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1. Symphony Of Life

[Music : Doernberg, Wunderlich / Lyrics : Doernberg]

"Sol est rex diei - luna est regina noctis.
Usus est magister optimus. Iusticia !
magnis viris vivis honores tribuuntur mortuis statuae ponuuntur.
Ita vixi ut non frustra me natum esse existimem.
Magnos homines virtute non fortuna metimur.
Quibus opes nullae sunt bonis invident
Quem di diligunt adulescens moritur
Amnis latus - grex magnus - ensis cruentus - totus orbis terrarum - cinis callidus
Deleo ! Defleo ! Detego metuo ! Extinguo senesco intellego diligo !"

"the sun is the queen of the day - the moon is the king of the night.
Experience is the best teacher in Justice.
Great men get honored while they are living.
After their death they will be remembered with monuments.
I have lived my life in a way that I know that I was not born in vain.
Great men get judged because of their works not because of their luck.
Those who do not own anything are in danger to be owned by jealousy.
Those who are loved by the gods die young.
The broad stream - The big herd - the bloody sword - the whole circle of the earth and the hot ashes.
I destroy - I cry for what I have destroyed - I discover and I fear myself - I kill, get old and finally understand how to
love and respect."

So many times I've been searching even though I still don't know what I'm looking for.
So many times I've been running away but there ain't no point in running anymore.
So many times I've been hiding from the cruel reality.
So many times I've been down that road before on my way to insanity.

In this symphony of life I've been playing outta key.
I'm a drifter on the run but maybe that's my destiny.
( Symphony of life )
Sometimes the pleasure's worth the pain.
Sometimes your childhood worlds remain.
Sometimes your dreams cut like a knife.
in this symphony of life.
Sometimes the future brings the past.
Sometimes you're running nowhere fast.
Sometimes your submarine won't dive
in this symphony of life.

So many times I've been turning around in circles for a while.
So many times I've been rising from the ashes but giving up just simply ain't my style.

In this symphony of life.................

2. Suicide King & Chaos Queen

[Music : Wunderlich, Doernberg / Lyrics : Doernberg]

The Suicide King and the Chaos Queen
met three days after Halloween
At the downtown grill where the "once-has-been's"
try to drink their shame away.
Suicide smiled and took a shotgun in his mouth.
Chaos freaked out and gave him applause.
"With this toy, kid, you won't even shoot a mouse !",
was all the bartender had to say.

So they took a limo to the border of time
where to be a bit different ain't no crime
and in the midnight hour they met the ghost of James Dean.
He said : "I can see your future in my TV screen !"
( Suicide King and Chaos Queen )

In this world made of pain
some prefer the insane
or a reason to live
and a promise to give
to the lost and the banned
their souls to defend
and their fantasy's green
like Suicide King and Chaos Queen.
They ride on the wind now and make love on the sea
`cause they ain't even close to what they used to be.
The ghosts of the dead gave `em the magic key
to a world beyond the light.
They are guardians of life now - protectors of grace -
Some aliens from outer space. They watch the sins of the human race.
It's an everlasting fight !

Overkill game - reality
- sicker than your insanity !
The money - the power - the torture - the lie
Alone in a crowd : Dare to cry !

In this world made of pain....................

3. Savannah

[Music : Doernberg, Wunderlich / Lyrics : Doernberg]

Another smoky venue and another long haired band.
Another storm of clapping hands `till the bus rolls again.
Alone in my hotel room with the TV on at night
just to kill the hurting silence after all that noise and light.

And with every mile and every town
and every curtain fallin? down
I start to feel more like a clown
while the roadies start to load.
Like a drifter on a tumbleweed
- addicted to the sound of speed
- already dead but on my feet
and still on the road

Cry for me - my misery - Savannah
I'm searching for a place to call my home.
Set me free - insanity - Savannah.
You'll be by my side wherever I may roam
- Wherever I may roam.

I watch the world revolving
from my daily window seat.
The bus wheels keep on turning
`till it's time for the backbeat.
So if you think this is glamorous
You better should think twice
`cause it's all about the waiting
and it's all about the lies.

And with every mile............

