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1. Intro

2. The Prophet

The newborn child will bring the end
All will watch the burning land
Believing me, I'm saying truth
Listen to my words, its the prophet

Destruction and pain
The curse will reign
There would be one way
All shall pay

The death is coming by sea
Prepare yourself, see what eyes see
Shores of hell - burning in pain
Run for battle, prepare your spear

I feel the winds of conquer

I pray for the rain
I cray for the domain

3. Tomorrow Never Comes

A hope inside, damaging your heat,
No one can stop, bring the wrath

Is it a curse, fear of reverse
Always in your mind,
All is written in these verses
Take out your sword and grind
Fell the power deep inside
Trust yourself, stay upright
Ride your horse and fight

Ride beyond the horizon
Bring the winter from mountains high
Don't wait for tomorrow
Cause tomorrow never comes

4. Our Sword Shall Hurt

A land over mountains, ready to unite
It shall be ours after this fight
We shall shorten distances so hard to see
We shall save our brothers, so glad to hear

Warriors in the way of truth, let'em blow the horn
Let'em ride for worlds future, for the unborn

Our sword shall hurt, endless lands are ours
Land shall suck your blood, and shall spit for wrath

5. Powercraft

Take the power, and you're the only god
How tasty is being ruler
Arise from your throne through the sky
Watch your back, enemy is waiting the dawn

Mastering the art of power is not easy at all...

6. Owner Of My Own

I walked between the walls of pain
I suffered but couldn't gain
A hard exam to pass
A neverending war on these neverending plains

God gave me blood and life
Does he need? why takin' it
I feel lie going down
Why me? as I didn't accept it

7. Wolf

Evil attacked the village, everyone's died
Mothers love can't endure, children cried
Only the one survived, a little boy
Shall drown in swamp, he is loosing blood

Beloved wolf please feed me, I'm so hungry
Give me fresh meat, I have to eat
No pleasure anymore, all will be done
When I grow up, I'll be the one

Evil heard that the boy is alive,
Sent the warrior to end his life
Is it easy to take the life
From the body of chosen one

Wolf carried him to towards the shore
Sheltered him in their caves
Brings fourth young, just ten boys
Fertiled lowland sheltered all
When they grow up they went out
Found then girls and they got married
Seven settled down the mountain
And wolf shows the way... She carried...

8. Sorrowland

All is red, the sky, the sea and the time
All is dead, our memories of this crime
Could rain, could it erase the pain
The sky is darkened
The sun is hiding behind the mountain

Dropping tears for a new dawn
We'll never see the sun
So hard to breath, welcome to death
All hopes are gone

My hands are covered of blood
Tears and blood became a river
Shores of Death are crying for their fate
Death and pain and sand...
This is our sorrowland
How tasty is being the ruler
Arise from your throne through the sky
Watch your back, enemy is waiting the dawn

Mastering the arth of power is not easy at all...

9. Pandemonium Of Sacrilege

Upon the ones his curse shall be
He spoke to me
The words gained meaning when they are spoken
He gave my mission
And my duty gained worth on their preconception

The pandemonium we live in
shall be breached
By the authority I have been given
To demolish the corruption
That takes shelter in our progression

The last breath given
Death gains meaning when it opens a door to a new life
Reward waits me on the other side
My duty has come to an end

My blood must spill
Again and again I must kill

10. The Hunt

We're waiting the moon to lighten our way
Darkness all around, all sky is grey
Behind these doors, stars are hiding
Time is approaching, the hunt shall begin

Flames of revenge are burning
All shall be ruined
Gods are by our side
Fearlessly we ride

11. City Of Tulips

There stands a piece of heaven
There stands the gift of god
The conqueror of miracles...

They poured cannons of freatness
The vessels sailed on earth
The conqueror of miracles was consented
By the city of tulips

And then there was silence, leave all your arms
Heal your sores , restore your ground

There builded a palace for the memory of war
In this great cathedral of Hagia-Sophia
The tulips of heaven... sprouted from the ground

And then there was silence, leave all your arms
Geal your sores, restore your ground
And then there was violence for us all
Take your swords, die and crawl

12. Outro

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