Dark Lyrics


1. Thorns


2. Brown

Brown torn and twisted withered and dying twisted inside thoughts I
thought I knew you once thoughts we all thought that you could change
thoughts that given time you'd grow into a man instead you fucked us
off and dropped out so you let go throw away soul malice doubtful your
intent and I don't even want to understand your motives fuck it it's
not my business you serve yourself that's all there is that I'll ever
need to know right I wonder if you ever know what it means to depend
on yourself to feel that weight on your own two legs tell me how do
you live not at all oh no friend not at all what's with the secrecy
why don't you just be honest haven't we shown enough love to earn that
much respect from you perhaps we only did you the grave disservice of
holding you up all these years should we have let you drown shit we
thought we were being friends your secret's safe with me I'll watch it
all go down but my friend I'll never understand you you really think
the world's against you feel ashamed that you've been passed by do you
really think that running away will bring you to cured for what ails
you I don't

3. For Thousands Of Years

Spit in my face blackness fill my heart hit me again it's time to die
well why are we here to hold this gift this blessed beautiful
desecration of us inside insane in love with death the vile lust for
everything that destroys us seems like we're hurtling towards an end
that seems to have no end it only gets more painful empty and futile
man we're gonna keep going unenlightened arrogant as ever let's keep
on fighting the same old tired war or let's party down get so high and
drunk and numb ourselves to just how fucked up this life is without
respect there's no unity just keep in mind how very little your life
is worth take you soul for a swim in a river of blood don't try it
you'll drown in suicide party down so fucking high so fucking drunk I
don't wanna think this time in a river of blood try not to drown your
sorrows in suicide let's party down get so high and drunk and numb
ourselves to just how fucked up this life is within excess there's no
unity just keep in mind how very little your life is worth—why are we

4. Sadaver

It's dead gunshot drown slipping down tears or blood what does it
matter now could we've ever known wouldn't leave it alone should we
ever seek to manipulate the light moving like you're scraping on
something rise cry out plague did you suffer bled bleed out is this
what you do deceive no one prey no more cold cold cold in blood could
we've ever known wouldn't leave you alone rise cry out plague did you
suffer bled bleed out everything you've used up dead the dying
sleepless sleep forever bleed bleed out this is what you do the rancid
foaming from the tip of your tongue I hope it rots you from the inside
out your tongue I hope it rots you from the inside out torturer in
your ending madness pain of regret dying without human emotion what
good's this fucking feeling unsettled an element of heart disgraced
your face made of glass forever when who you were fell apart wasted
lifetime's endeavor

5. Broken Arms Broken Wings

My heart hate this halt this hopeless tortured growing old feels so
fucking cold and hard these chores do they really take your life
anywhere conform because your afraid to do as you please on your knees
begging scratching sniffing dying you whore this life can be a bitch
sunder the dream that dragged you under how true is anything you do
can't seem to get over it is this the bottom line on your knees
jerking sucking milking tasting you hole don't you wish you were dead
yet I swear I've heard it said the boring are often bored well I'm
tired too I can't stand this place it's a web everything sticks to
everything else failing light hating life I know I've heard it said
the boring are always bored well I'm tired too fuck it I think we're
in Hell in the place everything runs into everything else failing life
hating the light grinding in your bones these desperate urges to get
stoned just for relief from your own grimly mundane reality help me I
reach out to you I am but your servant hold me in your broken arms my
broken wings won't heal won't fly into the sun or fall in love with
everyone there'll be no release from this solitude and your twisted
world perspective fear and disillusion making a fool out of your self
in the end you've honed a nice stone

6. Storm And Sea

A pale blue light rolling in waves the pale blue light that lights
your face electric eels act as the furious fingers of God's sifting
searching for us through the hydrolyte haze the fires of Hell can't
touch us now out here all alone in the middle of the sea up and up and
until you drown what does it mean this isolation life is not sweet
when you're cold and bitter and beat you take a fucking beating up and
out and until you're dead everything so saturated can't keep it dry
can't keep it warm oh how you fucked up your life you sad imploded
ruin of a human you ruin it's too late to reciprocate now face the
fate you made this is the moment you appear to me there's no more
judgement there's no more deceit this is the moment you appear to me
how can we ever get it back now can we get it back I don't know what
you think you're doing friend seeking your road well you got me
thinking now maybe there is no road just the constant sway and shift
of the storm and sea