4. Lucifer

[featuring Jon Oliva as "the voice of 'God'"]
[Music : Wunderlich, Doernberg / Lyrics : Doernberg]

Lucifer flew one stormy night
from hell below to the other side
to ask the guardian of the light
what the future days may bring.
The angels hid their eyes and cried.
Some were looking for a place to hide
but Lucifer said : "Relax, it's alright
I won't break anyone's wing !
The times have changed - the world did turn.
The humans ain't afraid to burn anymore.
The more they know - the more they learn
the less they care about us !
I guess we're all sitting in a falling plane.
The wheels may turn but we should remain.
I've got a plan - please let me explain.
Here are some facts we need to discuss :"

[God answered:]

"Well I know exactly what you?re talking about.
They're full of bits and bytes and doubts.
To make an end we?re both not to allowed
`cause we need them to exist !
So tell me `bout your secret plan !"

[Lucifer said:] "I'll do the best I can.
Of one thing everyone's a fan.
They've all got it on their list : Money !"

[The humans:]
"Money makes the world go `round ......."

"I want you to live and I want you to die.
I want you to laugh and I want you to cry.
I want you to take and I want you to give
And I want you to preach as long as you live !"

"It makes the human world go `round
- gets lost and earned and sometimes found...."

"They all do worship the holy amount instead of you or me !
But there's one thing that can't be bought.
It can't be tamed and can't be cought.
It can't be killed and can't be fought.
This is our future's key : Money !"

[The humans:]
"love is all you need to be........."

[Lucifer:] "I want you to think !"
[God:] "I want you to live !"
[Lucifer:] "And I want you to sigh !"
[God:] "and I want you to die !"
[Lucifer:] "I want you to pray !"
[God:] "I want you to laugh !"
[Lucifer:] "And I want you to buy !"
[God:] "And I want you to cry !"
[Lucifer:] "I want you to sing !"
[God:] "I want you to take !"
[Lucifer:] "As loud as you can !"
[God:] "And I want you to give !"
[Lucifer:] "Let your faith rise again !"
[God:] "And I want you to preach !"
[Lucifer:] "It's now or ZEN !!!!!"

So the legions of heaven and the demons of hell
gathered for the fight to break the spell
to ring the irrational bell
of a thing no one understands.
And after they had won this war
Lucifer and God met at the shore
They smoked a cigarette
And maybe something more
And finally they shook hands.
Then they all went their separate ways
And an anachronism from the earlier days
made the cyberspace cowboys and the human race
find a way back to the ??

"I want you to live
and I want you to die ......"

Lucifer sends e-mails from hell to work details
out now to find someone female and true.
Rodeo clowns save Pandemonium rounders
`cause Lucifer feels kinda blue - kinda blue.
Thou shalt be on your way
- reasons of yesterday
wait for you silently beyond the veil.
Pretty young maiden blonde
from the home at the golden pond
please give the evil one a chance and you'll sail
down the old river styx - six-hundred-sixty-six
crocodiles will be your bodyguards then.
You'll be the devil's bride
- don't be afraid besides
the horns and the horsefeet
he's a real good man.

"There's one thing that can't bought.
It can't be tamed and can't be caught.
It can't be killed it can't be fought
- this is our future's key !"

Lucifer flew one stormy night..........

5. The Truth

[Music : Wunderlich, Doernberg / Lyrics : Doernberg]

I don't know where to go - I don't know what to say.
I don't know why to leave and what I'm gonna see today.
I don't know where you are - I don't know what you've found
But all I know for sure, my dear, is that the truth is gonna burn you down !

Gimme the nightlights !
Gimme the rain !
Gimme the shadows of a faith gone down the drain !
Gimme the reasons !
Gimme a round !
And all I know for sure, my dear, is that the truth is gonna burn you down !

I don't know why we fight - I don't know why we kill.
I don't know who's to blame and why we cheat and and always will.
I don't know who I am and why I was your clown
But all I know for sure, my dear, is that the truth is gonna burn you down.

Gimme the nightlights........

Didn't they tell you `bout the truth ?
It's harder than the lie.
And after all these one night stands
you just kiss your tears goodbye.
Silent memories hurt my brain
- but your brain is not the thing
- it's the "below-the-kidneys-territory"
where the bells of fire ring.
So maybe in another world
or in another life
- some other place - some other time
some other one wheel drive.
What you give is what you get
- but what if you only take ?
The wrong way out but the right way in
and another heart to break.
The truth you cannot fake !

Gimme the nightlight...........

6. Nice Day For A Funeral

[Music : Doernberg, Wunderlich, Schwertner / Lyrics : Doernberg]

Sittin' in a streetcafe in Barcelona
watching my thoughts disappear
with all those people passin' by
and I ask myself : "What am I doin' here ?"
What the hell did I think as I gave you
my dreams and my golden steelbar
on the phone you said you knew I would miss you.
Who the hell do you think you are ?

