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1. Walls Of Never

this' one's dedicated
to those who never give
to those who always take and break
to tears and pain they live

this one's dedicated
to those who never care
to those who always preach and lie
and leave you cold and bare

this one's dedicated
to those who make you cry
to those who take your dreams away
and always crucify

born in the age of fireworks
it's a case of do or die
pain causes a hundred reasons fly
walls of never

like a scream of hate in a silent movie
honesty seems out of date
triumph - testament - eliza
raise your glass for those who wait

cause this one's dedicated
to those who still believe
to those who sing and draw write
who try, protect and weave
walls of never...

2. H8 What U Want

maybe I'm a sinner - maybe I'm a fool
maybe I'm a prisoner of the everlasting rule
maybe I'm a looser - maybe I need a priest
maybe I've seen too much and coming of
the beast
some call me a traitor - some call me a saint
some call me a coward and what I'm sure
I' ain't

and I'll never go back to silence
and I'll never go back to war
and I'll never know what the reason is
and what to be fighting for
and I'll never be a warrior
and I'll never be like you
and I'll never kill tomorrows life
whatever you may do

I'm always gonna hate what you want

remain in silence - purple heart
whatching the nightfall - waiting for the start
give words of desire to my song
words of fire for my soul to carry on
so take me away from here
destruction, blood and fear

and I'll nevergo back to silence
and I'll never go back to war
and I'll never know what the reason is
and what to be fighting for

(I'm always gonna)
h8 what you want

3. Somebody's Out There

somebody's out there - calling your name in the night
somebody's out there - somewhere

somebody's out there with the cold winds of tomorrow
somebody's turning the wheels of time
the closer you get the deeper the night
the stronger you feel the more you need
someone to hold you tight
a place you can hide

you and I - invisible
whole life is such a miracle

somebody - somebody - somebody's out there
to name it all legends fall
to tell about it
somebody - somebody - somebody's out there
to blame it all - another wall
to lead me back to you

is there anybody out there - is he wise and is he real?
Does he pay attention when someone cries or what we feel?
Is he reading my nightmares, love affairs, against the wind cares
got to be older or bolder or on my way?

you and I - invisible.......

4. Toxical Roses

will the forces of daybreak someday quit the fight?
do androids dream of electric sheep in the night?
faster than light?
will princes of anger on horses of pain
gather in silence and black where only skeletons
in the toxical rain?

and we dance to the beat of the night
- swallow our fears for the trace of a moment
while chances retreat in the light
follow acid tears down to the river of

toxical roses - toxical roses
where do we go - straight to the overkill?

chemical weapons - greenhouse effect
industrial dragons in search of a cause
Tschernobyl - Avalon - spaces' jaws?
the old entertainer - once jester of kings
but nobody listens when now of puppets
he sings - on toxical strings

and we dance ....

will someday time stand still
or can we find a way
to catch a lightning in the dark
to open the eyes of the world?

5. One More For The Ride

Thought you'd be my friend
stuck with me until the end
thought you'd be okay
thought you'd share my way
thought I could trust in you
but you broke my heart in two
thought a dream would last
but your lies came fast
oh, you act so cool
but I ain't your fool
so make it one for my pride
and one for the ride

6. Gloria In Destiny

Centuries of war and lies,
crusade and inquisition
an old man's face with eyes
in flames of superstition

somewhere in a darkened room
beyond the gate of fire
twilight calls the claws of doom,
wisdom and desire

like raves in the morning light
saints of death prepare the night
sister mercy's sacred rite
awakes the wings of fire

and when the tears are falling
will you call my name
will you touch the flame

Gloria - Gloria in destiny...

my son, and when you're old enough
to reach the skies of hate and love
listen to the stars above
and lift your spirit higher

and when the tears are falling....

7. Never Loose Again

Most of the time
I tried to win
in a world that's much too cold to see
but still I believe
there's a river to cross
and beyond the waters someone waits for me

and all the years I can't deny
and all the tears you'll never cry for me

but I will never loose again
saw all the things I had to see
and I will never loose again
all the pain - all the pride
all the rain and all the light

most of the time
I tried to live
like an eagle on his wings up in the skies
and I made some mistakes
but still no regrets
and all the reasons are like mountains in my eyes

and so I take my clothes again
hit the road - it's over when I'm gone
on and on

and I will never loose again....