7. Preassures

Pretty shifty and eyes that say to me you wanna take me home not a
second not a second did I stop to contemplate this you know there's
just one feeling I want tonight it's in your mouth and in between your
thighs you know I love how dirty you are when you don't even know me
tongue over lips and hands over hips now we're about blow our minds
riding so high well we can't quite tell who is fucking who you know
that I could never trust you no not enough to ever love you just when
I think I'm about to explode says don't you dare now the pressure's on
oh how you take me on it all feels so right how could we ever go wrong
and I can't see can't see an end to your skin where do I begin not
gonna let this end down slow oh baby you're so sweet down slow oh baby
you're so smooth

8. Choice

Is a child taught are they corrupted is he saved or will he be
destroyed pick one ultimately one must make a choice either go all in
or fold run and hide they do not choose but lay their trust in you
look into their eyes they're looking in your eyes put to the test
superficiality will fail deception will take life given the choice to
give up or endure the stress this is the truth the only time in your
life I'll go to Hell I'll take you with me drag you down with me run
you into the ground oh go to Hell take me down with you we'll never be
through is this obsession or is this love

9. Strong Will Evolve

so many years have passed how many more to go I ain't looking forward
to getting fucking better you can take it with you go fuck off and die
come on and take what you've learned twist it to suit rely on one
expect the worst and on and so on I may be broke but I will not beg
fuck it failure shows you what's true you never will and never had a
chance to guilty of the same mistakes over and over again well what's
the fucking point does it really even matter if there is money you
whore break something I've worked hard everything that I have you make
sick hate on your back now with your hands out to take dread dread
seeps in every pore ever in dread of a world you can not control every
day hated more than the one before and the strong will evolve
perspective I think you'll find you'll see me standing right there
while blackness swallows everything behind me and you don't wanna talk
about it fear fear creeps by the hour living in fear of your life
spiraling out of your control every day loathed just a little bit more
and the strong will the strong will evolve let's roll and we'll talk
about it and we'll find a way to fuck this evolution up

10. High Iron Blues

This is not who I am it's just who I wanna be distracted in the things
I hate wasting my time I'm so ashamed I can't look you in the fucking
eye like I used to baby I'm not here baby I'm not there you act like I
act like I care if you care livin' the life riding around on a dead
horse let's go were we born to serve hell no livin' a lie so deep up
in this whore you didn't notice she's dead bloated cool and blue for
you there is no message there's nothing new this violent passage
destroying you there is no message no nothing new this time a violent
passage into my peace of mind

11. Everfailure

In this desert there is nothing in this grave lies my heart bury me
broken and bloody everfailure the torment of the undefeatist give me a
violent death where it leads I've been there days run together an
endless cycle bury me so displeased blow me away burn me down what is
this that drives me is it the absence of validation maybe not this day
or the next a fool's crusade where money and comfort go away and the
only thing you're left with are these songs that you play play no
sympathies please beyond this failure fantastic lusting after death to
fell this crushing me let's me know that I'm alive lusting after death

12. A Walk Of Lies

It's almost time stop screamin' shoutin' freakin' out and drinkin'
smokin' for a while and blow away the haze don't expect to see me back
on that road we're worthless and weak sedate to placate the demons a
walk of lies and blow away the hate don't expect to see my back on
that wall I won't even try to look you in the face no matter what it's
worth within this wall around me as high as I get I can not see over
control unseen a little death in your life a bridge is burning your
soul fades into obscurity your garden's burning but your sure you're
still alive the stomach's turning the way you make your self sick grab
some ground spit it out bleed it 'til there's nothing left to you're a
lie without heart and there's no regeneration no regeneration

13. Thorns (Reprise)

This is the death of a dream, intertwined, with the birth of hope.
Hopelessly ensnared, with senses impaired. Polarization. Love and hate
collide. This is every day, not just a pinnacle or pivotal moment.
This forest of thorns is for certain, not without it's roses. Flowers
so radiant, so alive and breathing. Emanating such overwhelming,
overpowering beauty, that the only reaction from the heart or the
head, their only means of communication with these beings beyond
being, is either the laughter of a child or the tears of a deep,
undefined and indescribable loss. Not meant to touch these faces of
God, these Heavens, one never can without agony. That pain of flesh
and of mind. That of thorns in the skin. Pulling in any direction
opposite escape. This misery interwoven with that revelation of bliss.

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