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1. Intro, The Agony Of Gods (Through The Gates)


2. Hidding The Lie

The ashes of my memory, taking my sadness roots
And showing to my thoughts, that I'm not strong enough
To be able to fly on this surreal sky
The ashes of my memory killing the lies

Nightmares of sorrow
Knifes cutting my decadent spirit
Laying down on depressed feelings
Seeking the holy truth
I can't believe this is all a lie
The most immaculate vision has been sacrificed
Forever, and the truth has never been revealed

The hammer creates the worst battles
Demons and angels making mutilated corpses
Everyday our eyes still not believe
That is impossible to stop the tears

I'm hidding the lie...
I'm hidding the lie...
I'm hidding the lie...
I'm hidding the lie...

Bloody tears of rotten wood, mutilated corpses
Screams and sorrow, infernal stars walking the sky
Surreal dreams showing t he knifes
The ashes of my memory hidding the lie...

3. The Possession

Deep in the dark forest
Where evil spirits lay down
Waiting for human hearts, come around
I can hear them screaming diabolical ancient words

Ever so slowly
I'm feeling possessed by insane spirits
That have been watching my soul since the beginning

It's time to start off
I have been touched by the dark forces
The same one that takes control today of the rest of humanity
What happened to me?

I cross the forest
The sins seize of me
The master instructs me
To follow my instincts

Mystical feelings coming to me, there chills crossing my skin
That remember to feel, i'm still a human beign
I can't take out from my mind those whispers and fears

With my rotten soul
I can't believe i can live
I can see, i can change my hope

Another tear, another pain
my life is running through
My open veins
My life is fading away
Like an hour in my saddest day

4. Mystical Night Song

Protection and salvation, in exchange for omition
Of thy human nature, which intelligence must give
Eternal life thy doctrine, changing slaves into followers
Using a human life, that died by the cross, tried to show it!!!

As an act of love
And our lives he saved!
Death sentence
Thy who will not serve and follow
Ending a life of fear
To whom they name God

Putting down humankind
That this day worships
The Glorious and Dark Angel
Which Christ and the world
Will be amused by his wisdom
"Followers of the sacred and pure"
Blinded with lies of salvation
Based on putting down basic instincts

Mystic war... Between good and evil
Ignorance fights against innocence

A crusade looking for knowledge
Of the night and its enchantments
Running, as fast as the wind
On top of a lost and defeated faith
Thy in which division has been located!

Facts are still more useful than words!!!!!!!!

Because the master of the world in nature and mundane liturgies
Writes the destiny of his worshipers
The beauty of things, hidden by the mountains...

5. My Last Night

Now i'ts time to remember my dreams, But my head just can't
All the passion is gone, my treasures, and my laughs are ghosts
Right now and I ask to myself
Where are my angels?
Right now all my heroes are crying, like my soul, my heart and my eyes
When they will know that this night i'm gonna die

There's no tomorrow to me
Who's gonna see my sons?
And who's gonna build my dreams?
And who's the one who will go with the wind?
I can't understand, i can't believe
Are you talking about me?
Have I been sleeping?

My soul is broken, and I lay to touch the reality
When the dark turns to bright all the things I used to be
All will go with the wind, I wish I had been a better man
I tried to run everytime and everyday
But the messenger came to me so fast

Everyone of us are selected on a book of death
So come on, don't try to run
Because death comes so fast and day by day
Takes many souls and remember, the time is short

Remember, the time is short
Remember, the time is short
Remember, the time is short

6. Dies Non Et Cronos Creare Malificetum

You want to see, the evil face
Look at yourself in a mirror, and tell me what's going on
Can you feel the flames? Running through your veins
Can you hear the broken glass screaming inside your head?

You, know mw well, and make me fall again
Agony that screams inside, I feel that I'll burn in hell
I've been riding and dying, living behind snake eyes
All these nights I could feel, that the devil is laying beside me

Show me the proof, of existence, of compassion and pain
Humanity sins are heavier than three days of resurrect(ion)
And i'm just a mortal soul, trying to understand your strange cause
Of war, of sorrow, of pain, of screams in vain..

Now I'm feeling insane, wake someone, whoever you are!
Pleave wake me someone and saveme from the dark!
Can you feel the flames? Running through your veins
Can you hear the broken glass screaming inside your head?

Hell's gates, open again
Are you prepared? To fall into the flames
World's sins, right now they all rebirth
Inside your heart and inside your mind

Remember, religions and faith are both drugs inside human minds
That makes them feel as an evil thing

They still point fingers at you
To keep hidding the truth
They still breake the rules
To make a war in the name of God...

They made a war in the name of God?

7. Laying

Waiting for someone who steal all my fears
Or someone who fade my diseases
All of the wisdom I had through the years
Is not supposed to be real

I heard something whispering my ears
And heard that someone's calling me
I saw a little child on me
And I prayed 'cause fear is my agony
Crazy screams in the middle of the night
And shadows dancing on my bed
I'm trying to scream or make a noise
But noone can help me anymore

All the time they are trying to put us in a cradle of fears
Many things are not yet said and the truth will disappear

You are waiting a reborned Lord, and you don't know the truth
Everyone has Satan and God but they are laying inside of us

It's a lie

All music and lyrics written by Rotten Souls except Mystic Night Song written by Julian Rojas

Thanks to jlzz_metal_5500 for sending these lyrics.

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