Dark Lyrics


1. Hung By The Eyesockets

Recurring disorder
caused by certain given powers
has gone to their heads
will be corrected
with abhorrent revenge.

All will end
in the destructive depletion
of those who attack and harass
by brutal unheard of methods of torture and torment.

Until it is learned
the only ones deserving
are themselves.

Action will be taken
against all of them
for the abuse of their titles original purpose.

This can all begin
starting with
the removal of the firearms and nightsticks
Now they will wear it pinned to the bear skin of their chest.

They will be beaten with
nail ended ball bats
Forced to stop
running chainsaws with their teeth.

Their heads will be dipped
in boiling hot grease.
Bodies dragged through broken glass
covered in salt.

Maybe then they'll think twice,
before harassing
the minority groups
most innocently victimized.

Graphic bloody sights of welts
and razor thin slices
from a high powered weed eater,
and whats left of arms and legs
after going through a tree shredder.

Hit with a claw hammer
swung from behind
to the back of the head.

Pin them to the floor
by their toenails and fingernails
with a wood staple gun.

When tormented
to near lifelessness
yet still breathing
they will be
hung by the eye-sockets
from sharp stainless hooks.

Could this be a cure for a
mental illness
of superiority?

Who's to say if they even
for what they're supposed to do anyway?

Punishment like such
is a reward
for what they really deserve.

Let us not forget the man
who sits
and swings the hammer,
he will pay his dues next...

2. Overcome With Hate

Are you tryin’ to prove you can suck up to or actin’ like you’re part of a clique that you’re not really accepted by. There's a possibility that you’re thought of as mocking it.

Followers must come to their senses and realize their livelihoods are shaped and controlled by peer pressure and subconscious social influences and meaningless fads.

Just pick up on habits and behaviors of the crowds and people who surround you. You morons possess zero originality.

Those who are compelled to deal with this and in some cases must defend their perception of it.

You must overcome with hate. Peoples general conception of customary uniform personal appearance.

An all dark attire gives false security to one’s already spurious thoughts of intimidating fearlessness.

Those susceptible to the rate of pick up to this conformity is like dusk as the night sky grows more black... at dawn and through the day the sky is all grey.

It severs like sharp stainless steel silver drawing the red from the white.

These seemingly related fads had to be created for a purpose. What’s the point of being a part of and supporting them when you dont know how they evolved or what they could possibly symbolize.

How can you possibly respect yourself when you’re not bein’ yourself. our unawareness has blatantly backed this.

Is there opposition or do you think it’s right.

We change our nation’s colors to black, silver, grey, red, and white.

3. Blind Sided Attack

Macho attitude driven ego try hard to Impress. This kind is of majority. What does it prove, what sense does it make, or what’s the point? Or what’s the motive when someone who is favored thinks that they have the authority to instigate conflict against one who thinks for themselves and shows noticeable appearance differences.

Easy to get away performing such an action when the rest of this kind displays similar to exact behavior. As member of the outnumbered, here’s final warning to the favored. Don’t dare step in front of me with your hostile attitude.

Cause I’ll terrorize your life to where you feel the blood drip in your soul then I’ll choke you to death.

This practice is repeated so often it seems It’s done unknowingly. Your money can buy me
a jail sentence my blade can buy you eternity through death. No one’s making you stand in my intimate zone so you can step back now and if somehow you don’t get dropped and if you your kind take advantage of me... This is more than a fair warning especially being you had no reason and antagonizing from the start to a person who keeps to themselves

Just remember to keep looking over your shoulder. Be alert as like having eyes in the back of your head. When least expected an attack from blind side will take you by surprise. Occurrence like such has to be this way cause members of this minority are few and far between. So go ahead and persist. Encourage an altercation.

Cause I’ll terrorize your life to where you feel the blood drip in your soul then I’ll choke you to death.

Just be prepared for a day of reckoning pay for and accept what you really deserve. Cause this is no longer a joke and it’s being more than fair. You have the option. So you make the choice or else you will suffer the consequence and die from being skinned.

Chris Free ‒ Bass
Chris Weber ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Christian Easley ‒ Drums

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