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1. From Here To Eternity

Something's evil - in my mind
satisfaction - left behind
words unspoken - driven blind
I've been searching' - (you'll) never find

darkness rising - blackened sun
painted traces - on the run
loosers - winners - long time done
you're the trigger - I#m the gun!!!

so time will rise and time will fade
a fool once wise beyond the blade
if you don't get payed - you don't get layed!!!

a skeleton once free
tomorrow to see
the lost destiny
from here to eternity
me - a reason to be
burning the key
from here to eternity

silent voices - calling you
violent voices - sad but true
sounds of madness - hurt in vain
praise your sadness - (in the) falling rain

so time will rise and time fill fade....

a skeleton once free....

don't hear - don't see
don't move - don't be
don't care - don't go
don't try don't know
don't sleep - don't cry
don't leave - don't buy
don't fear yourself
the clock strikes twelve!!!!

a skeleton once free....
from here to eternity

2. Nosferatu

Nosferatu - all the tears and all the pain
Nosferatu - all the years - their graves remain
Nosferatu - would you share a little drink with me
Nosferatu - until the sunlight sets you free

Nosferatu - times have changed and always will
Nosferatu - now you're way too old to kill
Nosferatu - you steel your blood from hospitals
Nosferatu - you're afraid of aids and lonely cells

nights of blood and nights of darkness
nights of passion - nights of hate
nights of rumours . nights of silence
nights of doubt came much too late
nights now fill your heart with sorrow
you can't sleep without your daily wine
so now you're waiting for tomorrow
and the morning sun to shine

Nosferatu - on that hill - alone and grey
Nosferatu - You see the children and not prey
Nosferatu - when the light slowly takes your hand
Nosferatu - burns to ashes in the end

3. Beyond The Sundown

Beyond the sundown - you're just a beast without a name
beyond the sundown - life is more than just a game
beyond the sundown - mirrors rise and shadows fall
beyond the sundown - darkness rises after all

beyond the sundown - you need light and light needs pain
beyond the sundown - silence breaks and scars remain
beyond the sundown - it's your memory and the truth
beyond the sundown - there ain't nothing left to lose

I walk around in circles - I walk alone and blue
I talk to strange illusions - in need of something true
I've seen a billion faces - I've seen the prince of lies
I've seen a million places branded by the lord of flies

so I won't take your orders - so I won't take your smile
I'd sail across the oceans - I'd walk the endless mile
so all your secret sinners - thou shalt not live in fear!
I won't believe in answers - while somethings always near

beyond the sundown - I'd be you and you'd be me
beyond the sundown - every word was like a key
beyond the sundown - would you lie to me in vain?
beyond the sundown - just like here and now-insane?

beyond the sundown

beyond the sundown - I wouldn't be the one to blame
beyond the sundown - I wouldn't be your road to fame
beyond the sundown - you'd be just a waste of time
beyond the sundown - to break a promise would be a crime

and if I'd say goodbye today
would there be another way
would you cry just like a clown
way beyond the last sundown?
and if I'd leave without a word
-ain't that just a little absurd?-
would you give the king back his crown
and wait for me beyond sundown?

4. Gods Of Darkness

The silent gods of darkness
let owls rain down on me
red roses from tomorrow
renew my last dawn's key

like the drifter needs the road
and the poet needs the pain
like the thief needs everything
and the flower needs the rain
all I need is a deep black sky
and the silence of the night
I use to sleep all day
just to hide from the rays of light

but now suddenly
everything has changed
confusion rules my mind
my whole life's been dearranged

just to see you once again
I'd walk the endless mile
sittin' here while the sun shines bright
and the colours of your smile
let the fogs burn in jealousy
am I wrong or am I right?
after stayin' up all day
I really slept last night !!!

your kisses taste like blood
and your skin's deadly cold
behind your dark sunglasses
your face looks young but old
and now you start to cry and say:
"for you I can stand the light
for a while but not for longer
'cause I'm a creature of the night"

the silent gods of darkness.........

