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demo: "Magic In Practice And Theory" (1985)

1. The Imaculate Conception
2. The Original Sin
3. By Thy Command

1. The Imaculate Conception

Awakening now from my slumber beholding the glories of centuries past,
My souls destination my minds revelation revealed in my heart as it shatters
Crowning the king of an aeon that's dawning christened in tears of impotent fools
Avenging with sorrow the hearts that you've broken drained of devotion emotional ghouls,

Mocked and castrated emasculated
Ridiculed from my belief with my spirit now broken,
My threats are but token defiance,
At your years of unending deceit
No hope in believing a Saviour will come to redeem at last,
Raped and abused innocents used by corruption
Then empty are scattered like haff
Awakening now crowning the king mocked and castrated

Declared a reluctant messiah Desiring a painess release on the cross,
With my kindness of passion so long out of fashion my celibate soul begs for paradise lost
Solomon reigning arrayed in his glory immaculate beauty conceived,
Let the prince be a fool yet the jester may rule when the tables are turned and the truth is revealed

Gentle jesu meek and mild pity thou this little child
You turn a blind eye as I weep but watch me for my soul to keep
I bow my head and close my eyes but beg you not to patronise
A Shame that such humility shall burn in hell eternally
Forever and ever and ever AMEN

2. The Original Sin

Once long ago I believed that salvation was mine
I worshipped apostles believing their gospels divine
Stunning all that's evil, I turned the other cheek
I prayed for my deliverance, always mild and meek,
I realise the folly of the noble, of I led
The day you give your soul to god tis better you were dead.

Prayed night and day for deliverance from all I despise,
But the preachers who teach us betrays my belief with all their lies
Till an anger grew within me, at my years of wasted words,
I tired of repentance, and of prayers that went unheard

Father if you love me as your gospels say you do,
Why have you betrayed me - Why do you make me endure hell?

Hell is the fate that awaits me the price that I pay
I fed no remorse - Let the fire take its course - Praise the day
That I give my soul to Satan to do with as he pleased
With my soul laid bare before me exposed for all to see,

3. By Thy Command

Reviled and rejected for the thoughts I resurrected,
For eternity I walk this twilight land
Defiantly prostrated to the lord thy god created,
In humanity now face to fate I stand

I have no fear of dying
But fear my soul is frying
On the pyres that I constructed in my life,
You can fell your body burning,
As the brimstone wheel keeps turning
Feeding off the heresy this night

Left alone and undefended unto him my soul is rendered
And swiftly I am dismembered by his hands tongues that damned me,
Now crucify and hang me upon
Torments, they can't hope to understand

Oh dark lord I abhor thee but I bow in fear before thee
I tremble like a child - A broken man,
Now for my death I draw my final breath
Now I know I live or die by thy command

Martin Walkyier ‒ Vocals
Andy Sneap ‒ Guitars
Fraser Craske ‒ Bass
Mark Daley ‒ Drums

Thanks to nirajpandya for sending these lyrics.

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