Dark Lyrics


1. Dying Spiral Galaxies

a wave of dying spiral galaxies
crashing inside of my veins
cosmic matter bursts through my pores
the heavens envelope this tangible world
will i return to the darkness
which man once bred through

2. Forge

i can't believe you're still dragging that shit around with ya,
just figured you'd be a lil’ more philosophical about it
and cut it the fuck loose,
and when a man sticks a gun in your face you got two choices,
you can die,
or you can kill the mother fucker.
our life a forgotten thought i feel like I’m never gaining ground
your birth from the loop and you'll die in the black loop
an answer i will never find i feel like I’m never gaining ground.
power of dust given life forms of drugs create the flight
consumed planets run through shape metal
a force that feeds forge into the laws of space and the origin of the universe
unleashing the end of life super science and sorcery
orbit into the future by going light years downwards.

my first instinct was to beat the hell out of ya, you know that dontcha?

3. Imbedded

as the demons take grip
your life’s no longer the same
reborn with a corpse in the kingdom of his name
consumed by battle the ultimate destroyer
the planets inhales itself
and is swallowed by the void forever
and its destined to shatter the fabric of time and space
the witches magic and the aftermath of the end today
and the simplest visions of power and revelations
this ghost of Satan and hells angels have taken over this land

4. Intro

sleep alone and forget forever, struggle and give me all of your power

5. Sleep And Forget Forever

so sleep, forget, forever transcend through time
life is a window, in a dream
searching and reaching
cocooned in its depression
run for your life to no life
transform this into a butterfly
so sleep, forget, forever, transcend through time

6. Woodson Lateral

-“you boys better clear out
you better haul your ass before dark
a lot of people come a missin’ huntin’ down here
these folks in the next county won't even come down here at all.”
--“Well i don’t reckon you warned em‘.“

contact reaches stars
funnel the spirit of light
knowledge of the universe and earth is the way of life
the quietness of the woods
Opossums‘, ghosts, and coon the wizard cast assembly
its tradition in the country
chasing the devils dope with whiskey wine and smoke
demons taking flight the ghost biker rides at midnight
crosses on trees to prevent our entry
bonfire with Satan’s wizard

Jupiter optimus maximus and protector of justice
a direct condensation of the primordial solar nebula from which the entire
solar system formed.

7. If You Walk Before You Crawl


8. You Crawl Before You Die

“All right I’m coming out,
and any man i see out there I’m gonna kill him,
any sonnuvabitch takes a shot at me,
I’m gonna kill him, and I’m gonna kill his wife, and all his friends,
and burn his damn house down!”

until the end of time
the slaughter infested the city limits and county lines
born outlaws and molded into chrome
the very elements inside of the bone
fire in marrow
spheres carrying trees
possessed pick up trucks and pairs of sluts blackened pond scum
and mothers that cry
if you walk before you crawl you crawl before you die

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