5. A Matter Of Size

From the cradle to the grave
from the ego to the ghost
from the master to the slave
the bigger - the better - the most

so all you secret heroes
there's a reason for cries:
from lonely 1's to 0's
it's just a matter of size

from the short guy with a dog
from the river to the sea
from his thinkin' with the cock
to a braindeath - remedy

so all you secret heroes....

it's just a matter of size

6. Neutrophobia

7. Face To Faith

There where times when I lived in darkness
mother said: "Don't believe in life
it's just a game of shame you'll never win.
first you think you're the one and only
then you'll end up lost and lonely
just like all this guilty dogs of sin."

but if I'd swear - déja vu'
I'd never be as blind as you
if I'd do as I say
would you take my pain away?

down the endless road to nowhere
frozen winds blow cold and trust is
burning dust and too much ain't enough
all the tears I've cried in vain now
all the fears and words remain
how could there be a hell without light

but if I'd swear - déja vu'....

faith - face to faith - faith - face to faith

days of fire and days of passion
days we've lost and conquered fashion
days of blood and days to raise your voice.
Mother, now you're gry and old and
still you live in your house of gold - you
praise the glamour - born without choice?

but if I'd swear....

faith - face to faith....

Life is more than you did say
You've thrown your gift away
You're just a waste of grace

I don't believe your....

8. Something To Believe In

The 21st century says "hello
-I'm the first to come but the last to go
you seem to be alive-but hey, you never know that"
we all need something to belive in

the wicked prince of Babylon
met the beast of bourbon and suddenly was gone
his soldiers rode and still ride on
-we all need something to believe in

something to believe in
something for the pain
when your heart calls you a liar
and a dream's gone down the drain
something to believe in
when your tears fall down like rain
when your memories burn like fire
you need something to remain

Cleopatra cried: "I want my money back"
-red light-wrong side of the track
so Ceasar bought a cadillac
-we all need something to believe in

well, the mystery of beeing right or wrong
is just one line of a 40-verse-song
if it doesn't kill you it'll make you strong
we all need something to believe in

something to believe in
that's what we are all lookin' for
and when you finally got it in your hands
all you want is even more
something to believe in
-but the truth is hard to find
'cause life is just a journey
and the aim is in your mind

something to believe in

9. When Life and Pain Unite

The science of cash
allience of thrash
the razor, the blood and the greed
a fool one I've been
a tool without sin,
the chaser, the mud and the seed
now it's to late
say "Hello" to your fade
but then kiss your asses goodbye
it won't take too long
and it's only a song
but tomorrow your sorrow won't die

miserey - you'll see - loves company
reality - won't set you free
a system of hate
a price no one payed
the traitors, the lawyers, the lies!
the fire - the flame
the night hides my shame
alone in the - sacrifice

when life and pain unite
words collide
when life and pain unite

my concience - the truth
my spirit you used
for pleasure - for fortune and fame
it's over and out
now fiction rules proud
the "inside - me" you cannot blame!

when life and pain unite
words collide
when life and pain unite

10. Friends

Where strangers meet and lovers lie
where loosers win and winners cry
down on senseless boulevard
where they run so fast but they won't get far
when the lights go out and the neon signs
promise everything you want between the lines
there's a reason why and a place to hide
welcome to the other side

I don't believe in any word you say
how could it be forever - when dreams decay

you never know who your friends are
you never know who your friends are
you never know who your friends are
....'til you need 'em

now the night after judgement day
four horsemen ride down lost highway
if rains on senseless boulevard
Saint Valentine sleeps in astolen car
the broken promise finds a friend called wine
words of trust are the first in line
Judge says: "Son, shoulda know your bride"
welcome to the other side

I don' believe....

11. Where The Red Waters Flow

was born in vain;
one life insane;
went down the drain

why don't you think?
why don't you ask?
why don't you live
or just say: "No"?

dead - hypnotized
deaf - paralyzed
forgotten son
war ain't no fun,
grace on the run,
though shalt be done:
a second sun!!!

where the red waters flow
where the dead slaughters go
money's fat daughters know
where the red waters flow

too young to die
too old to cry
too blind to sigh

where do we go?
when will we know?
who told you so?
whose horn will blow?

legions of madness....

where the red waters flow
where the red waters flow....

12. Never Loose Again

Most of the time
I tried to win
in a world that's much too cold to see
but still I believe
there's a river to cross
and beyond the waters someone waits for me

and all the years I can't deny
and all the tears you'll never cry for me

but I will never loose again
saw all the things I had to see
and I will never loose again
all the pain - all the pride
all the rain and all the light

most of the time
I tried to live
like an eagle on his wings up in the skies
and I made some mistakes
but still no regrets
and all the reasons are like mountains in my eyes

and so I take my clothes again
hit the road - it's over when I'm gone
on and on

and I will never loose again....

Produced by Rough Silk & Martin Huch
Massacre Records

Thomas Ludolphy
Ferdy Doernberg
Curt Doernberg
Nils Wunderlich
Ralf Schwertner

Thanks to benke_nandor for sending these lyrics.

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