Dark Lyrics


1. Guide Me

Big dumb leaves
scrape my head
I walk through trees
to cheer for the dead
Glossy paint and tinted windows
hot new cars for lunchtime widows

I see you hiding there
microscopic guiding hairs
stand attention on the back of my neck

Guide me to the street
to discuss gods and masters
Guide me to the halls
to discuss death and taxes


2. Cleft Stick

I told the nighttime to wait
A few more hours a day
I hold arms too strong
arms hold arms too strong
I told the nightmare to wait
I told myself to behave
juggle oil and loyalty
with frail hands of clay

I told them to shut their mouths
but they wont miss the chance to feed
Violence stops them moving their chops
Spit half chewed eulogies for cops

I'm in a cleft stick
I'm in too thick
I'm up creek shit
I'm in a cleft stick

3. Natural Life

Natural life is ancient
Natural life is strange

Wiping off eyes
I break blocks to feed
I beg for steps of tenor
and for words of my own

Natural life is distant
Natural life is strange

I'm beginning to hate talking
I'm beginning to hate walking
I can't find the words I've lost the way
I'm beginning to hate everything

4. Apples

I speak to the sky
with apples in my mouth
I look to the sky
god picks the stems from my mouth
I reach to the sky
monkey wrench in hand
I unfasten the sky
bright night to the land

I have sinned but no punishment awaits
The judge sits dead,dead on his bench

Dead deity deliver me

I wade through the sea
as quick as cholera
History lies in the sea
I cover my tracks with death

5. Children

The Children of slaves lied down like pavers
Rotten streets of gold
The Children of god reached up in prayer
Despotic towers of old
The children of swine shook hands to wager
Sold souls for golden gates
The Children of sadists voted all in favor

6. Lonely Town

The shopkeeps's song goes fa la la
The lawnman behind sings follow the law
In the courtyard you could hear the church bells ring
In the backwoods you could hear the bluesman sing

But you cant eat applause for breakfast
and you'll starve if you can't find a way in
into the media tarpit into the right market

Lonely town I'm a hungry man
Lonely town I'm wild with curiosity
Lonely town I've got generations of bad lives
vapid at my feet,oh,would you please save me

7. Grave Digger

Grave digger grave digger
call me a slave,call me a ditch digger
You grab my pant leg on your fall from grace
You're the face of human waste

Generations of apathetic drones
brought you solace to bury the bones
of a so called inferior race
You're the face of human waste

You built a kingdom
You wont let me in
You are a peddler
of human skin


8. Body Turned Transmitter

Rained down from the heavens
A spiritual revelation
a body turned transmitter
psychic epochal broadcast

9. Voice On Tape

Nihilism pours from my headphones
A voice on tape screams 'FUCK THE WORLD'
And I'm pouring their paper down main street
sucking the waves from their wires

This world holds you back
The dirt fills your shoes
The crust of the earth
is made of malice and pain

But I hope someday you find someone to love you
I hope hope someday you find peace in yourself
The earth is separate from the populous
And yourself isn't lost in the tides

10. Hex Sells

I don't wanna be alone tonight
so I push my way into the hoi polloi
Float above them and burn bright
Hex sells!hex sells!but I'm giving my life

The great unwashed retch at my feet
I'm the witched witch red as meat
I push bones of dinosaurs into the sunbaked clay
I've learned more from tomorrow than you learned from today

I don't need time
time needs me

11. Spacemen & Cops

A drugged ex-marine
feeling low on himself
begs for change
on the corner of disillusion

His tattooed arms read 'fuck off'
above a shitty cross on fire
His tattered sign warns of a mothership
here to suck his brains

When they come for him his mind will be gone
Dead in an alley with shit in his pants
This is his maiden voyage and he's fighting alone
against spacemen and cops
He'll fight to his end

12. Dangerous Beat

The streetsweepers are out
here to cleanse my soul
The streetlights are out
to hide the shadow of fear

I'm out of my body
I'm out of my mind
The dangerous beat
is easy to find

I could build a house of wood
I could build a house of bricks
All shelter will crumble
All will burn to the sticks

I'm out of my body
I'm out of my mind
the dangerous beat
is east to find

13. Insomnia

Her fury rises as the sun rises
Her nerves set with the night
A myriad of malicious misers
keep their moons locked up tight

The night is police
poised to swat her patience she says
my bed my bed my bed my bed my bed's like a jail
The Morning Is a Freight train
barreling into the station she says
my mind my mind my mind jumped the tracks eye
lids to cover earth
like reaper hoods she says
I'll dig I'll dig I'll dig I'll dig to the center of conscious
eyes on fire like balls of napalm she says
my hell my hell my hell's on earth

Her fury rises as the sun rises
Her nerves set with the night
A myriad of malicious misers
keep their moons locked up tight


14. Grim And Hapless

leave your fruit outside
watch it rot to wine
leave slabs of flesh
watch it grow to insects
leave stays of water
watch them cloud the sky
no rain to fall
an earth that's cracked and dry

Lead your children to bomb
watch them cower in piss
Lead the monkey-fuckers to hell
watch them set fire to nests

Grim and Hapless
spent the night
riding winged
to salvation
Mr. Grim and Mr Hapless
made it to town
there they were slaughtered too

leave your flesh exposed
drown in posies and ash
leave cancer to grow
bask in radiant light
Leave your shell malnourished
as rodents infect
in the year of the rat
with no brain to reflect

Let death sweep you in
take your vessel to rest
let these brothers be your council
Grim and hapless know best

Grim and hapless
spent the night
riding winged
to salvation
Mr. Grim and Mr. Hapless
made it to town
there they were slaughtered too

15. Old Fools

Old fools will rupture themselves
filling paychecks and cunts of wives
Feast of leaches and lacerations
halls with torches and portraits with eyes

He's a king,his castle is protected
Intruders kept from cunts of wives
Wafer thin and bulging with sex
Fences with wire and cameras like eyes

One nation under god
in the land of nod

Old tool your pervasive praxis
Like dank perfume stale cunts of wives
Old fools will define love as he and she
in the land of nod, under the blanket of god

16. The Man That Lived And Died Asleep

Your ignorance will outlive your body
Black stones will outline your grave
your children will learn to ignore
A father that lived
A father that died

A man that lived and died asleep

You put trust in those with loudmouths
None in those fell silent by the times
You dreamt of nothing in your deep sleep
and that's how you lived
and that's how you died

A man that lived and died asleep
A man that lived and died in his sleep

17. Like A Shadow, Like Shackles

Hate attaches to my feet

like a shadow
like shackles

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