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1. Mystery Bay

When the cradle of gold
like the story's been told
shows the blind man the way
to mystery bay
then a dream will come true
for the sad and the blue
so recall - come what may -
the lonely road to mystery bay

2. Recall

(...the lonely road to mystery bay)

Well, the night was dark and the moon was pale
the saints were searching for the holy grail
i drove real slow in the ultrafast way
on the lonely road to mystery bay

well, it's the goddamned truth - no, it ain't no tale
when the bad stay hungry - then the good ones fail
i've seen too much - that's the price you pay
on the lonely road to mystery bay

suddenly the radio screamed
it was still switched off but, man, it seemed
like a kiss of yesterday
on the lonely road to mystery bay
and when the night is over
and they've swallowed your pride
and there ain't no place to hide:
recall - recall - recall - recall

...on the lonely road to mystery bay
...on the lonely road to mystery bay

recall - recall - recall - the fall - recall the fall

well, the radio ghost said: "it's time to go
to the reasons why and the grace below
it's not the aim - it's just the way
on the lonely road to mystery bay

well, what could i say - what could i do?
lightning flashed and so did you
as i woke up and the light of day
told me "welcome to mystery bay"

and when the night is over...

3. Mephisto

He was water when the river
took a screaming mother's life
in the night he was the reasonn
why the ripper used his knife
he was anger, hate and misery
in a billion deadly wars
he was the rising flag of violence
when fanatism made the laws

he did where the snake led Adam
to damnation with a grin
he was around when the young girl lost her innocence
to a man not worth her sin
all the years he was a gambler
threw the cards and rolled the dice
fed the ages of temptation
with the grapes of sacrifice

mephisto - just a painted voice
mephisto - when you cut quit noise
mephisto - with a helping hand
mephisto - you're lost my friend
with every soul he takes
another piece of his cold heart breaks

he was not allowed to cry
when the earth screamed loud in pain
when silence broke the music
and millions died in vain
he's the inner voice of darkness
that makes your conscience die
he was the smoke over battlefields
and the deadly thirst of science


4. Subway Angel's Caravan

Someday - time will tell - you will see
what a gift this life is - we
are meant to be

when we leave this world behind
the magic of the night
leads the naked and the blind
to the other side
of a dreamer's golden mind
and forevers burn so bright
turn around and you will find
another shinin' light

down on senseless avenue
all your fantasies come true
welcome home, my chosen few

when your hot gets a little cold
when your young gets a little old
your now gets a little then
subway angel's caravan

there's a seat that knows your name
when things have gone astray
and there's no one left to blame
'cause your friends all went away
i'm the reason you've denied
and the clown of life's decay

down on senseless avenue.....

"love rules" says the neon sign
"trust calls when your blood is wine..."

when your hot gets a little cold....

5. My Last Farewell

So here's to you - my last farewell:

I hate your face
i hate your smile
i hate your grace
i hate your style
i hate your words
your silence, too
-all i can say is: i hate you

i hate your good
i hate your bad
i hate your blue
i hate your red
i hate your clothes
your presence, too
-all i can say is: i hate you

there's a trace and a tear below
my wishes taste like fire
you're just a gun for hire

so here's to you - my last farewell
i hope your soul will burn in hell
i've worked real hard to break this spell
all that remains is my last farewell

i hate your wrong
i hate your right
i hate your strong
i hate your light
i hate your soft
your violence, too
-all i can say is: i hate you

there's a trace....

i hate your truth - i hate your lies
i hate your false self sacrifices
i hate your tricks - your matches, too
all I can say is: i hate you

so here's to you - my last farewell

6. Dust To Sand

I've lost and loved
screamed and cried
i've seen the devil's face
and on the other side
i've seen the rainbow
i've seen your smile
i've seen the mountains high
and I've tried to keep my style

someday we'll find - someday we'll know
someday the blind will see to show
someday we'll fight someday we'll pray

all the dreams - all the tears
all my lies and all my fears
all the blood - all the pain
all the friends I've lost in vain
all the love - all the hate
all the trust and all the fate
and when someday I'll reach the end
lust to ashes - dust to sand

i've seen the rise
i've seen the fall
i've seen 'em up again
and higher after fall
i've been the trigger
i've been a fool
i've been the last to know
and I've been a tool

someday we'll find....

