Dark Lyrics


1. Into The Sickest Depth Of Obscenity

searching a perfect bodie, fat, ugly and full of shit a collection for my depravity pieces of bodies hang in my wall with proud
i enjoy this room. Cutting, biting and fucking all this people only for my pleasure cut to the bone and let the blood flow pack this
wounds the others i will eat them. She was sleeping as i get inside of her, slowly penetrating as i feel her cunt start to rip, she
didnt scream, she start to enjoy it feeling deep inside as i broke her face. Im going to use her for my collection getting her
nasty cunt first, and taking her inners from her back to the bottom of her ass

2. Ruptures Of Pleats In A Carbonized Cunt

slowly raping the flesh of your ass a brutalized moment of desease succion of blood by your cunt somodomazing our body
with hate, introducing the dead into your depths with my tools of hate a morbidness place become with all this bloody collection\
of cunts, ratting asses in the bitterness deformity beyond the unreal in a sadist mind of gore starting to vomit
in your anal tract smelling like a pungent aroma watching the corpse smelling her cunts carbonized and tasteful with
her skin mutilated what a terrible stench

3. Anal God

full of body parts i make a bloody feast as i start to lick this anal flavor how i love this smell with a lot shit
this anal trofeos i will kep for this mentality you will die choked by your blood and my sperms as y ou see your wounds in the floor
impaled all this bodies in the wall all my lust, i become your anal god, your cunt will explode throwing all the shit, choked by
your shit drowned on blood blasphemous enoyment while i chop your anal cavity, forcing you to convulse for introducing
all my blessed disease.

4. Addicted To A Purrlet Orgasm

knock the head, broke the chest remove the internal organs carefully chop her cunt and cut her tits amputate
the arms slice her inner lips as she scream with violence burn the flesh as you beat the inner bodie
smell the stinking cunt, i hope the stench will remain forever peel it slowly as the blood start to get out
but dont peel the vagina thats my lovely part
that i like to taste as we start to sodomize yyour stupid body stupid bitch turn around while another explore your cunt
extracting all your shit that you going to feel inside of your mouth take off her eyes she doesnt
want to see this fantastic horrow which brings me an adorable orgasm

5. Stabbed And Chocked By An Erection

Cutting this flesh bowels as i start to eat piercing the delicious cunt full with blood vaginal molestation
anal luxury brutally raped body suffocation making holes with my knife as you choke by my erection
feeling so warm in your throat as i start to carve in your cunt
bloody feast, heretic pulsation repulsing memories, peel the anal skin put my cock in the warm hole while there
is full of sores sliced score your body as i cum in your mouth lancing the sking of the vagina bleeding skin
i adore i like the taste of your inside the tissue of the flesh ripped from the bones.

6. Pleasure Broken Ass

Deformed bloody little hole just like your lubricated cunt for the harder penetrations imposible to resist
opening the body exposing all the wounds i guess you still alive then there is to be more cum
you are full in pain trying to survive as i cut your vagina screaming for more and another one suck your cunt stiff and cold what a
fancy show seminal coitus its what we feel check our rotting mind disturbing you wiht full anal pleasure
you are as lave of masturbation feel the stench of the sperm rolling by your mouth while excrement is on your body and your
organs are gone, organs - stench- with sperm all this pleasure i admire all in perfect harmony
defleshed rot full of shit these acts i enjoy pleasant orgams i feel

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