Wave

A dream, she was beautiful
She was the most beautiful
She should be the one
She was true, she wife of my king
She who got in me, like this
And my madness is not smaller
Than her beauty
I don't run away after having her
No fear, she was mine
The dream was mine
'Cos noone understood
The judge of blind servants
She was mine
See all around me
Can you understand me?
Speaking beyond the ninth wave
I'll be back
And take what's due to me
Beyond the ninth wave
I know the truth

The judge of blind servants
I'm mad and exiled
In unknown waters

I knife and a wooden coffin
A drift in a black water's sea
She mine. I'll be back
For the end of everything

Thirst and darkness
Screams like an endless echo in
My mind
Hunger and a burning sun
Inside my brain
I'll be back
She's the one
From beyond the border
Of a known world
I'm not to blame
She was starting
I was atonished more&more
But she was me
I'll back to you
Beyond the ninth wave
My madness is not less than my pain
From here
Where you look at me smiling
I have no strenght to move nor to speak
I can still hear you whispering
While my last breath...
I lost it long ago

From here...
Beyond the ninth wave
All that's left to me
Are your screams
In a frame of black waters.

8. The Reign Of Asmat

Hundreds of dug trees
Flowing down this channel
Thousands of painted bodies
Screams in rhythm of paddles
And grim drums

You recognize me
From my adorned nose
Fella's bone
Dwellers of our black reign
Slimy swamp
Wrapped up in a thick fog
My reign, the reign of asmat!

My reign where death gives life
There's magic in cutting you
Into little pieces
Magic in dancing
With your head right here
All around a hundred meters
Tall "bis"

I remember the last great feast
I remember the white gift from the mist ...To "otjanep"

That's our refusal of your
White senseless law
Our revenge on your soft white flesh!

I remember the last great feast
I remember the white gift from the mist ...To "otjanep"

All Music By Tommaso Talamanca
All Lyrics By Zanna Except "India" (Zanna/Yoko) And "Spiral Of Winter
Ghosts" (Zanna, Peso, Talamanca)
Additional Vocals On "The Ninth Wave" By Jane Vaughan
Spoken Vocals On "India" By Alam Khondaker
Mastered By Alessandro Cutolo At Elettromati, Milano, Italy
Produced By Alberto Penzin
Mixed By Paul Johnston And Tommy Talamanca
Engineered By Paul Johnston
Recorded And Mixed At Rhythm Recording Services, Bidford-On-Avon,
Warwickshire, England, May-August 1995

Peso - Drums, Percussion
Chicco - Bass, Fretless Bass
Zanna - Lead Vocals
Tommy - Guitars, Keyboards, Effects

(p)(c) 1996 Rising Sun Productions

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