lust to ashes - dust to sand
lust to ashes - dust to sand

7. Glissando

I believe someone's blood is another one's wine
I believe someone's trace is another one's sign
I believe someone's love is another one's hate
I believe someone's soon is much too late

you look surprised - you shouldn't be, my friend
this world is full of cretins who still pretend
to sell tomorrow and a guiding light
I do believe in nothing but the night

someone's pleasure is another one's pain - glissando
someone's fire is another one's rain - glissando
someone's lightning flashed in vain - glissando
I believe - I don't know
I believe - life will show
I believe - it's time to go

I believe someone's lie is another one's truth
I believe someone's dawn is another one's youth
I believe someone's gold is another one's grey
I believe someone's lust is the price to pay

you look surprised....

8. Stay Gold

Monday we cry when leaves are fallin'
tuesday a ray of hope is callin'
wednesday we spend the night together
thursday we try to love forever
friday we're left - again - alone
and the weekend's dressed in black and made of stone

stay gold - when the world comes down on you
stay gold - when you're lost in days of blue
stay gold - when forever's lies come true - so
stay gold - when you haven't got a clue
stay gold

of war and reason
-trigger and season - just to get closer
lies again - over when we are
just like the angry ones torn apart
we ride in vain
down the rain
old at heart

stay gold....

yesterday life was fast and yellow
today we believe in answers mellow
tomorrow we lose our common senses
eternity comes with picket fences

stay gold....

9. Far From Home

Someday I'll find a way
tonight I found just shame
someday - my life delay
might break this spell of fame

today is like tomorrow
tomorrow's just like yesterday

the tales below
and the skies of time's decay
someday may rule the show
and silent waves the bay

today is like tomorrow
tomorrow's just like you and

so I'm far from home
I'm miles away wherever I may roam
so I'm far from home
I'm miles away wherever I may roam
the waters flow
the wild winds blow
I walk the line and here I go
I'm far away from home

someday - to run and hide
in the workd outside to stay
someday may tame the light
only angels ride and stray

today is like tomorrow....

just one more word in spanish
"adios" I have to say
I follow trails and vanish
beyond the morning's grey
someday I'll find "together"
somewhere I'll find a trace
someone to stand in weather
and never fall from grace
someday like now or never
somewhen like joy and pain
somehow to last forever
against the streams and lost in vain

and so I'm far from home.

10. The Day Of The Loner

Below the mighty cliff
where the lovers use to hide
they found a skeleton on the beach
the day the loner died
it just lay there with broken bones
in the rays of the sunset's light

well, the loner was some kinda relict
from another century
the sidewalk angels gave him a smile
when he helped the lost for free
he always wore a long black coat
and some real old working shoes
some years ago he had been a teacher
'til the stormflood made the news

the day of the loner

he lost his wife and kid
and - for sure - the will to live
he turned to heavy drinkin'
and then he jumped off that mighty cliff
it must have been a miracle
he didn't die or even got hurt
and the next day he went down to the dark part of town
a crusader against the dirt

the day of the loner....

the cops, they never caught him
and they left with a smile on the face
and the years rode away but the loner stayed
until someday he lost the race
but as the smoke cleared just a long black coat
but no body was ever found
and somewhere nowhere a teacher met
his family on heavenly ground

the day of the loner....

11. Wheels Of Time

The one and only liar
lost his faith and cried
where the broekn candles burn
he gazed into the fire
saw the truth and died
and the wheels of time did turn

and when the strangers meet
to face my heart - my life - my tears inside
in this world we know
where do we go without pride?
hey mister, can't you tell me
why the bells call

and the wheels of time will turn forever
fear the silence in my soul
and the wheels of time will turn and never
rest where golden dices roll
and the wheels of time will turn - forever's
just a six - feet - under - hole

the last and lonely hero
latley passed away
his ghost is ridin' on the wind
destination zero
every single day
he shares a smile with those who sinned

and the wheels of time....

Produced by Rough Silk
Massacre Records

Jan Barnett
Ferdy Doernberg
Curt Doernberg
Nils Wunderlich
Ralf Schwertner

Thanks to benke_nandor for sending these lyrics.

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