8. Missing You

There's a sign saying "phones in rooms"
there's a blind man bangin' the drums of doom
there's a barking dog on the telephone line
there's a beggar on the street sayin' "I'm doin' fine"

there's a cry - there's a cry in the night
another love has died

there's a dream dyin' on second floor
while a businessman waits at the doors
for somemercyfulbody to bring the key
and break the chains of misery

there's a cry... and I'm missing you

and the night comes down and the lights go out
in my bedroom lies a drunken astronaut
and I stare at your picture and wonder why
we had to say goodbye
and I cry

I'm missing you...

9. Lust Is A Killer

Standin' in the rain
sometimes love is pain - yes it is
take me back - back to light
back to where we hold on tight - death

Romeo and Juliet
no surrender, no regret
you and me - you and I
trust is fear until we lie

inside we die
inside - taken by

Lust is a killer - lust is a test
Lust is a killer, - comin' back
Lust is a killer - lust is a test
Lust is a killer on the attack

no excess for me
'round the pleasure sea
every kiss could be the last
to soon - too fast - at all
always on my mind
gettin' to nowhere ridin' the wings of time

inside we die...

se evil's calling
so lust is a test
so evil's fast (coming back)
so evil's falling down
enjoy the rest...

10. Never Say Never

Never say never - never say die
never never never - never say die

time is a liar
life is a trail
lords of desire
and the cheque's in mail
close your eyes and you will see
the dark side of your fantasy
eyes of lust and dreams of black
heroes gone that won't come back

politicians cheat and lie
blind corruption makes you cry
destination face to face
conscience gone without a trace
white man - black man - might have been
just the colour - of your skin
"all the perople shall be equal!"
so why do we cause the pain?

"...It is a fact that most crimes committed
against people because of their colour or religion
had nothing to do with the individual personality
of the victims. Since the tragic death of Dr. Martin
Luther King the word race war has got a terrifying
meaning to all minorities all over the world..."

never say never - never say die
never look back when you say goodbye
you gotta be black - you gotta be white
never say never - unchain the night

Lost in the darkness - strangers on the loose
even your touch now can't take away my blues
destiny - the rest of me
hatred took humanity
freedom is the only treasure
so why can't you let it be

"... is pain just another word for life?
do we frist have to blled before we reach the point
to be somebody
do dreams come true after loneliness and desperation have gone?
some say yey - some say no - but in the end:
who knows?..."

never say never - never say die
never look back when you say goodbye
you gotta be black - you gotta be white
you gotta be the light
Never say never - never say Cain
never shed tears in the falling rain
you gotta be strong on the edge of your life
never say never - shall we die?

11. Don't Leave Me Now

Yesterday I had a dream
I walked alone
in the shadows of mind
yesterday our lifes were cream
and reasons shown
were like seagulls left behind
and I'll never say goodbye
to sirens
don't leave me now - don't leave me now

in dark ages
we shall raise our hands
in the silence we shall rise
we got to turn the pages
try hard to understand
wake up - break them bastards lies

don't remember the cries in the night
don't close your eyes - nowhere to hide
don't look away - Don't leave me now

livin' on a timebomb tickin'
it's not too late to stop the flood
boat on a burnin' river
teardrops of blood
traces of the past so dirty
terrify me to the bones
they try to rule the world
made of shit and not of stone

don't you remember...

12. The Clown

Now that the show is over
and the people have all gone
I face the final curtain
it's just the same old song
I make 'em laugh - I make 'em cry
dream on loud until I die alone
with a heart of stone?

I'm pushing every fader
for tenderness and fame
another masquerader
and noone left to blame
the tears inside - the burning rains
I have to hide - my smile remains
as long as walls come tumbling down
the world always needs a clown

I know the world keeps spinning round
and round and round again
I catch the flames of yesterday
and I do the best I can
well, I'm the entertainer
a poet in the ring
some call me a joker
and some like to hear me sing

the world always needs a clown

Produced by Rough Silk
Massacre Records

Jan Barnett
Ferdy Doernberg
Herbert Hartmann
Hilmer Staacke
Ralf Schwertner

Thanks to benke_nandor for sending these lyrics.

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