And the Barcelona sun shines bright as bright could be.
Hasta luego - vaya con dios, but never again with me !!!

It's a nice day for a funeral
- nice day for an end !
The dice may roll `till yesterday
decides to be your friend.
Well, the sound of a breaking heart
can turn a soul in two
but it's a nice day for a funeral
- a nice day without you !!!!

An old man sits next to me for hours and hours
while the painters and the gamblers get their share.
Some hookers on the other side give me a smile.
I smile back - there's freedom in the air !
I get up and slowly walk back to my hotel
to get ready for tonight's early show.
After soundcheck I'll walk down to the beach and tonight
I'll be playin' every "f**k-you-song" I know !!

And the Barcelona sun.................

7. Opposite Of Yes

[Music : Wunderlich, Doernberg / Lyrics : Doernberg]

No guts - no glory - no clouds - no rain
No reason - no season - no pain - no gain
No quality - insanity - reality - humanity
No dice - no roll - no spark - no fire
No cards - no aces - no truth - no liar
No "a-little-bit-of-this" - no "a-little-bit-of-that"
No "you cannot lose what you never had" !

No gun - no shot - no sooner - no later
No she - no "he-man-woman-hater"
No fast careers - no volunteers
No widows black - no fallen tears.
No healing hands of time - no rhyme
No crime will turn your wine into slime.
Mine all mine - no ego - no brain
No "hold-the-line" in vain !

The opposite of yes can be the key to a better life.
A word can sometimes cut way deeper than the sharpest knife !

No more talking - This means "no" in your face !
Take my no now and shove it - it's a no-way-out-race.
Death's a dancer !
No more walking `cause there's nowhere left to go
and there will be no more "rise-above-it's"
`cause the answer is : No !!!!!

No war - no peace - no rules - no riot
No heart - no heartache - no fat - no diet
No fantasy - no plan to see
No "what about me ?" - no "used to be !"
To agree or not to agree - that's the question.
Excuse me, sir, may I have a suggestion ?
Please freeze the grease in the C&E's hair
- he's overpayed and never playing fair !!!!!

The opposite of yes.............

The hardest word in the world today
has got only two letters but ain't easy to say.
Those who dare to always rule the show.
What I'm talking about here is : No !!!!!!
No more talking ..............

8. Silicone

[Music : Doernberg, Wunderlich / Lyrics : Doernberg]

Maria called herself an actress.
She was waiting by the phone.
She was young and pretty but it never rang
so she bought some silicone.
And suddenly she became a star
and she never did sleep alone.
She got rich and famous and all because
two little pieces of silicone

So all you unknown ladies - in case you haven't known
just simply save your money up to buy some silicone !

"Thank you for calling the escape-reality-hotline.
Please enter your personal I.D.-code now - please enter your personal I.D.-code now....."

Overkill - pay the bill - the writing's on the wall !
Ride on - long gone - heading for the fall !
Hold the line - the neon sign says : I don't care too much !
I don't know if you've noticed it - but you've got that special touch !"

On the road to infinity - the road to the stars.
We look oh so cool - just like brand new used cars.
"Tomorrow's sold out !" says the dog to his bone
and all because a little piece of ......

Silicone under the rainbow ( "Zero - Zero - One" )
pretty soon we'll be flyin' away ( "One - Zero" )
it's obvious you see -we've found the magic key
to the gods of the apemen we pray.
( "thank you for calling the escape-reality-hotline.")
Silicone - where did our brains go ?
I don't miss mine but got yours on the phone !
So in case you may need it - someone else tries to feed it
with the essence of bytes - Silicone !

"Thank you for calling the escape-reality-hotline.
If you dial 5-0-6 , your call will soon be transferred to the brain-exchangement-section.
If you dial 6-8-9 an operator will speak to you in person.
Be well, citizen, your future is now.
Be well, citizen, your future is now.
Your future is now - your future is now........"

Technology - follow me - the factory of time.
Amateur - needs a cure - `cause thinking is a crime.
Big Brother, too - is watching you - Metropolis by night.
The wicked ways of modern days make us dancin' side by side !

On the road to infinity ............
Silicone .......

"Your future is now !"

9. Under The Guilliutine

10. Stories To Tell

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