Dark Lyrics


1. A Step Too Far

I pulled the plug
and watched You fade away
- You lacked the guts
On trust You spat in spite of all I gave
Watch Your step bitch- the line is crossed

The last cold drop you spewed upon the feeding hand
Its understood
The line is laid
The cards are seen
The towel thrown
You're on your own

Carving the way for the coming of I
Bewinged like a bullet- arisen and freed
A four headed beast in united facade
Beneath all the armour the beast still roars

Vendetta in the name of justice
Vendetta is the fucking cost
I spewed fire when you thought I was gone
I learned that it's
Dog eat Dog

Thru the bars of the cage around your mind
You can see beauty and the rays of the sun
A coin here and there, and the treasure's home
Like a raven you take what you don't own

Without the gold your clay lose shape like dirt in the rain
Use your clay to heal the hell you built for pain
Your alchemy of playing god is firin' back
The best known move of defence is

[Chorus x2]

2. Embraced By The Rain

Baby darlin',
hold on tight.
Life is truly yours tonight.
Lovers babe, they come and go,
but friends will never leave the show

Streets can rot, I am safe, close my eyes.
Filthy place, I won't touch, far away.
Out of sight, out of mind, distant world.
My world shines, so bright.

Feel the smell of kerosene,
cardboard shelter, empty scene.
Mommy whisper lullaby,
child feel mothers heartbeat die.

Call of the dying
They pledge our denying eyes
Too see that it's come to this
Children are sold
Did your hear what i told you now?
Now see for yourself

Purity is hung on the,
pricetag of the evil claw.
The man behind the pane of glass,
is hiding like a snake in grass.


So cold and alone,
embraced here by the rain.


3. Wine Of Defeat

She was the diamond in the lands to the south,
beauty so blinding that men dared not see,
a smile inspiring tales of angels,
enthralling the men so they fall to their knees.

To the north of the mountains, thirsty of brew,
a heathen with the strength of ten bears.
Slaying crusaders 'till the hangover strikes.
Setting his heart on a maiden in the south.

Who'd have thought I'd fall for a heathen,
but he is the man in my heart.

Can this love be nurtured
Our worlds will collide
On opposite sides of a war we are chained
We'll break the chains
and taint our blood
It is not tainted when the heart is pure.

I am a heathen, or so I am called by the mob
- the masses that kneel down in fear
I have consumed the most bitter of wine
The wine of defeat and deception

On the fields of our mothers, the ground is now soaked
in the blood of the brothers who died for our home.
Our cause was shattered, in pain we are left
The vile stench of this plague will not fade.

A man in my heart that my own won't approve
a devil is made of his name
The men of my kin that my heart won't approve
the kinship must be in the past

Can this love be nurtured
Our worlds will collide
On opposite sides of a war we are chained
Our own will break us
and spoil what we have
We can not stay where the hearts breed hate.

On her way, she's wandering merry
So merry, so full of joy and of doubt
Wondering, -thinking
Will he embrace me?

Over the top,
At last she can see the valley,-
The valley where lover is awaiting in lust
But thoughts of their families makes her mind and heart rust
She is so weary, a pond is in sight.
A nice place to rest before they share their night.
In the water reflection a shadow appears.

A relentless legion uniting
to forge the fate of our kin
Crawl under it's skin
in the blood-pool of treason, oppression and sin
Let the bloodshed of tyrants begin

Can this hate be nurtured
Our worlds did collide
On opposite sides of a war we were chained
I'll break their wills
And spill their blood
It is not treason when the hate is pure.

Kneel and receive your salvation from hell [repeat]

4. Darkened Shores

Call me insane they may
for leaving all I have,
but he took a part of me,
so I shall take him down.

Rage born from defeat
is feeding a grand obsession.
Hate blows in my sails
n' makes sure I carry on.

Seeker, traveller,
enemy whom dares though warned.
Seeker, traveller,
enemy whom dares though warned.

The light I had in life,
is left on darkened shores.
Forgotten 'cause of the bitter grief.
Exchanging love for loathe.


This chase is lost
Your hunt is but futile,-
Your life is the cost
Bring you down, take you under
You are in my domain
I will see the calm be dead again

Heeling, creaking, flooding, under the weather and underneath the waves.

Thank you dear captain for giving us a cold, wet grave.

Seeker, traveller
Seabeast, traveller, entity; you stood your ground.
Seabeast, traveller, entity; you rose and won.
Seabeast, traveller

5. Goose On A Throne

Hey pretty bird
Tweet in my ears what i want to hear
Find fools for the cross,-
Feed the masses with fear
Give us all what we want
Soil the bait with tears

Greasing yourself with our griefs
Feeding yourself with our beliefs
We're eating it up 'cus we're naŃ—ve

For reasons unknown
There's a goose on the throne
(Left there alone)
For reasons unknown
There's a goose on the throne
(Now pick up your stones)

Scheming and deceiving
Stealing and receiving
Serving up lies to get your support.
And that's not a worry 'cause you get what you want

Bribing and conspiring
The highest bidder hiding
Behind your money-stuffed, wide open cunt
And that's not a worry 'cause you still get your vote

Rolling your dice on others expense
Spinning the game to get all the gain.
Dancing with the devil disguised as an angel,
once with the crown let the party commence.



6. Shine

Been there,
Been where?
I've been where you stand today
The fear,
The tears
I've wiped away and raised my head
I share your grief
Your loss is less than You might think
Scream, then rest
Your eyes need shut to shine again

A scorched world crumbling down
The dove of peace opens her wings
A ray of white thru the rising ash
Blinding in the wall of black

In crimson evenings
The sound of waves against the shore
Brings me back to a time I chose to forget,
close eyes and slip into the evermore
Opress yourself and you will see
that Opression feeds Depressions seed
The times in Life when You're alone
Make shure to remind Yourself to let You

Shine My love
Let the springs of ashes bloom
From dirt shall rise the coming tide
If You allow Yourself out from Your hide
The Pain will burn for years
But the burn will seperate your years from fear
The cost is nothing but Your pride
If you dare,
Let strenght be what You breed

Life screams
Life kicks
Life rips Your heart out of Your chest,
You're left to bleed
Once here,
Soon there
- At the point where emotions lose control,-
They take the place of Your needs
Once in isolation gone
You didn't even see it Yourself
It's too late to regret
You've no time to forget
Stare the devil in the eyes,-
before it's to late,
to late to

Free My soul
From these evil seeds You've sown
I no longer recognize love in their Eyes
The threath of our Egos must be defied
All the hundreds come before
All Prophets I deny
For I know that the truth is in us all
Now Listen,-
Listen before it dies

I call out from beyond
The grave

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